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Fitbits are being assembled


Front shot of packaging

Hi All,

So I’m happy to announce that the first production Fitbits are in the process of being assembled. You can see Unit #2 in its packaging above. We’ve also closed pre-orders.

It’s been a long journey to this point. However, we’re about 2 weeks behind where we’d like to be. A lot of reasons for that, some logistical (some of our testing equipment was frustratingly stuck in Indonesian customs for 3-4 days) and some of our own making. The biggest issue we have right now is assembly throughput; it takes about 600 seconds to assemble and test a Fitbit, which is really long. We’re working to get that time down, but in the meantime, this is what it means for our schedule:

The first 10% of orders will finish being assembled and ship from Singapore to the US on July 30/31. They will arrive in the US on Aug 3/4th. It takes 2-3 days for Fedex International Priority to deliver these and clear customs. We will open these up in our US warehouse and do one final set of testing and verification and to load them with the latest firmware. We currently have 19 firmware bugs, which is not too bad at this stage and which we will stamp out between now and then.

We will start shipping these first units to customers on the week of August 10th. I will make a post when they ship to the US, when they arrive in our warehouse and also comment on the status of our bug queue.

Fitbits will continue streaming into the US in weekly shipments. We expect the last 25% of the orders to be shipped to the US around Aug 21st and shipped to customers on Aug 25/26th. The website will be open to all when the first units start shipping.

In general, you should get a final confirmation email a few days before your Fitbit will ship, which will give you a chance to review your order and confirm or cancel.

We’re excited to get these out to you as soon as we can!

Again, it’s been a long journey to get to this point. Here’s some photos and videos that give you an idea of what’s going on what right now as the Fitbits are being assembled:

Another packaging shot and the display in action showing steps:

Diagonal shot of packaging Showing steps

Video of the circuit boards being assembled by an SMT machine:

A small set of our finished circuit boards:

Lot of finished circuit boards

Lot of chromed housings and Fitbits with its guts hanging out

Lots of chromed housings Guts are hanging out

Lots of partially assembled Fitbits

Lots of partially assembled Fitbits

A Fitbit being “welded’ together in a ultrasonic welding machine. Ultrasonic waves are used to melt the plastic together in very tightly sealed unit. This is a $30,000+ machine we are using.