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Just a friendly reminder. If you have any order inquiries, like changing your address or card number, please send them to, rather than posting a comment to this blog. You’ll get a much faster response that way and it can be tracked. We want to make sure  you get a prompt answer.

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Fitbit Packaging


One of the things we’re trying to figure out as we get closer to shipping is the packaging. Originally, the goal of the packaging was to support the Fitbit in an purely online retail environment only. That gave our designers the leeway to design packaging without having to include a lot of the marketing copy that you see slapped over typical brick and mortar packaging.

Here were a few of the early concepts:

basic_box jewel_box

We thought the second “jewel box” concept would provide a great out of box experience for people who bought the Fitbit online and we went pretty far down the path of designing and prototyping the packaging:


However, as we started to get interest from brick and mortar retailers, we realized the packaging had some problems in the retail environment.

One, there was no way for curious people to see the product before they bought it and we didn’t think a single photo on the packaging would suffice. However, we didn’t want to do a typical clear “blister” pack which we felt looked cheap and was extremely difficult to open, at least for people not named Edward Scissorhands.

Secondly, the shape of the box was not ideal. Due to its long narrow shape, we felt when people took it off the shelf to look at it and then placed the box back on the shelf, they would tend to place the box on its back rather than on its narrow bottom. Also, due to the box’s 8″ long landscape orientation, it was not great for pegging onto a pegboard.

So we set out to solve these problems with another round of packaging design. We played around with a few concepts that we felt addressed the need for people to see the actual product, had shapes that promoted “correct” placement on shelves and also was peggable:


Our prime candidate currently is the concept below: