5 Hot Food Trends for 2015


I’m conflicted on the topic of food trends. On one hand I live, breathe and sometimes dream nutrition (pathetic I know). I love to scope out what’s new or innovative, even on the fringe.

On the other hand, I roll my eyes over kale’s overexposure as the “it” vegetable. It’s almost Kardashian-like. Enough, right? If I am forced to pick sides—new or same-old—I’m going with the latest and the greatest.

And so, I bring you five hot food trends coming up in 2015.

1. Legumes

So there’s nothing new about legumes: beans, chickpeas and lentils. What’s new is how they are used and why certain legumes are sought after.

Beans are being used in pastas by brands such as Banza (chickpea pasta) and Explore Asian (black bean or mung bean pastas).

Speaking of mung beans, the biggest “issue” facing legumes or beans in general is, for some people, the inevitable bloating issues. Mung beans don’t have that quality, and as a bonus, they  don’t need to be soaked like other beans. So whether it’s for the protein content, gluten-free regimes or digestive aspirations, it’s beans, beans…

2. Tea in Cocktails


Green tea is widely celebrated, and last year matcha (a powdered green tea) popped up on the radar. What we’re seeing now—and I’m definitely jazzed about it— is tea in cocktails.

Tea (especially green tea) contains a large amount of antioxidants, and green, black and herbal teas can help with digestion. That beats sugary mixers, and you get a healthy bonus! Tea Forte makes tea bags specifically for cocktails and Owl’s Brew makes tea mixers.

3. Grapefruit: The New Pomegranate

In terms of fruit, Forbes points to grapefruits known as Sweet Scarletts as the “it” fruit for 2015. It doesn’t hurt that Pom—the brand that made pomegranates “wonderful”—is the company behind these grapefruits, promising a boost in flavor.

Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and vitamin A, plus it packs an antioxidant punch with lycopene and beta-carotene. Some evidence even points to reducing the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

4. Magic Mushrooms


So let me explain. Mushrooms are popping up in all sorts of applications. They’re magic but, you know, in a legit way. Mushroom Matrix is using organic, medicinal mushrooms for applications varying from immunity to skin and hair health—great for the winter when the air is very dry. Four Sigma has mushroom-based beverages, including a mushroom-enhanced hot chocolate for stress reduction and weight loss.

5. Charcoal

I know, I know. Charcoal doesn’t conjure up feelings of deliciousness, but it certainly is a big player when it comes to detox. Although I’m suggesting charcoal is trendy, it’s certainly not new. Activated charcoal was used in ancient Egypt and by Hippocrates in Greece.

The appeal of activated charcoal is that it’s like a sponge for chemicals and poisons; they adhere to it. Charcoal can be used for hangover prevention, for stomach issues, and we’ve noticed charcoal pop up at juice shops in “dark detox shots” and charcoal lemonade.


So whether you’re a pasta person or hot chocolate lover looking to de-stress, try branching out in the new year. But just remember—there’s nothing wrong with your good ol’ broccoli and apples.

What foods have you been hearing about as trendy? Are you going to try any of these new foods in the new year?

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