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Recommit to your Goals with 30 Days to Summer Fit

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Summer is fast approaching, which means great weather, vacations, and extra fun. So we’re challenging each and every Fitbit user to recommit to their fitness goals! And to help get things started, we’ll be here every day until summer arrives with a daily challenge. You can follow along here on the blog, or with our calendar.

We’ll have plenty of workouts to try, tips on getting (and staying!) healthy, and more! But before it all begins, here are a few general tips you can start today to help you on your road to a healthier, more active you.

Drink plenty of water. To find out how much water is enough for you, halve your body weight, and aim to drink that many ounces. So if you weigh 170 lbs, aim for 85 ozs of water each day. TIP: Keep a water bottle by your side to help remind yourself to drink more.

Commit to eating healthy. There’s no one-diet-fits-all, so figure out what works for you and stick with it for this month. We’ll be here with new healthy recipes along the way. TIP: Start in the produce aisle of the grocery store and avoid processed and packaged aisles as much as possible to help eliminate temptations.

Move 30 minutes every day. Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym, commit to moving at least 30 minutes every day. Whether you’re going for a walk or doing plyometrics along with your favorite TV show, don’t go to bed without having done your 30 minutes. TIP: You don’t have to do it all in one batch! Set yourself reminders throughout the day to get up and move – it all adds up.

Get social. Whether online or in person, find yourself a workout buddy to keep yourself accountable. TIP: Keep an eye on your Fitbit leaderboard so you can taunt and cheer each other along the way – or send each other messages to brag about your workouts.

Even if you don’t complete a single one of our daily challenges to come, doing the above will set you up to start forming healthy habits moving forward. What habit will you try and form? Let us know in the comments, or by using #30DaysToSummerFit!

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  • Love my Fitbit!! My son surprised me with it when he saw me checking it out on the
    Internet. I like the challenge and my girlfriend & I challenge and applaud each other as
    we meet our step/mile goals. Wish we could see lbs. fall off too????.

    • Eve, if you want to see the pounds dropping on your Fitbit profile, check out the Aria scale ( It syncs to your home wifi network and lyncs to your Fitbit account (and multiple users in the house can use it, no buttons to press to switch between users). Just stand on it, and it knows based on your weight who you are (after initial setup). My girlfriend and I use it, and it is a big help seeing the charts on the website.

    • I use the “My Fitness Pal” app on my phone to keep track of water, food intake and weight. My phone won’t sync with fit bit for some reason. Also, I am a health coach helping people around the US with optimal health goals that go beyond what this challenge is giving us. I love the challenge! I just finished a 12 week one with TSFL and have lost 30 pounds since the first of the year. Anyone interested, message me on Facebook!

    • I’m new to fitbit…no idea how to make challenge buddies?? Would love the encouragement and motivation!

  • I’m more motivated than I ever have been. I love seeing my progress! and I’m up for the 30 day fit

  • I miss my Fitbit Force so much. When will you be coming out with a new one that has the features that the Force had?

  • Loving my Fitbit. Need all the help I can get to stay motivated. This keeps me aware of how much I need to move more.

  • I am addicted to my fitbit. Had it since dec 1st and have joined some challenges here. The best one for me was to walk 15000 steps a day instead of 10000. Since then I walk total about 16000 to 20000 steps per day. I’m up for the new challenge for summer.

    • How do you join different challenges? I am new to the fitbit world & trying to understand all the
      Features. I think I have joined the 30 day. I love this device!! I even got my mom hooked on it. She has purchaes one as well. Please let me know how to join the different challenges.

    • I have been doing at least 10,000 but after reading your note, I can do more and I will increase it. One day I did over 15,000 but I walked the city of Boston.

  • My Fitbit is really helping me to stay motivated. By logging my food, I am far more apt to make healthier choices. Who wants to log cheesecake! However, I am not depriving myself and am able to have a taste here and there. Thus far I’ve lost 16 pounds….10 more to go. Thank you Fitbit for producing such a great product and a great app! Now if I could get my friends and family to join me….

  • Love my Fitbit, best thing I ever bought. I dropped 19 lbs since I got it March 17, 2014 and my husband and walking buddy is thrilled with my progress. Got 21 lbs to go and I am back to my wedding weight 45 years ago. Yes, I am ready for the challenge!

    • I am really new to Fitbit. My kids just bought it for me for Mother’s Day. I would love to take part in this challenge …. but not really sure what needs to be done. My 40th anniversary is coming up next month and I would love to lose some weight by then and get more active. I’d love to know how some of you have lost so much weight. A fitness buddy would be really helpful and motivating. Anyone interested? And how does that work?

  • I absolutely love my fit bit. I get so excited when I get my 10,000 steps in for the day, and I am definitely up for the summer 30 day challenge. Wish I could find a workout buddy who lived close to me in NJ, but until then, hopefully, the motivation will keep me going on my own.

    • I had my Flex first and then 3 months ago I purchased the Aria scale I’m so glad I did. I have lost 26 lbs in 2 months. The only thing I wish is my friends would have a Flex Band. I love it when my guest get on my scale. Lol. I agree we need to be able to reach out and get new buddies across the world to get motivated if our friends don’t own a fitbit….

    • Love my fit bit. I’m doing ten trips up the steps and down every morning at work. Still striving for the 10,000 steps each day, but definitely doing the stairs.

      • I live in Bergen county too. Are you looking for a fitbit buddy? I love my fitbit, i lost 12 pounds so far. I could use a buddy so we can motivate each other.

    • I am in Monmouth County, NJ for anyone looking for an active buddy. Walks and tennis are my thing but always up for trying new stuff. I do work so not an everday thing.

  • My fitbit keeps me honest. Makes me walk every day. Try and get to 10,000 steps by noon; the rest is gravy.

  • I am counting my calories through MFP and now with Fitbit I am able to track my calorie burn and amazing how they connect and give me the numbers. I am very motivated to start with the summer program and looking forward to follow the regime .

    • I like my fitbit also but if I do a workout video, it claims on only burn around 74 calories. How do I fix?

  • Love my fitbit. It makes me walk, I look at the numbers and say ‘I know I can do better than that’ Then the next day, I try to outdo the day before. I love it, it motivates me to do more.

  • I made it a goal to reach 10,000 steps each day during May. I’ve only missed two days so far and made up for the missed steps on other days. I love hitting my 10,000 steps and having the FitBit congratulate me.

    I find the sleep tracking helps me realize that I am getting more sleep than I think I am. When I feel as if I’m lying awake I night the FitBit indicates that I am falling back asleep. It allows me to relax about it a bit and actually get more sleep.

  • I’m excited about this challenge! I just hope it makes a difference! I need to something to help me find my motivation again.

  • I really need to get motivated, and by wearing my fitbit will be a goal and to do 10,000 steps a day. It will be encouraging to see my progress.

  • Love my new fitbit and challenging myself to do more than I did the day before! I really like being able to see all my information on my ipad at the end of the day.

  • I have started doing a C25K program, and unlike many times in the past, I plan on doing the full program and get back into running and get into better shape! I also need to get in the habit of drinking more water!

