8 Healthy Summer Snacks for Every Kind of Adventure

Whether you’re hanging out on the beach, hitting the trails, catching a ballgame, or kicking it in your own backyard, you’re going to need some awesome snacks this summer. Here’s how to make the most of seasonal fruits and veggies, like juicy watermelon, cherries, corn, and tomatoes, and get a pop of protein or healthy fats for extra staying power—no matter where your plans take you.

If you’re taking a hike, go nuts! When you’re winding through the woods, the key is light, dry, and portable. Make your own medley of nuts and seeds without salt (the shortcut to thirsty). Then enjoy a small handful with a piece of fresh fruit! Tuck a plump peach or nectarine somewhere safe, toward the top of your pack.

If you’re splashing in a river or lake, be cool. Jumping off the dock works up quite an appetite, and fresh air and crystal water call for classic cabin fare. Pack a cooler with a tart yogurt dip, sliced cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, and whole-grain crackers. You better chill some sparkling water in there, too.

If you’re playing in the sand, think tropical. At the beach, roll with the island vibes and snack on kiwis and cherries with a small handful of macadamia nuts. Or if you’re ready for a meal, go for a Hawaiian-inspired wrap with barbecued chicken, pineapple, red onion, and lettuce, rolled up in a whole-wheat wrap.

If you’re having a fiesta by the pool, sip aguas frescas. When lounging poolside, stay hydrated with refreshing drinks and snacks. Blend watermelon or strawberries with a squeeze of lime, for aguas frescas or virgin margaritas. Then break out the guac, but instead of salty corn chips, serve with fresh veggies.

If you’re picnicking in the park, contain yourself. Before kicking around a ball, spread out a blanket, and leave snacks in the shade. Park picnics don’t have to be toted too far, and it’s easy to throw a few forks in the bag. Dig into containers of cut-up fruit, like watermelon or honeydew, or chopped salads, such as caprese or black beans and corn.

If you’re catching a ball game, pop some corn. Forget the expensive concession snacks, and make your own healthy popcorn. If you’re craving crackerjack, throw in a handful of peanuts and raisins, to satisfy sweet, savory, and crunchy cravings.

If you’re watching a flick al fresco, say cheese. Movie nights in the park are fun and free, and let you take your picnic game to a classy level. And by classy, yes, you could say cheese. Pack a wedge of blue and a big bunch of red grapes to share with friends. A mini bottle of rosé would be a nice treat.

If you’re hanging in the backyard, get creative. You don’t have to go far to have a summer adventure! When you’re filling up the kiddy pool and jumping through the sprinklers, you have home team advantage, because the freezer is just steps away. Make delicious ice pops, with fresh fruit and creamy yogurt. Or pop bite-size, frozen berries or grapes, for a quick cool down.

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    • Call fitbit office they will help you set up everything. Your fitbit will save 5 days if activity.

  • I am very impressed with these snack ideas and the fact that Fitbit is posting them. It’s great! I am a few weeks short of 80, and wear my Fitbit all the time. I’ll have to check the Fitbit website to see if there are recipes or other food hints.

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    • Call the Fitbit office they will help you. Great customer service. You need to download the app. There is a place to update your information.

  • I didn’t originally intend to enter food and water just got fitbit to track my exercise but i want to input food etc now. Anyone tell me how to? Karen

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