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30 Days to Summer Fit, Day 10: Finish your workout before 10 AM

We’ll be posting a new challenge every day leading up to summer! Follow along here on the blog, or using this calendar.

30 Days to Summer Fit

Today’s workout comes with an extra challenge: Finish your workout before 10 AM.

If it’s already after 10 AM and you’re reading this, don’t worry: do a regular workout today, then aim to get up early tomorrow. That still counts.

If you’re not sure which workout to try, we recommend this 30-minute strength training workout, an hour of cardio, or simply going for a run. Whatever you choose to do, just do it early.

There are plenty of benefits to working out in the morning. It sets the tone of your day by starting things off healthy. And by getting your workout done before work, you don’t have to worry about being too tired at the end of the day for an trip to the gym. But even knowing that, for some of us waking up early is even harder than dragging ourselves to the gym. So we asked sleep expert Dr. Kelly Glazer-Baron for her tips on how to have a successful early morning.

Day 10: Work out before 10 AM

  • Your wake-up time

Are you someone who catches up on sleep over the weekend and is dragging on weekdays? A consistent wake up time between weekdays and weekends can help avoid the “jet lag” you get by these big schedule swings. You may feel better when sleeping in, but if you sleep in more than two hours past your typical wake time, you may be compromising your weekday sleep by shifting your biological rhythm too late

  • Snooze button: friend or foe?

Getting a few more minutes of sleep each day can be a huge benefit. But, by repeatedly hitting the snooze button, you are actually robbing yourself of that extra block of sleep. If you are an “over-snoozer” (and you know who you are), first, take this as a sign that you need to get to bed earlier. Second, help yourself get the extra sleep you need by only hitting it once or twice, or instead, choosing a later wake-up time.

  • Open those shades when you wake

At night, your bedroom should be as dark as possible, but light in the morning is alerting and can help your biological rhythm. Research from our laboratory at Northwestern even linked light exposure earlier in the day to a lower body mass index. When you wake, open those shades and let the sun in!

How do you feel after your morning workout? Let us know in the comments, or using #30DaysToSummerFit.

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  • I actually got my PR by starting my run at 7:15 this morning! I texted everyone when I finished. Woke a few up : )

  • I was up early this morning and did so much before 10am – and it feels awesome. My fitbit has already calculated over half my steps I need for today. Love it. Thank you for this 30 days to summer challenge

  • I ran a 5k this morning and was home by 9:30. I always do my workouts in the morning. I won’t make excuses later in the day!

  • I read this blog at 9:45 this morning. It inspired me to get off the iPad and move! I did a 3 2 1 circuit type exercise minus the 1. 30 sec of 3 different types of arms then 1 min of jumping jacks and 1 min of jumping squats. I was pooped after the 3rd set but made it through all 5 sets. It set my day for better achievement and I feel great this afternoon. I even took a short nap. I’m just back from my 1.45 mile walk to get the last of my steps in for the day. I’m hoping to do it again tomorrow.

  • This is great advice! I have tried working out over my lunch break, but long meetings or invites to go out to eat always seemed to mess up my plans. Now, I workout first thing in the morning — after a cup of coffee :) — so I know that nothing can interrupt it.

  • Run / Walk – 4k early every week morning.. back to house by 7:15.. leaves time to shower and breakfast before leaving for work. on my way to 400,000 steps this month

  • Everyone assumes that everybody gets to work between 8 and 10 am. Rubbish! I wake up at 4:45 am to be at work by 6. I have tried a couple times on the weekend to go to the gym in the morning. But it doesn’t work for me. My muscles are not awake and not ready for it yet. They need to get moving for a while. So this article doesn’t do me any good what-so-ever.

    I have no problem going to the gym after work. Since 1988 I have been getting up early for work during the week. Through all that time probably about 65% I go to bed late on Fri and Sat and get up more than 2 hours after my weekday time. I have no problem with that.

    As far as light in the morning most of the year is dark when I get up during the work week. Again…no problem. I have never been overweight what so ever. My BMI might be slightly elevated but not too out of line.

  • I just got my fit bit and I am going to start walking every morning at 7 for 30 minutes. I am very excited about starting this program.

  • How wish I could do this! I sometimes go for a morning walk after stretching out but find it hard going – my calf muscles scream the whole way and I just have to push to keep going. On the other hand – I can go for a 5-6km walk in the afternoon or evening with no issues at all and still want to keep going. I’m still averaging 15-16k per day in steps and 9.5-10km distance but most times it is after 3pm that the majority of my steps are walked. I walked almost 10k steps yesterday by 9:30am (took 2 hours) and felt absolutely wiped when I was done and that was after a good 8 1/2 hour sleep at 99% – guess it works for some and not for others. I went for another 8 1/2k last night (just over an hour) and felt great – did a 1/2 hour workout after, hit the shower and then went to bed. I slept just over 8 hours at 99% again and still had to drag myself out of bed. I find I get much more done in the afternoon than in the morning as well – guess that’s just how I’m meant to be!

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