    • I have also been doing the c25k program in addition to the fitbit…he’s keep me motivated. I have done 3 5k runs and the next is May 31. I want to improve my time. Seems to be helping. ..Good luck to you!

  • Feedback! In healthcare we know that feedback works.

    The Fitbit allows this to occur as often as you want to check your progress. You can challenge yourself. 5,000, 7,000, 10,000 or more steps per day.

    This small but effective tool to your good health is invaluable. I’m a competitor by nature and this gives me the feedback to know that I’m making a difference, for me.

  • I love love LOVE my fitbit!! I’ve lost 35+ lbs since October and my fitbit one has seen me through it all…if it helps get me on a beach, a minor miracle will have occurred!! Lol. I’ve upped my daily steps in increments over time and actually have them as Christmas gifts. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Fitbit and Myfitnesspal keep me motivated and I’m looking forward to joining the 30 days to summer challenge. Yay us!! :)

  • I’ve heard many different things about adding powders to water. Does it defeat the purpose of drinking water if I add sugar-free Crystal Light to my water?

  • Looking forward to this. However, since I live in Phoenix, AZ (Hotzona) I hope that it is something that can be done in doors or early morning/late evening. I get sick when I try to work out in the mid day heat.

  • I love my fitbit. It definitely challenges me. I wear it all the time and love the sleep feature as well. I have sleep apnea and am hoping that I will be able to get rid of the machine because due to the loss of weight. Not long ago I left my fitbit at home and it drove me crazy all day at work. Looking forward to the Challenge!

    Just love it!

  • Loving my fitbit. I’ve kept my 100 lb weight lose off for a year now & it really keeps me accountable. Love checking out my progress & accomplishments at the end of every day.

  • love my fitbit!! I love talking about my fitbit to someone and the next day they say… Hey, I bought a fitbit!!!

  • My Zip is responsible for my walking daily. I feel guilty if I don’t get my steps in. I feel bad if I don’t get over 20,000 steps. Usually try to walk 2 to 4 hours a day around my community.

  • BRING IT ON!!! Just really kicked up my fitness goals, and this is a perfect time for a little Challenge! I’m ready! :)

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my fitbit, when my battery dies I am lost without it. It really makes me conscious of how little steps I WAS taking before fitbit………..

  • I too love my FitBit and have had it for a year. Vacation for me (week at the beach) starts June 21 so a 30-day challenge is perfect for me. Let’s do it!!

  • I am in! This will be my first official group challenge but I have LOVED my fitbit one for over a year now.(Have logged over 2000 miles) Am 65 and feel terrific and am pretty sure I am addicted to my fitbit. It IS like my best friend and motivator. The two of us walk a minimum of 10k steps a day(minus one day off a week usually Sundays) I am pretty sure I wouldnt be moving so much with this “companion”. Happy to be participating.

  • I needed a kick to get remotivated and maybe this is it. I’m looking forward to finally have good weather to get out and walk and work in the yard. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF MOTIVATING US!!

  • I am ready for the challenge I need thisd to get me motavied again. I will also get my friend to do this also. That way we both will be motavited.

  • Kudos to all of you.I Got my fitbit last August but got real serious January 6th of this year. I have lost 27 pounds but my wife is the big winner down 57 We applaud and challenge each other it is so much easier as a couple. Fitbit has changed our lives.

  • I am in for the #30DaysToSummerFit I love a challenge & my fitbit which helps me track my workouts, food & sleep… Im in!!

  • I am going to commit to being more social. I am already a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and have kept 40lbs off for the past 4 years. I continue to go regularly to meetings. I was very involved in running up until last September, but my knees are wearing out, so I can’t run nearly as much as I did in the past. I still love it though and have recently gotten my granddaughter involved.

  • I purchased my Fitbit Flex in September after starting my first Whole Life Challenge. I purchased the Force the day it became available at the retail shops. Although the Force has been recalled, I keep it in my pocket because I find that it is far more motivational to be able to see how close I am to the next 1,000 step level. I aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, drink the necessary water, and follow a Paleo diet.

    I have lost almost 60 pounds now, since September. I’m up for this newest challenge!

  • I have worn my FitBit every day since I purchased it in August 2013. I have been motivated to “move” more – from approx. 2500 steps a day, to 18-20k steps a day. Although I have now cut back on the # of steps I get per day, I have incorporated new activities – Cardio Line Dancing, 30 Minute Circuit, Weight Training (for toning). Combining my increased activity with a meal replacement program and clean(er) eating, I have lost more than 140 pounds in 10 months!

    Although I believe I still have about 55 pounds to lose, I feel better than I have felt in 30 years! I contribute all of the above to the success I have experienced!

    Thank you Fit Bit!

  • I already walk a lot. 2 to 3 times a week I hit 10,000 steps, but want my weekly average to be 10,000. Need to increase my water intake, really fall short there. The challenge is on.
    I may even find a buddy online.

    • I am also looking for a buddy. I am 68, semi retired teacher, trying to be more active. fitbit keeps me honest about how much I move, and by tracking my sleep I am getting better rest.i I’m in Vermont with lots of nice places to walk, and I think sharing progress would be fun!

  • bring it on!!!!It wil be good to start a summer challenge now cuz as the weather warms up the urge toi just lie on the proch swing with a good book in my spare time is stron —but if I’m challenged i’ll work hard.

  • I work from home now and realized that I don’t move as much as I did when I went into the office. No walking to a parking spot, going to lunch, going to conference rooms or stopping by a co-workers desk. Fitbit reminds me to keep it moving.

  • My fitbit has really motivated me to keep track of my daily activity and encourage me to further that goal. I love it!!!

  • Can’t wait to start ! I’m recovering (in my 3rd month) from a 3 degree sprained ankle and am so ready to back in the groove of walking again.
    I think this 30 day challenge will do the trick.

  • I LOVE my fitbit. It is a fun way to move more. My sister and I challenge each other. It is like a secret club because other fitbit users see it and are like how are you doing with your challenge. :)

  • I also LOVE my fitbit and look forward to the 30 day challenge…I would recommend to other ‘fitbit comrades’ to enter food/calories through My Fitness Pal! Scanning barcodes makes it easy and many more food choices (even local grocery store products!)…the apps sync wonderfully and at no cost it makes for happy/healthier people! :)

    • some of us don’t eat processed foods so there are no bar codes to scan -struggling with last 12 pounds to 100 lost in just over 2 years

  • I love my fitbit and it loves me too! I love the greetings and being able to compete against family and friends. I have gotten about 10 people to buy a fibit and become more active with me. Thank you to all the designers who made fitbit possible!

  • Just received my 1,000 mile badge. Would love to cut in half the time to earn my 2,000 mile badge. A 30-day challenge would really help.

