A Closet Binge Eater Found The Courage To Step Into Fitness And Step Up For Herself. Here’s How

Revenge Body helped Crysta get into shape! Crysta was a closet binge eater who used food as an emotional crutch. After her boyfriend gave her a weight-loss ultimatum—dangling a wedding ring in front of her on the condition that she slim down—she hit an all-time low. When Crysta turned to Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian looking for help, I jumped at the chance to teach her how to set realistic goals, embrace a fit life, and reignite her zest for life.

To do so, I followed a similar tactic as I did on the first season of Revenge Body, focusing on healthy eating and daily movement. I recommended Crysta begin her journey with The Body Reset Diet, my three-phase program for rebooting healthy eating habits which I believe helps make shedding pounds easier and more effective. Crysta also started walking at least 10,000 steps a day. I increased her step count every two weeks as she got used to the lifestyle change. She eventually worked her way up to 14,000.

Crysta had dramatic weight loss in the beginning of the process. The first two weeks, she dropped 14 pounds. By day 30, she had shed another 24. To help Crysta build muscle and keep the weight-loss momentum going, we added two gym sessions to her weekly regimen. By the end of her 12-week program she had lost a staggering 50 pounds.

How did Crysta feel about her transformation? And what was the process really like for her? I wanted some honest feedback, so I turned the tables and got her thoughts.

Harley: What motivated you?

Crysta: My main motivation was to regain my self confidence and self worth, which had waned because of a tumultuous relationship. I felt like I’d “lost my light.” The mind-body connection is so strong, and negative self-talk can really be your biggest obstacle. Revenge Body gave me the tools and support I needed to work on and eventually overcome my issues and reignite my long-dimmed inner light.

How did you embrace the challenge of changing your lifestyle?

Crysta: The challenge made me feel very raw and vulnerable. I went from doing zero exercise to walking 10,000-14,000 steps a day and following a completely different diet. At the start, I had blisters on my feet from walking, but after the first month consistency became easier. In the end, the support and accountability helped tremendously, both emotionally and physically. Talking with producers about past issues felt almost like therapy. I was able to discover how I got to this low point in my life and prepare myself to get back on track.

Harley: What routine works for you now?

Crysta: I kept building on the good habits I learned on Revenge Body. I’ve continued to walk daily, eat healthy, and get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. I’ve learned how to balance work, family, and living a healthier lifestyle. By nixing excuses, I became a healthier and happier person.

Harley: How did you actually feel when we were in the depths of training?

Crysta: At times, I wanted to give up and hated you for making me lunge almost a mile around the gym. Face it, when you’re striving to get back into shape every step can feel like a struggle—let alone when every step is accompanied with a glute-targeting lunge. But your positivity helped tremendously. You made it fun by singing and showing me funny videos while I was lunging. The support, accountability, and laughter got me through those tough days. Even when I couldn’t sit on the toilet the next day, I wanted to go back because I loved training with you.

Harley: What advice would you give others looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Crysta: There’s no sugarcoating it; making a change so abruptly is hard. Initially, I struggled with trying to make my new lifestyle a part of my everyday routine. I went from no exercise and unhealthy eating to changing my entire diet, walking daily, spending more time in the gym, and prioritizing sleep.

My advice to others: You can do it—no matter how busy you think you are. When I finally stopped making excuses, I started to see the results and changes in myself. This experience changed my life and I am forever grateful to the show and, more importantly, to you for sticking by me and holding me accountable, even when I wanted to give up.

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