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Why Do You Even Need Sleep?


Right up there with functions like breathing and blinking, sleeping is an activity you totally take for granted. If you’re like most people, you go about your daily routine. You go to work, go to lunch, go home, pick up the kids from soccer, work out—and eventually pass out. And little do you know, your body is doing a major overhaul and...

12 Simple Exercise Moves You Can Do On an Airplane


It can seem hard to reach your fitness goals when you’re traveling, and time your could be stepping instead gets spent with your seatback in an upright position. The thing to remember is that any and all movement matters in the quest for health, even on a plane. In fact, it’s especially important to keep moving in-flight, as it can help ease...

“My Disease Doesn’t Define Me,” says Abigail B.


The thyroid disease that Abigail B. suffers from is called Hashimoto’s Disease, and last year it was starting to bring down her physical and mental wellbeing. “It was getting really bad and as a result I had absolutely no energy—I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed,” says Abigail, a 21-year-old student in Logan, UT. “It also gave me...

4 International Ideas to Get Moving


For my book The 5 Factor World Diet, I traveled the globe and observed some of the food and fitness habits of the world’s healthiest nations, and learned a great deal. As one of the most overweight countries in the world, the United States could learn a few things from places like Japan, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece, where more...

Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Leftovers


One of the best things about the Thanksgiving feast is being able to count on all the leftovers. It can mean days of reliving the festivities as you work your way through a fridge full of post-holiday sides. And re-imagining ways to serve up those remaining dishes is an art in and of itself. But not every recipe deserves a sequel. This year, skip...

What Will Your Thanksgiving Plate Look Like?


Thanksgiving is around the corner and with it marks the official onset of the party season, filled with celebrating, socializing, and good cheer. Unfortunately, excessive eating, drinking, and less time to exercise often comes along with all that merriment. But you don’t have to completely ignore your healthy eating goals during all the...