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A sparkling new mobile version of the Fitbit website.

My name is Tim. I’m the (relatively) new VP of Interactive here at Fitbit.  I am responsible for the website, mobile products and APIs.  (APIs allow other people to develop products that connect to Fitbit, in case you didn’t know).

So to start this year off right, we proudly announce the Fitbit Mobile Website.  What is it?  A version of the Fitbit website that is designed just for the browsers on mobile phones.  It doesn’t include everything we do on the regular website, but instead offers priority features you’ll want to access while away from you computer.   Things such as… food logging, activity tracking, weight logging and top summary stats.  You can access the new mobile website by pointing your phone’s web browser at  To be clear, this isn’t an iPhone application that you get from the app store or Android application.  However, you can use the Mobile Website from either of these devices.  And yes.  It’s free.

The Mobile Website is a step in the right direction to make the mobile Fitbit experience even better, but it has it’s limitations.  For instance, you can check your step count using the Mobile Website, but it will only show from your most recent sync with the base station.  So if you are out and about all day and check the mobile site, your stats will be lower than what’s on your Fitbit.  Also, you do need an Internet connection to access the Mobile Website.

There are also some key features missing from the Mobile Website that we hope to add in.  These include:

  • Logging water consumption
  • Allowing you to log saved meals (not creating a meal – you’ll need to do that on the website)
  • Manually entering calories for activities, like you can do on the site
  • Creating a custom food
  • And maybe some more sleep stats

And we’re just getting started.  Native mobile apps are still coming – expect the iPhone app and then an Android app after that.

And what about APIs?  You can expect to see some initial APIs from us soon.  Stay tuned.  Closely tuned.

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