3 Hairstyles that Look Great Sweaty


I’ll be honest, I’m not always focussed on style when I hit the gym. Most days I brush all of my hair up into a high ponytail. But not matter what kind of hair elastic you use, it’s actually a good idea to tie up your tresses in different spots to prevent breakage. That’s why I also rely on these three hairstyles to keep my locks out of the way when I workout. (Bonus: Even after a tough cardio sesh, my hair still looks good enough to run errands or meet up with friends for a post-workout smoothie!)

Style #1: Simple Side Braid

Even on those mornings when it’s tough to get up for your workout, you’ll have time to whip your hair into this ‘do. It’s easy, gorgeous and works on most lengths. Start by parting your hair on one side. Then, create a french braid, starting at your part close to your forehead, weaving in strands as you work your way down behind your ear on the opposite side. Sweep any remaining locks toward the end of the braid and secure with an elastic band. I like to use my fingers to gently loosen up the braid for a romantic finish.

Style #2: Double Buns

This might sound odd, but it’s actually a super chic, modern look. Simply section your hair into two ponytails, one high on top of your head, and the other in the back (where you’d put a standard pony). Then swing the length of the top tail around its base, and secure with pins to make a bun. Repeat with the pony underneath and—voila!—you’re done. This style was great when my hair was shorter, and it’s still a go-to for me now that I’ve got longer layers.

Style #3: Ponytail Tuck

This is one look that can do double duty—I’ve worn it to workout at Body by Simone, and I’ve sported it on the red carpet, too! Simply pull your hair back at the nape of your neck, and tie it into a low ponytail. Loosen the hair at the base, and use your finger to create space behind the elastic band at your scalp. Take the tail, lift it up, and then tuck it into the hole you made, pulling it through. You’ve basically created a glam twist effect at the start of ponytail.

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