5 Boredom-Busting Fitness Classes from Across the US

When boredom slips into your fitness routine you can expect one of two outcomes—either you hit a plateau and no longer see improvement week-to-week, or you simply stop showing up. That’s why it’s smart to regularly shake up your sweat sessions. A simple way to keep things fun and fresh: sign up for a class with the MINDBODY app, which gives you access to a global network of more than 60,000 fitness, health and beauty businesses. Need a little inspiration to get the perspiration going? Check out these must-try classes from across the US!

Sing Your Heart Out in Denver

Check your mic and your trackers during the sing-along experience that is the Guilty Pleasures Karaoke Spin Class at Epic Ryde. “When you work out in the optimal aerobic heart rate zone, you can carry on a conversation—and if you can talk, you can sing!” says Peggy Dyer, certified indoor cycling instructor. Know all the words to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”? This is the class for you. “Come prepared for a cardio-strengthening cycling workout, and be ready to belt out your favorite jams!” says Dyer. Epic Ryde, 2823 Larimer Street, Denver, CO

Sweat like a Samurai in San Francisco

Cultivate a calm, warrior mindset at Jungshin Fitness, where Eastern martial arts meet Western conditioning techniques in a routine instructors refer to as “moving meditation.” With a wooden practice sword, you’ll be taken through a series of explosive strikes and stances that strengthen and tone muscles, challenge your core, and improve flexibility. Sound mind, sound body—sign up! Jungshin Fitness, 3265 17th Street, San Francisco, CA

Be a Cheerleader in Chicago

Want to bank a serious number of steps in 60 minutes? Grab some pom-poms, then dance, prance, jump, and kick to a killer soundtrack in the super fun PomSquad class at Ravenswood Fitness Center. It’s a physically demanding sweat session, but you’ll never lack for motivation. “Our instructors are experts at constantly creating fun—you’ll smile through the sweat!” says fitness director Tami Herbst. Ready? OK! Ravenswood Fitness Center, 1958 W Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL

Engage Your Senses in Miami

It’s Pilates and yoga on a whole new level during a STRETCH session at Sensory Fitness. In an atmosphere designed to stimulate the senses, this reformer Pilates-yoga fusion class incorporates carefully filtered music to complement the intensity of the movements, and video screens featuring imagery that will transport you to exotic locales. Prepare to relax, restore, and find balance in the one-hour class. Sensory Fitness, 8790 SW 132nd Street, Miami, FL

Feel Like a Kid Again in New York City

Remember recess and the freedom you felt running, jumping, and climbing? An Endurance/Speed session at Throwback fitness studio is like that—only better! Centered around your favorite games from childhood, these workouts offer full-body conditioning and full fun. You’ll work up a sweat hitting the cardio zone, while targeting nearly every muscle, and leave class feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl, or boy. Throwback, 303 5th Avenue, #207, New York, NY

Don’t forget to connect the MINDBODY app with your Fitbit tracker to get credit for your sweat. After taking a class you’ll be able to view your personal activity data, including total active minutes, calories burned, and more, in your history page within the MINDBODY app. With this information, you can view results by class or session—and better understand the benefits of every class you take.

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  • My Community Hip Hop Yoga classes based in Phoenix are another super boredom-busting workout! I travel to teach them, everyone who attends loves them!

  • Your very first YOGA picture needs updating immediately! It reflects how to create knee injuries! In Tree Pose, the raised foot is placed either above the knee, below the knee on the calf, or at the ankle. NEVER at the knee where undo pressure could be placed on the knee causing major problems

  • Bad photo of Yoga Tree Pose! Or should I say, How to cause major knee injuries? In Tree Pose, the raised leg is placed either above the knee, below the knee at the calf, or at the ankle. NEVER is the raised foot placed at the knee where it could place undo pressure on the knee causing major injuries!

  • The picture with people doing tree pose, 3 people have their foot on their knee you are always taught never to do that it is extremely bad for the knee. The women in the back corner is doing the pose correctly.

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