  • This is perfect as I am just finishing up “The little black dress” challenge with my chiropractor and girls/ patients of the office I go to. the last day for that challenge is on sat… so looking forward to something new for the next 30 days. I do get to the gym at least one day a week and do have a workout partner when I go. I also work out with my sister when she comes to green bay from MN and when I go there we go to the gym. always nice to get together and catch up with no kids along…. Hopefully I can keep up…

  • I lost 23 pounds in 23 days, however I have hit a wall with only a few pound lose per week. I commited to a 1000 to 2000 cal difference between intake and output. Log my food and ate & drank healthy. Sometimes I’d be walking 20 to 30 K steps per day.

  • I’m in like Flynn… since getting the FitBit through work it’s been a game changer for myself and wife. So IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, I’ll crush him too

  • My son bought me my fitbit for Mother Day And I LOVE it, My Friend Just Got Hers So Now We Can See Who Out Do Who LOVE It.

  • Thanks for the challenge! After 1.5 years, I have gotten a bit immune to my Fitbit. The challenge will give me a new reason to hit goals.

  • I am soooooo ready for this 30 day challenge. I’m all in. I can use all the support I can get. Let’s get it ONNN baby!!!

  • I want to get in the habit of being active. even if its half an hour of walking, playing with kids, doing a video. anything! :) good luck everyone! Let’s do this!

  • Ok I’m in. Wear my Fitbit everyday. I have all kinds of food issues, sensitives and such and I know all about my requirements. However I have put on 10 lbs in the last two months. No big deal really but for me it’s awful. It’s like 20 lbs on someone else. So is it another food sensitivity or a lack of water. So here’s to more steps and water. Cheers to all of you.

  • I got my fitbit for Mother’s day and love it. I’m a new runner and have been working out systematically since last Sept, but weight doesn’t come off. I should note I’m over 50, female and heavy. I’m committed to making myself more healthy and fit!

    • HI Wendi,

      My name is Wendy too and I over 50 too I thought we could be buddy for this challenge. I want to be a runner too. If you would like a buddy let me know!

  • I love my fitbit & it makes taking this challenge excititng. I love to see my progress and challenge myself for a little bit more everyday.

  • I love my Fitbit — got it in January and religiously use to track my food and exercise — even when I have a bad day I still put in all my calories — love that the app lets me look up certain foods even alcohol. I have lost 27 pounds already, Fitbit keeps me accountable to myself…

  • At 70 I need all the motivation I can get. I work in the yard several hours a day. With the fit bit I have nade a concentrated effort to get more steps in. The weight still isn’t coming off. Maybe this challenge will help.

  • I love my fitbit too.I was surprised with it from my son and I can’t go aday without it.Love seeing how active and non active I am.Get going!

  • Good luck to all / hope everyone has fun taking a few extra step each day and hopefully along the way you lose a few pounds or gain a healthier way of living.

  • I love mine Zander’s actually got my boss to buy one. I’m trying to loose 60lbs and have already lost 18. I work out hard but always looking for new challenges.

  • I started summer fit two weeks ago. I try to use all the tips to lose weight and be healthy. But I have no friends on the site fitbit. Help me with motivation, please!

  • I LOVE my fitbit, the badges keep me motivated. It is a great way to keep track of my walking and encourages me to do more.

  • Kim, I’m with ya, need to find the motivation that will get me rolling because once I’m moving I know I can keep it up. Need to see a change, would like to drop at least 10 lbs!

  • Over the course of time my Fitbit was pushed me to get to my minimum 10,000 steps. I also found ways to increase my steps by taking the stairs and parking further away in a parking lot to walk into work.

  • I’m LOVING my Fitbit! The daily counts keep me accountable & seeing my progress is so inspiring! I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  • I am so ready for the summer! My fitbit motivated me to loose 2 cm around my waist! I have 5 cm left until I reach my goal, but I’ve done over half of the work, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have my FitBit :)

  • I’m in! I started a campaign called #FitInMyLife because I need to get fit in my life AND I need to make sure all the good things that are healthy for me can and will fit in my life.

  • I recieved my fitbit as a gift from my girlfriend. I probabably average 30,000 steps a day. I have lost over 50 lbs. just from walking and jogging. This is the best gift I have ever been given. I love you Karen! I accept the challenge.

  • I am going to start eating a cleaner diet, less processed foods and really watch my carb intake. With summer being here, there are so many great options for fresh fruits and veggies! I love the local farmer’s markets in town during the summer. And of course I love my Fitbit and I am aiming for 10,000 steps every day!

    • Please feel free to add me to your friends. I think seeing the weekly leader board helps and getting a “your doing great” from friends help keep me motivated. anyone is welcome to add me! I use myfitnesspal app linked to my fitbit. Love them both! ladycharia is id for myfitnesspal. Lets get heatlthy!

  • Loving my fit bit. I accept the challenge to be active at least 30 minutes per day, drink more water, and eat healthy meals and snacks.

  • LOVE my FITBIT!!! I tell everyone who will listen how great it is. Love knowing how many steps, etc. I’ve done every day. Fitbit is a great motivator — I don’t go to bed until I have hit a minimum of 10,000 steps per day! Would love to see a few pounds drop off in the next 30 days!

  • This was the best purchase that was made by me in a long time. I was walking about 7 miles a day prior to buying the Fitbit, I walk 10 to 12 miles a day. I used to have about 3 separate logs, 1 for blood sugar, 1 for my girth and weight and 1 for daily walking mileage.

    I bought this little thing that does all that and than some. I am in love and use it every day of the week. I don’t need a partner because I’ve been walking for years and my commitment level have never decreased. I stopped after my accident because I couldn’t tolerate it for 4 years.

    I moved out of the cold weather, I started walking again. It was painful and still is due to my injuries. I use pain killers to begin the workout and use some more after the walk. I must say that the amounts pills have been decreasing. I look for the day when I will be free from pain killers.

  • I LOVE my fitbit. It has totally changed my life. I’ve lost 42 lbs since jan 1 and still have much more to go. I’m going to challenge myself to hit 15,000 steps a day instead of 10. Yes!!!

  • I will be joining and making ever attempt to complete all listed above! Yes, so need this! #30daystosummerfit

  • i got my fit bit ,8months ago ,have losted ,60 lbs, since then ,it goes everywhere i go
    never leave home with out it ,I LOVE ,LOVE IT ,thank you for a great invention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m in for a 30 day challenge! Goal to loose 10 lbs. I’m recovering from back surgery so walking is my only allowed exercise. My goal is 30 minutes everyday or more as I gain my strength.

  • I am 71 and was a complete couch potato, until I bought my fitbit flex. Originally, I wanted to track my sleep. However, in no time I became addicted to walking. Having had both knees replaced and having fibromyalgia, just standing up was painful. After four weeks, I need very little medication of any sort. My energy level is much better and my friends ask me why I look so well. I actually feel younger. I would really like a fitness buddy. So , if you are in or near Richmond, BC, Canada, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s start a new community.

  • One of the best and most motivating fitness purchases we’ve ever made. I love seeing my daily progress and it motivates me to move more than I ever have before! Thanks, Fitbit!

  • I am IN! Just got mine, and I am trying to get that 10,000 steps a day in…day 3 is going great! Up for the 30 day challenge!

