5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year—every week there are fun parties and get-togethers and festive events to attend. It’s hard not to just be in a constantly good mood from Halloween until the new year! But even though I don’t want to miss out on the cheer, I also want to feel good and healthy throughout the holidays. Here’s how I try to keep it all balanced.

5 Ways to Keep the Holidays Healthy

Be choosy about splurges: One of the toughest things about this time of year is that there are plates of cookies and candies lurking around every corner. And they all look so good! I know I can’t have them all, so I get really selective about when I treat myself. I wait for things someone made by hand (and with love) and really savor each bite.

Stay on top of steps: Now is not the time to forget about being active. If anything, I try to boost my step count this time of year! No matter what I’m doing that day, I put on my Fitbit Alta HR (it’s so chic and goes with pretty much anything). That way if I’m running from store to store or winding my way through the grocery store, my steps count.

Sneak in exercise when you can: If a crazy social calendar means I can’t fit in my usual workout, I don’t just write the day off completely. I still try to walk as much as I can, take the stairs whenever possible, and fit in mini workouts with moves like lunges, squats, and triceps dips wherever I can find a private space.

Add some extra motivation: There are a lot of reasons to skip my workouts this season, so I give myself a good reason not to: I sign up for a January race. Since I need to train for it, I am forced to schedule in runs no matter how hectic my schedule gets.

Prioritize sleep: If I’m tired, I’m not going to feel great and I’m going to be less likely to exercise and eat well. I keep my bedroom nice and dark and try to take a relaxing bath beforehand to quiet my mind. And I check my Fitbit App in the morning to see how well I slept. If it wasn’t good, I try to be extra careful about avoiding caffeine the next day.

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