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10 New Features to Get You to 10,000 Steps & Beyond!

Whether your goal is running your first 10k, an average of 10,000 steps per day, or 10 more steps than yesterday  – we’re busy behind the scenes reading your feature suggestions and building functionality into the website. Since launched, we’ve launched 10 major new features to help keep you motivated and stay on track with your wellness and activity goals. Lets take a quick look:

Friends Have an email address? You’ve got a friend.  Invite your friends to join you on for some friendly competition.  The account is free, and they can manually log activities & foods if they don’t have a Fitbit yet.

Leaderboards See your progress over time and compete with those friends.  Check out the last 7 days or 30 days and move up those ranks!

Stats See how you stack up to the competition.  Quick stats compare your key metrics (steps, active score, distance and active minutes) with the Fitbit community – break it down by age, gender or BMI ranges for even more motivation.

Drag and Drop [bloggers note: one of my personal favorites] Accidentally add that salad for breakfast?  No problem, with a quick drag of the mouse, your foods are back in place.  Unless indeed you did eat salad for breakfast, in which case, good for you!

Share your Profile Your profile can now be made public – so share your progress towards goals and see how others are doing.  Get and stay motivated.

Historical Graphs You’ve come a long way, baby! Need a little self-motivation on a dreary Monday?  Check out your historical graph and see how far you’ve come anytime you need a little boost to keep you active.

Fitbit “Trips” Start and stop aren’t just for sleep anymore.  Headed out for a power walk, or a quick run?  Set your trip monitor, choose your activity and we’ll calculate your caloric burn for you.

Sensitive Sleeper? Now we are too! We’ve added a new experimental sensitive setting that might work better for those of you for whom the current sleep setting does not work well (most of you should be fine with the default). We’d love your feedback on how it works for you!

Search for It You asked, and we delivered. Search the forums to see if your favorite feature has already been requested – and add your wish list.

And these are just the major ones – not to mention all the general site improvements and bug fixes!  And with your suggestions and our ideas, there’s plenty more to come!

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  • Waiting on my units now and this sounds great. I would like to see integration with other services such as LoseIt! You guys are good a what you do and they are good at what they do with regards to their mobile app. Seems collaboration between the two could make a really nice suite of tools for someone. Ready for that Fitbit to ship at the end of the month!

  • Sharon, you can change your sleep setting from your profile
    settings (Click the “Edit profile” link on the dashboard near your picture
    and the sleep setting will be near the bottom of the page).

  • Also, the “Follow us on Twitter” link on your blog (see above right) links to @fitbit_inc which is the wrong Twitter account. Please re-link to @fitbit.

  • I ordered 3 units December 13, 2009. When I get my units will they have the 10 new (all latest) features? Any idea when my units will be shipped?

  • Pat, our support team will email shipping dates for your order, but I wanted to address the feature question: Absolutely! The features described are all website features, and you’ll be able to use them right away with your Fitbit tracker.

  • Is there anywhere you can manually add your exercise? My fitbit battery died while on holidays and I know how many kilometres I walked that day (roughly) and want to add it.

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