A Low-Impact Cross-Training Tool for Runners

cross training tool for runners

Look, there in the street. It’s a bike, it’s a scooter, no…it’s ElliptiGO!

Wait, Ellipti what? “El·lip·ti·Go.”

What is the ElliptiGO?  

I truly love training with ElliptiGO and am fortunate to be sponsored by a company that’s innovating fitness. The ElliptiGO is essentially a wheeled elliptical machine—like the ones you see in the gym—only with a traditional bicycle frontend, meaning it has stationary handlebars, gear shifts, and hand brakes. It works similarly to a standing bike; instead of sitting down while you peddle, you stand up.

What Are The Benefits Of The ElliptiGO?

The motion used to propel the ElliptiGO is more akin to running than it is to pedaling a bike. For a runner, this is a welcome adaptation. I’ve personally taken the ElliptiGO on several century and double century rides. It was challenging—for sure! Because you’re standing upright, you’re not as aerodynamically efficient as you would be  in a tucked position on a regular bike. But with the added difficulty comes comfort benefits. Riding the ElliptiGO means no saddle sores to contend with, and not being hunched over while riding minimizes post-workout soreness.

For a runner, or an injury-sidelined one, the ElliptiGO is great because it mimics the running motion with zero impact. Many former runners have told me that riding an ElliptiGO allows them to once again experience the freedom and joy they loved when they were able to run preinjury. The ElliptiGO is no crutch, either. Many elite athletes use it as a training tool, including Meb Keflezighi, winner of both the NYC and Boston marathons. I use the ElliptiGO to supplement my training for ultramarathons.

elliptigo for cross-training

Track ElliptiGO With Your Fitbit

By using the Bike mode on my Fitbit Ionic I can track my rides on the ElliptiGo, just as I would with a regular bike. After a ride, I can see a summary of my workout, with distance, duration, average speed, heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, and the ride’s impact on my daily stats right on the screen of my Ionic. And in my Fitbit app, I’m able to view the route and elevation profile, get a detailed look at my heart rate, and compare that ride to other’s I’ve done.

The ElliptiGO offers many models to choose from, everything from the 3-speed cruiser to the high-performance 11R, featuring carbon-fiber drive arms and eleven gears. You can visit the ElliptiGO website to find a sales location and test ride one. It’s easy to learn, and they’re surprisingly fun to ride. Bring your Fitbit tracker so you can capture your activity stats  on the ride.

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