  • I love my fit bit one. It makes me want to want to walk more. Good advice to move 30 minutes a day

  • Bring on the challenge! Avid fitbit user here trying to maintain (and even surpass) my daily goals! Good luck to us! 😀

  • A few of us at the office have a FitBit. I am pretty addicted to mine and have been known to go out for a walk late at night to make those 10,000 if my day has been unusually sedentary.
    Need to get better at logging things to get a clearer picture.

  • Love my fitbit..had a complete panic last week when I thought I’d lost it!! :) my challenge is to drink more water. If I follow your guidelines I should be drinking twice as much as I do.. Cheers and bottoms up!

  • I’m addicted, do you ever find yourself walking around the house just to hit your goal before you go to bed!

  • I’ve been wearing my FitBit One for a year now. It is AMAZING how this little piece of hardware can motivate me to just do one more flight of stairs, just walk 1,000 more steps! Then I checked my “total” report. It is mindboggling to see how many miles I’ve walked and how many flights I’ve climbed. 30 Day challenge sounds interesting!

  • I so need a challenge. I’ve had my fitbit a while, and really started puting it to use about a month ago. I usually log about 60k steps a weeks, but it’s not enough. I need to be doing more. in the voice of Barney from HIMYM “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”

  • I LOVE my Fitbit and am so glad I bought it for myself. Truly motivates me to keep moving! Looking forward to the challenges!

  • My three kids surprized me with a little black bracelet for mother’s day, as my daughter explained a few of the fitbit features to me, I thought to myself, Really do I have to? But to my surprise The fitbit bracelet is additive. This maybe the best gift ever…So Yes I’m Ready for a 30 day challenge. Thank you for making this awesome fitbit experience even better! :-)

  • My children bought me a fitbit for my birthday- I love it- now that I learned how to input calories, it really makes you more aware of what you are eating. I try to increase the number of calories on food items so any extra snacking will be accounted for. I especially appreciate the feedback from fitbit on my phone.

  • Bring it on, loving my fitbit more than I thought! The accountability for my choices is very helpful, and there’s such a reward for completing the day with steps and calories in check! Woo Hoo! Glad to know so many others are having such great successes! I have only had mine for 2 weeks but it’s already my favorite thing!

  • Just yesterday I left a message in a community saying I needed a boost! You guys read my mind. Let’s GO!

  • I enjoy my fitbit flex! It keeps me conscience of what I need to do I need to lose over 100 pounds so far I lost close to 25 and im determined to lose 10 more by 6-14-14!! with the help of my flex I know I can do it and all of ur support!!! WE GOT THIS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Would love to join the challenge. Got my fitbit November 10, 2013 and have lost 24 pounds. Have another 10 to go! My cardiologist and he was plesantly surprised!

  • I bought a fitbit in January and I love the product. Trying to convince my sister to purchase one. I’ve been moderately serious about fitness until recently. I’ve committed to at least completing the 10000 steps a day and I’m up for a challenge.

  • Dancing around the house or in place helps me get to my 10,000 steps a day. 1 minute breaks from the computer by jogging in place or dancing really helps. I found to have goals at certain times of the day keeps, 2,000 before leaving for work, 7,000 by the time I get home, patking faraway, going out for lunch everyday, walking to the mailbox all help.

  • I bought my Fitbit on 8/30/13 and I’ve been walking approx. 6.5 miles/day since then. And the results thus far – 23-pound weight loss since 8/30/13, muscle tone, FEELING GREAT!, good breathing, don’t get sick, healthy skin, energy plus. These are just a few of the results thus far…and I continue to walk and experience new results and wonderful times with walking partners (including my husband!). I’m ready for a new challenge!

  • I’m needing something to get me motivated. I love my fitbit, but need something to get me going! This will be perfect!

  • I love my fitbit!!! I have lost 30lbs and it keeps me motivated. I would love to do a challenge

  • Got my fit bit as a Mother’s Day/ birthday present. I’ve lost 2lbs so far. It’s a great motivator! I’m in for the challenge!

  • My son knows I am into exercising and eating healthy so for Mother’s Day he gave me a Fitbit and I absolutely love it!!! It keeps me motivated! I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope I can rally with others toward their goal!

  • Love my fit bit and ready for the challenge!!! I am a mere but it seems like a long way to my goal of just 2 more pounds!!! I lost 38 since January 8, 2014. A total of 247!!

  • I have had my fitbit since the end of December and really started using it seriously mid January. I have lost about 28 pounds so far and want to lose another 12-15. This is just what I need as I have hit a bit of a lull in my motivation!!!

  • I love my fit bit ! Since spring has spu g I am working on going 12k steps per day and 20 floors!

    I need to shed about 40 ilbs I am currently down 25 using my fit bit. Love all the goals it keeps me centered and on point for success

  • Hi – love my Fitbit Zip. It was given to me as a gift in December and I have found it a great motivator for keeping me on track with my fitness goals.

    I do have one request, since Fitbit uses steps to determine progress is it possible that other types of activity – like biking or swimming could be converted into steps.

    I understand that I can plug in the activity but it doesn’t convert that activity into a comparable number of steps and consequently doesn’t add to the number of steps that I complete in a day.

    I realize this is relatively minor in the scheme of things but I personally would see it as as a great benefit. PLUS my friends don’t believe me when I say my steps are low because I was biking that day!

  • I was one of the first purchasers of the original fitbit and I love it! I’m on my 4th one (I guess I wore the other 3 out) and it’s the one fitness gadget, of many that I own, that I use consistently. I’m addicted to my 10000 steps a day and will literally walk around in circles in my house to accomplish my goal. Love it!!!!

  • The timing of the challenge is perfect! We have a wedding to attend on June 21st and, at the rate I’m going, my dress will fit perfectly!

  • Although I’m doing this online, would anyone or more than one like to partner up with me for buddy accountability? We can motivate one another!!

  • I’m also in but wish a knew of a way to count my step while using my walker. I have the flex and if I use the walker or a buggy it doesn’t count, so I am using a cane but this cuts my walking down by at least half.

  • My wife gave me a fitbit flex on Dec.28 2018 . I weighed 213lbs .went out & bought the Aria a few weeks later . This morning I weighed in at 193lbs.Now I know it doesn’t seem like that much of a weight loss but…when you ware the fitbit or what I call the “ANCHOR” its a constant reminder to think maybe an apple would be better than that candy bar ” & I love sweets ” or water with lemon instead of a beer or soda. Don’t get me wrong I still have a beer every once in awhile , I not a saint or perfect by any means. But this thing has helped me get my blood sugar levels down under 100 dL and I jogged 4 miles today before going to the gym. I’m on my way to my goal of 175lbs one 10lb boal after another & couldn’t be happier

  • Wow, love my fitbit. I go to the gym 5 day’s a week but had no idea I was not getting enough steps in a day. Fitbit has made me so much more aware of calories, steps and active minutes. I gave one to my daughter and girlfriend and they also love it.

