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Archive - January 2013

Wrist Tracking and More with Fitbit Flex

We are so thrilled to be announcing Fitbit Flex to everyone. For many years, we managed to keep our research team very busy developing the technology to make Flex, our first wristband product, work the way we want it to work. We wanted to make sure we captured actual steps taken without capturing “steps” from everyday hand motions...

New Year’s Resolutions — Achieving the Right Ones!

Serengeti - 500 miles

New Year’s resolutions are practically made to be broken. How often have we made a promise to ourselves to get fit, lose a lot of weight, eat healthy, or some other grand task to be completed in 365 days’ time, only to break it within the first 30 days? Avoid the disappointment, and see how easy it is to stick to your resolutions (and achieve...