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30 Days to Summer Fit, Day 15: Foam roll for 5 minutes

We’ll be posting a new challenge every day leading up to summer! Follow along here on the blog, or using this calendar.


After today, we’re half-way through our challenge. Congratulations to everyone who’s been keeping up each day! If you’ve felt sore after any of your workouts these past two weeks, then today’s challenge is for you: Foam roll for 5 minutes. This challenge comes to you from personal trainer Erica Steinz of Barry’s Bootcamp, who writes:

I’m committing to a minimum of 5 minutes of foam rolling every day. It’s important to roll out your muscles with a foam roller to prevent injury to keep you doing the activities you love. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used to relax the muscles and improve soft tissue extensibility.

30 Days to Summer Fit, Day 15: Stretch it out

Foam rolling is a great habit to form after your workout. And foam rollers can often be found at your gym, or can even be substituted with a PVC pipe. If you don’t have access to a foam roller, you could instead try spending five minutes massaging sore muscles with your hands.

Have you tried foam rolling? Let us know in the comments, or using #30DaysToSummerFit!

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