Fitbit’s Year In Review: Who Took 2020 to the Next Level?

2020 was a series of roller coasters that reshaped everyday life, including how we view and treat our overall health and mental wellness. If it has taught us anything, it’s that when faced with challenges beyond our control we can adapt and find new forms of self care—including ways to connect and be there for one another. 

Now more than ever it’s important to reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come. So here at Fitbit, our researchers analyzed data from Fitbit users around the world and found some of our most impressive stats to date. Read on to learn which places won the most steps, slept the longest nights, had the healthiest hearts, and more below.

Who Stepped It Up in 2020?

Although most of our routines changed in 2020, our goals to keep our steps on the rise did not. Ranking in at number one with the most steps was Hong Kong, followed close behind by Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, then Spain, respectively. Way to go! 

Who Got the Best Rest in 2020?

We all know that the number of Zzz’s we get is the pivotal piece to a healthy lifestyle. According to our data, no one remembered to hit the lights more than our users in Belgium this year. Our other top snoozers of 2020 include Switzerland, France, Italy,  and Germany. 

U.S. Cities with the Healthiest Hearts in 2020 

The most common sign of good cardio fitness? A low resting heart rate. If you have a low resting heart rate this most likely means you have a healthy heart. 

The U.S. city that championed the healthiest hearts this year was Honolulu, Hawaii, with San Diego, California, right behind, followed by Salt Lake City, Utah, then Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Oregon. 

The Best Days of 2020 in the U.S. 

In 2020 there were some days where Fitbitters truly aced their health and wellness goals—for example, starting off the year strong with maximal shut eye on January 18. The best day for steps happened just before the start of spring on May 30, and not soon after the highest Active Zone Minutes record was reached on February 2. Lastly, U.S. users remembered to stay hydrated in the peak of the summer heat with the most water consumed on July 8. 

Top 5 Countries with the Highest Active Zone Minutes “AZM” (+ Total AZM of Fitbit community in 2020) 

This year, Fitbit users in Spain spent the most time in Active Zone Minutes, the heart rate-based metric that tracks the amount of time a user spends in heart-pumping activity. Other countries that got their sweat on include Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Top Premium content

If you’re a Fitbit user living that Premium life, then you know just how well a good sweat or mindfulness session can set your day (or night) up for success. Fitbitters got their sweat on the most to The 15-Minute At-Home Cardio Workout with No Running video and unplugged before bed with the Bedtime Body Scan mindfulness session. 

Our users inspire us every day here at Fitbit, so cheers to you and your triumphs this year, and here’s to continued success in 2021!

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