  • I have been slacking and need to get back into it – I love my Fitbit – I have the Force and the One! I am in. I need to be remotivated!

  • Needing some motivation been a little disappointed after my surgery.
    It’s been hard getting back on track. Love my fitbit :-)

    • Hi! I would love a fitness buddy to keep myself accountable and motivated. I too just got surgery and will be out for a few more weeks until I can excercise more often. If you want to email back and forth or add me as a friend on your fitbit account that would be so cool!

  • I need more of the social aspect…..I LOVE everything about the fitbit…..I just need more buddies to help motivate me and keep me on track.

  • Got my Flex and Aria for Mother’s Day – best Mother’s Day gift ever!
    Great motivator to get back in shape for summer. Looking forward to starting this challenge!

  • My daughter sent me my fitbit so I could lose the last 10 pounds for my 60th Birthday. I know I will be able to do it now. I find myself walking more just to get that extra few steps in each day. Love the way it motivates me.

  • My health is so bad and fitbit works as a reminder to change my lifestyle so I can get on track and back to good health

  • I love my fitbit. Had a classic for over 4 years. Recently replaced it because I wanted one that would sync with my phone. Really love how it links with ” My Fitness Pal”.

  • Where to we go to sign up for the challenge, I am new to fitbit I’ve had my flex for about 2 weeks now I’m in need of buddies. So can’t wait for this challenge.

  • I got my fitbit for Christmas this year, and I love it so much when my parents were here for a recent visit, they expressed interest and they just got theirs. So proud of them for getting on this “fit” journey with me! Already we have walked way more than we ever thought. Thanks fitbit!

  • I love my fitbit! My husband gave it to me almost a year ago on my birthday! He surprised me with it, we’ve been married 34 years and it’s my favorite gift.

    • Do you want to be online buddies? I think we just see each other’s steps on the dashboard! My exercise and sleep habits have improved through monitoring. I’m not as good with the calories, but I just want to lose 10 pounds for my summer clothes, and it would help if somebody else is also seeing my data. I’m 68 and have lived in Vermont for 33 years now. Such a beautiful place to walk, and so much easier now with my two new knees!

  • I love my Fitbit! It helps me to stay mindful about getting up and moving throughout my day. And my husband liked it so much, he now has one! We walk 5 miles together every night. Now, if the weight would disappear…

  • Love this so much i have both the flex and the One so when i work i can still monitor. I need this challenge as my goal is to loose 9 more pounds to be healthy for my age. I am up for any challengers.

  • So many people at work have gotten fitbits! It’s great motivation for everyone to be wearing them, and getting their steps, workout time in! Show it off at work and you’ll have buddies in no time! 😉

    I love my fitbit and Aria Scale I lost 26 lbs in two months, I had the Flex band for nine months , and purchased the scale 3 months ago. I think the scale is a great motivator with the band. I think they should make it more possible to make friends all over the world so you can have more buddies to help you challenge each other. My friends don’t own a fitbit, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have buddies all over the world! Thanks

  • I love challenges, I have 2 more weeks of a steps challenge that I’m finishing up. I will definitely take part in this challenge.

  • I love my fit bit. However,I need some serious motivation to get back to walking. I want to walk 10,00 steps every day & commit to drinking more water & eating healthier. so count me In for. The 30 day challenge!

  • Count me in but I can never tell when I go 10000 steps. I was aware of it the first time but not since then…

  • How does the 30 day challenge work? I am new to the fitbit world. Do u just 30mins for 30 days and it records. Do u have to do anything to sign up to do the challenge?
    I love my fitbit!!! Dont leave home without it!!! Better thing ever?? how do u take part in other challenges?

  • I love my fitbit. I just loaded the application and I can keep track of my steps even better… yes, I am ready for the 30 day challenge !

  • I could use some more fitbit buddies. I have my daughter and my mom now because I loved my fitbit so much I got them one. :)

  • Glad to see #Fitbit coming up with creative challenges for your community. Looking forward to the program!

  • I needs some challenging buddies also. Right now I challenge myself to at least 10,000 daily but trying to get 15,000.

  • Hi my name is Michelle I am from Medford New York and definitely up for a challenge.
    I need a fitness buddy though. I do exercise at least 4 days a week. However I am getting very
    Discouraged because I have been watching what I am eating and I haven’t lost anything. I mean I eat no carbs and nothing. Ahhh so whoever wants to be me my buddy I am ready .

  • I received my Fitbit for Valentine day. I liked mine so well I bought one for my husband. I’m ready for the challenge.

  • My husband thought I was crazy walking around the house to get to my 10,000 for the day. Glad to see I am not the only one. Love my FitBit. Keeps me motivated

  • I have a hard time drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, if I’m not focused on it. I need to consume more water and this is a habit I’d like to make a consistent practice. #30DaysToSummerFit

  • Hello out there. I am new to fitbit. I love it. I am a newbie. Ready to take the challenge. I would really like a workout buddy. Good luck to everyone.

  • Love my fitbit. I should sell these. We are starting a group fitbit challenge at work for the month of June so this challenge will also keep me motivated. Having a buddy truly helps. We watch each other every day and have a friendly competition going on. I think I’ll get the scale people are talking about to. I’m active so now I need some pounds off. Fitbit you rock!

  • I love my FitBit Force. I received it for Christmas from my husband. I have several friends FitBit Friends and it really helps me stay motivated looking at where I am in steps in comparison. Very happy to see this Challenge as my daughter gets married in September and my goal is be looking great and feeling great. Perfect way to kick start me towards my goals!

  • I have a buddy, we are coworkers, everyday we challenge each other just to see who will be ahead in our stats. It is very motivating to compete with our flex tracker. We also both work at a school during the early mornings around noon we get together and exercise with the students in my class. Our district has a program called gonoodle which has a lot of dance and fun activities for the students. Our favorite is Dinosaur Stomp. We have a blast!!!!

    This 30 day will add to my present level of exercising. Here we go!!!

  • I’m excited to see what this challenge is about! Using my FitBit and Aria, eating better (MyFitness Pal) and exercise I’ve lost 60 pounds since Jan. I’m totally on board!

  • Please include me in your buddy system. I do not have any friends that have a fitbit. I keep telling them it is the best health tool I have ever purchased.

  • This fitbit helped me lose the last 12 lbs of the 50 total lost!!! I love the motivation that this little device gives me and can’t wait for the 30 day challenge. I’m pushing it hard core this month for an even bigger motivation… A Spartan race a the end of the month… Whoop whoop!! Thank you fitbit!

  • Count me in! Even if the fit bit isn’t perfectly accurate it is one great motivational too to get me started and watching what I do or don’t do.

  • I would love to join the challenges. I’ve started following some of the groups on here and they’re great. Need different challenges and changes because my weight has plateued for a while now and need to get off the plateau, so ready for the challenges. Glad warmer weather has come.

  • I am ready for the Summer Challenge! Bring it on.
    I want to lose 7 lb. and just need to get motivated and do it. I love my FitBit and enjoy watching my daily progress. I would love to have a buddy to challenge and motivate..

