5 Ways to Work Out On the Go


Fitting in workouts can sometimes be tough, and when we’re traveling, any sort of sweat session can become an afterthought. It’s ironic, too, because often when we travel, we’re flying around in a germ tube, and trying to get to bed in a different time zone. Fortunately, just as easily as we can find time to fly (or drive), there are easy ways to make fitness happen on the road.

Here are five key tips to remember:

Tweak Your Mindset

Make a decision to move while you’re away. Then, plan your running routes, find gyms, and create a schedule before you leave, to remove any sort of decision making when you get there. Simply guarantee yourself that you’ll get those 30 active minutes in. Did you just read that? Only 30 minutes. The key is to create your strategy in advance.

Bring Your Gym

If you are traveling by car, then you are really in control of your destiny. Pop two dumbbells, a resistance band, and running shoes in your trunk—and voila—you’ve got a gym to go!  For extra credit, bring a foam roller, too, and you can roll out your hip flexors, which surely have gotten tight from a long ride.

If you’re traveling by plane, pack your resistance band, and bring two water bottles—which can double as dumbbells when you fill them with water upon arrival.

Set Your Alarm Early

Wake an extra 15 to 30 minutes early, and create an in-room circuit. Step on your band to add resistance, and perform biceps curls, rows, and shoulder presses. You can also knot your band, and close it into a door—for triceps push-backs and more rows. The opportunities are nearly endless, and a band workout can be as challenging as you make it.

You can also do bodyweight squats and lunges, and place a towel on the floor for a set of core exercises.

Befriend the Pool

Most hotels have pools—which can provide an excellent opportunity for low-impact exercise. If the pool is too short for laps, grab hold of the side and perform kicks behind you and to the side. Some pools have noodles or even floatation belts, which allow you to get your steps in with your legs under water.

Mind Your Breath

Focus on breathing in the morning and just before bedbend. Sit or lay on the bed, and take 25 deep, full breaths. Inhale deep into your belly, in and out through your mouth. This type of breathing is not meant as meditation, but rather as a way to help energize your for the day, or relax you before bed. Oxygen is a good thing, and it can help fend off colds and relieve stress.


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