2021 is the Year of Gain

New year, new you: Like many other things 2020 changed for us, even that looks different now. But it doesn’t have to be all bad—instead of blaming the year alone for disappointments or regrets about things we were unable to do or achieve, we can choose to take a more empowered stance in the new year. 

We can start off 2021 by focusing not on what we want to lose, but what we want to gain out of life, whatever that may be for you. It could be—new motivation, newfound energy, new strength, new resilience, and more. 

After all, 2020 was a lot of things, including a time of transformation and growth for many. That’s why as January unfolds, while acknowledging the challenges of 2020, we’ll also be discussing what it gave us, and how to continue building on that in the year ahead. 

Last month, we explored all things healthy holidays. From sharing indoor winter activities you could try to keep from going stir crazy to exploring ways to prevent head pain, plus a whole host of delicious and festive recipes, we walked you through how to keep your holiday season meaningful—even if it felt like it had been turned upside down. 

We also shared a set of self-care guidelines that still apply, because if there’s anything last year taught us, it’s that self-care should absolutely be a priority. 

This month, we’ll be sharing ways to reframe your 2020 mindset. We’ll explore how to work on bettering yourself instead of focusing on disappointment about the things you may have missed out on—nixing that collective FOMO, once and for all. 

We’ll be highlighting ways to revive your workout routine, how to keep your mental health on the rise, and the psychology behind New Year’s resolutions—what’s the mental reasoning behind falling off, and how can you avoid doing so? 

We’re excited for all of the above, and so much more. Happy reading, and happy New Year! 

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