  • I have lost 18 lbs. with my Fitbit since July 2013. I have earn badges, in fact I just earned my 1,000 miles Badge!! Fun to do with a Fitbit friend…keeps you more accountable to stay moving! Happy Stepping Everyone!!

  • I’m in!! My motivation stalls sometimes. I have great intentions but then get lazy. I have a hard time with energy with working 3rd shift.

  • Love my Fitbit, got it last Xmas. But
    still haven’t gotten to 10,000 daily steps yet! keep missing it by 50-100 steps.

  • I really like my new fitbit zip.. And this Fitbit 30-day challenge should definitely compliment my herbalife mealplan. Count me in!

  • if it wasn’t for my fitbit I would still be sitting on my butt. since febuary I have went from 254 lbs to 233.7 lbs. my greatest distance was 24000 in one day and I am trying to achive over 10000 steps every day 7 days a week :-)

  • I have been amazed at the way wearing my fitbit inspires me to be more active. Just today I got 30267 steps!

  • I have the Fitbit Flex and the Aria scale and LOVE them both!! I am down 18 lbs since I got my flex and started Crossfit! I’m needing to lose another 32 pounds. I too could use a buddy!!! Let’s do this thing!!

  • I love my Fitbit and use it every single day. I love that I have the app on my iPhone. I need a buddy also. We can encourage each other. I’m n MI

  • This will be my 1st group challenge, but am ready….3 more weeks of teaching and then it will be summer vacation :) So bring on the challenges…..

  • I got my fitbit in January. Just can’t depend on pedometers and I love it! I walk about 10k steps a day and a class of water aerobics and some treadmill. Just can’t seem to lose any weight. I actually gained weight the first 2 months. I’m almost 65 and want to get rid of my belly fat!! I’m in!!

  • Love my FitBit. We keep up challenging each other in the office.

    Tip: sync it with MyFitnessPal 😉 totally worth it

  • Whoohooo Let’s Do This! !! Started back in October 2013 and down 40 lbs so far. We can do this everyone! 😉

  • Currently doing WLC so this will tie in nicely. Two challenges to motivate me – no excuse now!! Love my fitbit zip.

  • I have had my fitbit for two and half weeks and I am down 12 lbs. I am a beer man at Busch Stadium and on top of my trip to the gym I do about 6 mile a night selling beer. It has been an awesome tool for me.

  • I love my fitbit and it does keep me motivated. I am up for the 30 day challenge with anyone who needs an encouraging partner.

  • I want to start this programme #30DaysToSummerFit, but i don’t know what i should do.. Please help me.

  • This is coming at a great. Just got re-fucus. I have lost 44 pounds and have 40 to go. Would love a buddy or even a few buddies to stay on track.

  • I need a new challenge and count me in. Anyone in IL and need a challenge buddy? My mantra is icandoit…

  • LOVE my Fitbit and the fact that it syncs with my Loseit App on my phone is even better !! I have lost 43 lbs and could not have done it with out them both !! I am up for this challenge.

  • Love my fitbit!!! I got mine for Mother’s Day, and love how it not only motivates my, but my 6 year old is motivated by it to. He holds my iPhone while we walk and thinks he’s tracking his steps :) He’s walked further with me than he ever has!!

    Ready for the challenge and would love to have more buddies to motivate me!

  • I would like to join the 30 days to summer……..I need a buddy. I have lost 44 pounds since 1/15/14. I have 40 more to go. I just got refocus and back to staying on track.

  • I love my Fitbit Zip! Best purchase I’ve made. I’ve lost 15lbs with a healthy diet and exercise since March and my Zip helps keep me super active. I love challenging myself to beat my step goals and me and my mom are always racing to get ahead of each other. Couldn’t be happier!

  • Hi Everyone! I recently received my fitbit from my husband and children as a Mother’s Day gift and………..I LOVE IT!! I feel as though it keeps me motivated to continue my fitness success! One of my favorite parts is the sleep tracker – I have realized that I am not getting enough sleep and the sleep I am getting is interrupted…..I am committed to fixing that as well:)
    If anyone is interested in joining fitness groups or programs that will motivate you to the highest level of fitness and push your fitbit like no other get in touch with me!
    My website is
    Summer is 30 Days away!! Get Beachbody ready with your fitbit!

  • I’m enjoying my Zip Fitbit, and am going to add the badge to my blog. If anyone else is a blogger love to have you swing by so we can connect. I like having virtual buddies with fitbit also, so will leave my fitbit profile url here. Many above asked for buddies but they didn’t leave their links. Here’s mine… //
    Happy to connect

  • I am so pleased that Fitbit is starting this, I’m feeling bad because I haven’t been trying to do anything to motivate myself. When I first bought my Fitbit I was committed to getting into shape for the summer, but fizzled out. I’m going to try again. Thanks for the motivation I needed.

  • Making the commitment – one month until summer! Train on my bike every morning while catching up with Mad Men!! Yay me!

  • Ready for the challenge! Love, love, love my Fitbit! I’m not sure if I’ve “joined”, though. I didn’t see a “join” button, so I decided to leave a comment. Hope that’s all I have to do.

  • Hi,

    I have lost 65 pounds since the first of August 2013 but it has slowed down to nothing. I just got my Fitbit a month ago and am loving it….I need a Fitbit buddy to keep me on track…I have found myself snacking more even though I’m hitting the gym now. Help!!

  • I have had the fitbit since Christmas 2013 and lost 30 lbs. I plateaued and a friend got a fitbit for college graduation. We pushed it each and I have gone past my plateau.

  • Just started Mother’s Day and I love it. 70 years old and the best thing for me is the calorie counter. That really opens your eyes to what you art eating. I finally understand calories in. Calories out. Started at 193.4. Today I am 191.2. For me that is huge. Only wish it would count what I do in the pool. But at least I tries if I document correctly

  • Love my fitbit, which was a gift from my daughter, who is getting married in 30 days! We both have them, and are looking forward to the 30 day challenge. Let’s get going!!

  • My son got me the FitBit for Mother’s Day. I had told my husband I didn’t like my cheap pedometer that didn’t calculate right and if the boys asked I needed a good one. Well, when I my fitbit I thought I would only use it to check my walking distance. Instead I am using it daily to keep track and to get totals for my week etc… Love it, love it!

  • I love the fitbit. I try hard to do 10,000 steps. I am recovering from a horrible accident. When I started, I could barely do 1200 steps. I love it!

  • I love my fitbit and would love more friends to challenge and cheer!! Add me.

  • I need another challenge to get back on track. I love that you can sync with MY FITNESS PAL. Can’t wait.

  • I’m ready for the 30 day challenge!! I love my fitbit and am addicted!! Bring on the challenge lets have fun
    Thanks Fitbit

  • I’m super excited for the 30 day challenge. Fitbit continues to motivate me, through tracking, having my fit buddies, and these challenges, I’m sure i’ll be a healthier me sooner than later!! loving my #fitbit

  • Thank you so much for the push. I need to lose 12 lbs. Goal is June 21. I am excited to have my fitbit to remind me. Along with all the post its around.:-)

  • #30 challenge!!! Count me in! New to my fitbit and loving it so far!!! Super excited for this challenge!!!

