Small steps. Big impact.


Fitbit Website


In parallel to the Fitbit device, we’re working on the website. We expect to open this up to pre-order customers pretty soon. Here’s a couple sneak peek screen shots of our development. When we’re ready to open the beta of the website up, we’ll make a blog post and any volunteers can sign up by making a comment on that post.


We’re also busy polishing and further validating the software running on the Fitbit device itself. Here’s an older movie of the Fitbit in action when we were just testing basic functionality. You won’t see the button on the Fitbit here b/c when we shot the video, we were in middle of testing the tactile feel of different buttons. You can see the step counter iterating through 10 steps and see the screen in action here:

In terms of shipping, I still don’t have a concrete date other than late spring/early summer. I know you guys are still waiting, patiently. All I can say for now is that we’re getting closer. I’m anxious myself as I want to get the date out there and get my own stress levels down. :)