11 Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day


Finding time to do a full workout on a daily basis can be tough. Stay in better shape by getting on your feet more often with these simple little life-hacks.

1. Drink Up

Sipping water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and creates mini-breaks. Bathroom stop, anyone?

2. Explore the Building

Walk to the bathroom on the other side of the floor. While you’re up, might as well get in a few extra steps!

3. Park Far Away (Or Get Off Early)

Pick the spot that’s furthest from the building. Don’t drive? Get off the bus or subway one stop early and walk the rest of the way into work.

4. Skip the Lift

Opting to take the stairs, instead of an elevator or escalator, is good for your heart…and legs, lungs, core, etc.!

5. Pump Your Legs

Ride your bike whenever possible. The crisp fall air is perfect for a long journey on two wheels.

6. Work Your Bags

Think of your purse or shopping bag as a dumbbell, and do bicep curls with one arm while walking through the mall. After a few reps, switch sides.

7. Surf Public Transport

When safe and appropriate, try to stand while riding the bus or train. As the the next stop approaches, ground your feet, gently bend your knees, and engage your abs to stay upright in a surfer’s stance.

8. Walk and Talk

Instead of sitting at your desk doodling, get up and stroll around while you chat on the phone.

9. Do a Walking Meeting

Instead of sitting in the conference room, take your next brainstorm session for a spin around the block. Taking in the scenery while engaging in conversation can amp up your inspiration.

10. Squat While You Shop

Turn the grocery store into a gym. Do some calf raises to reach something on the top shelf, and try a few squats or lunges while steering your shopping cart down the aisle. If anyone gives you a strange look, invite them to join.

11. Fit in Coach

You can break a sweat any time, anywhere with Fitbit Coach.

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  • I noticed while watching TV ( while sitting in a couch) and moving my arms ( only) added steps to my total daily steps. So you do not need to do the actual walking, just sitting and moving your two arms added more steps in your record. Just curious does it burn calories just doing that, although Fitbits shows it add more burn calories too. Also when I go to the GYM and do the ladder ( machine) it the total stairs in my Fitbits is only adding less, but if you take the actual stairs, the count added very fast ( normally).

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