  • I love my Fitbit One. I’ve lost 52 lbs. since last September. I walk 2.2 miles M-F and 3.8 miles on Saturday (Sunday is our day of Rest) and eat around 1500 calories a day. My husband, who I also bought a Fitbit, walks with me and we just started lifiting weights on M, W and F. It is great to see the weight come off and to buy new clothes. This is all because of my Fitbit. I would’ve never been this motivated if I hadn’t bought it. I find myself making sure that I walk at least 10,000 steps a day and will find myself walking around the house at 11:30pm just to make it if I haven’t already by the time I’m getting ready to go to bed. I never would’ve done that before Fitbit. Need to lose another 50lbs and can’t wait to start the 30 day challenge to keep me motivated.

    • Maggie, just read all the little comments and came upon yours and it made me smile and think how inspirational your story is. Good for you!!! I am so proud of you and your husband i wish you both all the best and good luck on your journey to better health. I actually think luck has nothing to do with it but your determination and your spirit for happiness. I’m normally not sappy like this but loved your story….

      • Carrie, thanks so much for your words of encouragement. It means a lot to hear a comment like yours. Even though living a healthier lifestyle is sometimes a struggle….(especially for my meat and potatoes lovin’ husband) we are definitely on the right track. Comments like yours makes us feel better about ourselves and our choices. Thanks again

  • My Fitbit Zip is wonderful! 6 years ago, I lost 45 pounds. I gained 5 pounds back.
    I’ve decided to finish what I started. I’m inspired and am determined to pick up where I left
    off. Woohooo!

  • I also love my Fitbit. I find it provides me motivation to move forward. I only have two buddies would love more.

  • While cleaning a drawer, I ran into my little pink Fitbit Zip. I hadn’t been able to find it and really enjoy wearing it. It went on as of an hour ago and then I got an email about the #30daystosummerfit challenge. I think someone is trying to tell me something and I am listening. Working from home doesn’t always mean making the best choices but my little pink zip is a constant reminder that better choices are available. Going to blog my experience on and wish everyone the best of health on this 30 day journey!

    As of now 2:53 on May 22nd I have taken 953 steps toward “summerfit”

    • Also, you can find me in the system as myself, TK Kinney, feel free to list me as a buddy if you need one. You can just never have too much motivation!

  • Love my fitbit! My son gave it to me for my birthday to help me stay motivated. Thanks ML!
    Looking forward to the challenge! Wishing you all success!

  • Hi All!
    I got my fitbit zip for Christmas over a year ago, then broke a knee cap 8 days later, love the bit, but not dropping the weight :( maybe I need buddies :)
    excited about the challenge, with such a cold summer coming I need to squeeze into an old wetsuit! and I do not want to look like a sausage!
    Summer, here we come!

  • My fitbit one is the best investment I’ve made in a very long time! It has made me so much more aware and now I’m making the move to be a healthier me again!

  • My son surprise me with my fitbit and I love it. I meet my goal every day from monday to friday. Here in Puerto Rico is always warm but my fitbit keeps me motivated. Five miles and over ten thousand steps daily.

  • I received a Fitbit for Mothers Day and I’ve lost 7lbs already! AND I received my 50 mile badge yesterday! I am ready for the challenge!

  • Anyone who would like to be a fitness buddy or needs one I would be happy to be one or more. Just reply! We are stronger together!

  • I have started a local weight program through the Univeristy of Florida for obesity in rural areas. I started this program March 17, 2014 & tracking steps is one of the task. I seen the Fitbit & my husband got it for me for Mother’s Day. I sure stay motivated in seeing my daily accomplishments. I have to set step goals every week @ our weekly meeting. My highest steps have been over 16,000. Thus far I have lost 16 lbs!

  • I’ve been using my Fitbit since Feb. this year, I’m down 40lbs & would love to have a few Fitbit buddies!

  • 30 days to my summer vacation and 30 days to lose 2.5 kg! Luckily I have my Fitbit, The App MyFitnessPal to help me. Now all I need to do is exercise my body, and exercise some self control!

  • I’ve had my fit bit since December. I love it. It helps motivate me, tracks my work outs and best of all syncs well with the my fitness pal app that my nutritionist set me up with. I wasn’t loosing weight because I was wasn’t tracking and was giving myslef far to much calorie credit for my workouts. Now my fitbit and my tracking have helped me loose 12 lbs in 30 days. Im up for the challenge as long as I have my fitbit by my side!

  • I love my fitbit!!!!!! I love to monitored my steps & # of stairs each day. Definitely reminds me to keep active & reach my daily goals.

  • I am from Pennsylvania. Looking for fitbit friend that is competitive and is challenged to get to 15k steps per day.

  • My fitbit has gotten me motivated to increase my walking – getting ready to make 15000 my daily goal ’cause 10000is easily met. This 30 challenge will help me diversify my activities

  • I am on my second fitbit. It never leaves my side! Also have the scale to keep me focused. I am having a hard time losing my last 24lbs. I have lost 50 but just can’t seem to get the last few. I walk 10,000 to 11,000 steps most days. I am thinking about joining the Y to try some different exercises. Would like to buddy up with someone .

  • The daily challenge is great, but it needs to be posted by 6 am for those who exercise in the mornings before their day begins.

  • Count me in! I just got my fitbit a few weeks ago and we were “bonded” by the second day. Very motivating. Want to lose weight before my high school reunion, which is in September.

  • Love my fit bit keeps track of everything I hut thr gym daily and do crunches at night thanks fitbitt summers going to great!

  • Love my fit bit keeps track of everything I hit the gym daily and do crunches at night thanks fitbit summers going to great!

  • I would to have a fitbit buddy,that would be great motivator,I’m from Newfoundland,sift it buddy from anywhere would be fine

  • I recieved my Fitbit for Christmas and I wear it everyday …I look forward to seeing how many steps I’ve done through out the day …I am up for the challenge ….Thank you Gail

  • Hi all. I absolutely love my fit bit. Have had it since Xmas from my hubby and loved it so much that he got one. We motivate each other but we work different hours and can’t always be there together so I am looking for a buddy. I am in Moncton NB Canada and anyone from anywhere is great. I walk every single day with my dog. Do some yoga and eat very healthy. But am in a rut. Stuck. Want to lose that stubborn 10 pounds. I get about 12000 avg steps in a day and just can’t seem to lose anymore. A buddy would probably help get me movin even more. Thanks a bunch

  • I am walking for approximately one hour for last couple of days after getting and activating my my Fitbit my weight is constant. I am a frugal eater. I want to lose approx 3 kilogram.Advice

  • Hello everyone!! I just got my Fitbit and no one that I know has joined the revolution…I am from Jersey(dirtyJerz)!!and need friends to challenge and keep me motivated to lose the winter coat…lol…email me or find me on FB!!

