3 Ways to Rock the Dance Floor

2016-09-20_juliannehough_blog_730x4855From outdoor concerts to your favorite cousin’s wedding, life seems to be filled with opportunities to move to music. In those moments, I’m usually the first one up to dance. (Bring on the active minutes!) But I totally get that being in the spotlight doesn’t come naturally to everyone—which is probably why people often ask for my advice on becoming a better dancer. In my opinion, anyone and everyone can do it—you’ve just got to feel the beat and let yourself groove! But to get even more specific, here are my top three confidence-boosting boogy tips.

Tip #1: Be YOU! Have fun and most importantly, be yourself! Dancing is about expressing who you are and being true to what feels good to YOU. When I dance, I feel like I’m more present and in touch with myself than ever. You just need to let go of whatever else is on your mind, stop worrying about trying to do the trendiest move, and enjoy the moment.

Tip #2: Practice makes perfect. When you’re trying to rock a specific routine, nothing beats preparation. For me—when I danced competitively in England, during my time as a pro on Dancing With The Stars, and getting ready for Grease Live—that meant putting in as many extra hours as possible, and practicing until my head hit the pillow at night! For you, that might look more like spending your Saturday afternoons matching your steps to the beat count to ultimately nail the moves.

Tip #3: Be your own audience. Practicing in front of a mirror provides you with perspective, as does taping and watching your practices. Plus, seeing how you look when you’re moving can help you sync up with how you’re feeling. Are you smiling when you do that turn? You should be!

Now get out on the dance floor and have some fun!


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