  • Love my One Fitbit. It really keeps me on my “toes”. Wear it everyday. Now my friend bought t and we compare notes. I truly lost wait with the Fitbit. It’s the best!!!

  • I’ve had mine for almost two weeks and I’ve lost 7 lbs of my 11 lb goal… might try to lose a couple more! I have my Fitbit connected with MyFitnessPal to help me track my foods and water consumption.

    Love the motivation the Flex gives me, love having the reminder to be more active, and best of all, lovin’ how I feel and look with the extra weight gone!


  • Would be interested in a motivating buddy who has same challenges– work full time 8-6 Monday – Thursday, do hit the gym Mon nite & Fri morning for an hour, married so need to spend time w. Hubby.

    Too easy to make excuses…would love to connect with a support buddy who has figured out how to Get It Done! :-)

  • If anyone is looking for a GREAT motivation group on Facebook look for
    fitbit challenge 3,650,000 stepsin 2014. Its a great group to be a part of.

  • My daughter gave me my Fitbit for my birthday. I am still trying to figure out how to use it, but I like it so far. Keep me active at 68 :O)

  • I cannot express how much I love my fitbit. I have shared it with friends and famil and several, including my boss, has bought one. My husband teased me about it then went out and bought one himself and begin to sound just like me. This has had one of the greatest impacts on me to lead me to a healthier life.

  • Have been working towards consistency. 30 minutes of strength and at least 20 for cardio. Must make 10,000 steps. Lost 10 since March. Challenge begins in one week when kids are home. My goal is to get them moving with me this summer since they’re 10 next month.

  • I absolutely love my fitbit, our company decided to have a company wide spiff.
    Now my mother and my stepfather are involved too!
    This the best motivation ever!

  • I love my fitbit! My best friend got it for me and I already lost 12lbs. I started with 10,000 steps then 20,000 and now 30,000!

  • I work out about 4 days a week and walk on the weekends. Love to go to gym an do a
    variety of different things, have met a lot of really close friends there also. I like to snack
    which is not good but I am 55 and I think I look somewhat decent to some people my age
    I have come in contact with. I have a fitbit and I hit about 10,000 everyday because I keep on
    moving always whether it is cutting grass, vacuuming, edging, cleaning house and etc. But I do have a large mid section, any chance someone could help me get this off thanks

  • I have just completed The Daniel Plan by The Rev. Rick Warren and other experts. I recommend it highly.

  • I would like to start the challenge, I know it has already started but I need loads of motivation. Anyone out there from Virginia Beach. I do not walk that much, but I do bike and swim, so nothing show up on my fit bit. I need to lose a bunch of weight and I am 70 years old.

  • Love my fitbit flex. My whole family now has one
    Employees at my company friends

    Whenever I see a person with a flex on I intro myself and we share stories

    Fitbit is absolutely awesome. Talked to a guy that was traveling and said he lost 30 lbs since getting his FB

  • I am in for the challenge. I am making 10000 steps my goal a day. I want to lose 10 lbs and get in shape.

  • Hi,
    I like to run and do Bootcamp also. For Health reasons had to stop for a month, now I am getting back on track and would Luke to have a fit buddy motivate me.

    Monica V.

  • I could so use a motivational buddy. I would like to do the 10k per day or more if possible and would love to motivate someone else to do the same or more. Def into the water consumption as it is a “must” according to my Cardiologist, due to high blood pressure (hereditary). Don’t necessarily need to lose weight, just tone up and stay active. Who would like to be motivational fitbit challenge buddies?? I’m in CA but it doesn’t matter where you live. Let’s do this thing…!!!

    • I am in my early 50’s and have had my FitBit Flex for almost 4 months now. This year my new year’s resolution is to LIVE – live for me, be healthy, and be happy. I spent most of the last 3 decades living for my kids and co-parenting my grand-daughter, worrying about all the things that could or might go wrong. That coupled with a high stress job (systems analyst (fancy term for programmer) at a life insurance company), and my love of food got me to my fat old and general dissatisfaction with my life.

      With my fitbit dashboard giving me immediate feedback, especially in the steps and calories burned vs taken in, I’ve lost 13 lbs so far. Got about 30-35 lbs to go, but I’m happy with my progress. I feel like I will be able to realistically keep losing and keep it off by going at a moderate steady pace and I feel pretty good.

      I would love to connect with others in my age group who also want to go at a steady pace so we can keep each other motivated. That said, I think the only way to hook up as fitBit friends is to send an invite via the invite friends link in the dashboard. And for that it’s either FaceBook or with the person’s email address.

      If you’re interested and you meet my criteria, send me an invite @

  • Hi, my kids gave me the fitbit to get my motivation back. Since they gave it to me I love it! This daily challenge is going to be great … Can’t wait to get started..,

  • I am also starting a bit late on this but am going to do it with my mom and mother in law. Anyone want to join us?

  • I love the knowledge that fit bit provides it does help and I am on to fitness pal but my busy life is getting in the way again I could use a buddy to share this experience.. Summer is just starting here in Alberta I want to get as much out of it as I can…

  • Hi there. I’m from Manila. I got my Fitbit Flex 3 weeks ago and I was addicted to it instantly. Walking and running for the first 10 days was quite easy as I was doing it with my best friend. But now, she’s gone back abroad, I have to do it alone and considering the lifestyle we have here, it requires a bit of an effort to reach the 10k goal per day. I am hoping to lose at 13 lbs in 3 months, so I think I really need some help. I would really love to have a Fitbit buddy. Anyone interested?

  • Lost my best friend and walking partner Feb 3rd looking for motivation have not walked since but gained 20 pounds. Need a friend and motivation HELP.

  • I love my fitbit. It would be nice to have a buddy to cheer you on and get you moving.
    Kicking in my summer walking workouts – can’t wait!! Good luck everyone :)

  • has a great community! Ladies: A tip for wearing your Fitbit … Make sure it is facing in your brassier: I lost my Fitbit ???? but have a new one now.

  • This is a great goal the fit bit summer 30 day challenge
    Feel free to connect with me I am a positive optimist person. I have a good
    attitude in life I am trim and love my fit bit and am new to fit bit community
    Sheila other fitbit name user name is sheshe2014
    PS …..I did a 20 mile cycling workout today and a 5k speed walk on july 4th good luck fit bitters!! keep on keeping on! Don’t give up!

  • I’ve lost over 16 pounds since getting my fitbit in January. I can be a fitbit buddy if your still looking.

  • My husband gave me the Fitbit for Christmas, and I love it. I love seeing the steps I take every day which is usually 10,000 or more. I’m turning 75 next week and mostly do a 2.5 mi walk every day and also am getting my garden cleaned up & ready for planting soon. I have been trying with the diet but the weight is comi ng off too slowly. I need to add the weights but it is finding the time. Would like to see the weight loss a little faster-I’m watching portions but must still be eating too much of the wrong foods. It is difficult @ mealtime because my husband has trouble keeping weight on, so I cook for him and then cut my portions down. Help! I also have a sweet tooth which I have curbed considerably.

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