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Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness, empowering and inspiring people to lead healthier, more active lives.

As the leader in the fast-growing Connected Health & Fitness category, Fitbit’s diverse line of award-winning products includes the Fitbit Flex wristband, Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One activity trackers, as well as the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Fitbit products are carried in more than 20,000 North American retail stores and sold internationally in more than 17 countries across Asia and Europe.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Fitbit is privately held and funded by Foundry Group, Qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures, Softbank Capital, SoftTech VC and True Ventures.

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  • Love my fitbit One!

    A couple suggestions/ideas.

    My friends have joined the fitbit community and we all have a similar wish…
    We really like when our fitbits talk to us with messages, but most of us are only able to catch our name because that is the last part of the message and by the time we get it oriented correctly that’s all we are able to catch. So, we would like it if the display time were configurable, or if you could get it to repeat itself.

    Also, we want the ability to send these messages to each other. For example, I would like to be able to taunt my buddy Doug as we compete for the week. I see this working in a couple different ways. As a user I would log into my account and be able to shut off outside messages, or enable them from only certain users or enable them from all my friends. Then I could click on one of my friends like normal and if they have it enabled I could type “have another donut, Doug” and when Doug checked his fit bit it would tell him that I said it. Or perhaps I could select from a pre-written list and send “I love you” to my wife on her business trip.

    Also, messages about those I have set up contests with would be cool. Like say Doug Sarah and Bob set up a distance. Contest this month. The fitbit account might send out a message to the other participants “Bob logged 5 miles yesterday” or some such.

    Anyway, love the product and love being able to trade info with friends.

  • i lost my flex band at the airport in chicago it must have come off handling luggage ihave a spare band but need the fitbit can i purchase just that

  • Love Love Love my fitbit! Amazing to see how active or NOT you are each day. Completely motivates me to do more each day…also a total eye opener on how few calories we actually burn..

  • My husband and I use Fitbit and the we have and use the scale as well. Great products! I see that you have made a pink fitbit available with a charitable donation attached to sales. Please consider a purple fitbit – while breast cancer does affect many women and men in the US Alzheimer’s affects far more. For more information check out the Alzheimer’s Association site. Many thanks!

  • I purchased a fitbit on line about two days ago. I did not get a confirmation email that you promised. Secondly, I wish I would have known it was going to take 5-7 weeks to ship. I was not advised of that until after purchase. The ad said 5-7 days! I wanted it as a birthday present for October 31st. I was unable to find a customer service link. Who do I need to contact please?

  • I first bought the Ultra to see how it works. Within days it had me walking longer and longer distances because of the immediate gratification I got from seeing my reports. Then I got the One and my motivation continued, aided by the increased functionality. Now I also have a greater appreciation of the company. I emailed them with an issue I had; and all I can say is that their response was prompt and courteous, with service far beyond what I have come to expect from today’s corporations. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend both Fitbit and all their products. They stand by their products.

  • I’ve had my “Force” for under half an hour and I already love it! Great job Fitbit. My flex was good but this is great. Thanks for the many improvements. Those of you that get frustrated with the band, just give it a few days and it will work fine.

  • I love my Fitbit and have a suggestion to make me love it even more…when I input my meals it would be nice to see how healthy (or unhealthy) I am eating…a pie graph showing protein, carbs, sodium….the graph is available at “Sparks people” but it forces me to input my daily meals in 2 separate programs… can do it!!!!

    • THERESA, I am replying really late to your comment, but I wanted to share with you my experience…I found the FitBit food tracking to be less than desirable so I synced it with the app and it worked beautifully.

  • After a recent company Corporate Wellness screening event for me came back with less than favorable results last May, I resolved to change my eating habits, and sedentary life-style to include exercise. After some due diligence on devices within the Connected Health & Fitness category, I eventually settled on the Fitbit Flex because of the subtlety with the band unobtrusively sitting under french cuffs and therefore being acceptable in the Corporate Boardroom. I am happy to say that after a recent November screening, my numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc.) are much improved and I feel better than I did at 25!

    Besides changing my eating and sleeping habits and watching my caloric intake via apps such as LoseIt, the subtle change I made in getting the Fitbit Flex and being privy to all the synced data it has provided me has motivated me to get my sleep and exercise via walking everywhere instead of driving or taking mass transit. I have lost 35lbs in 6 months without setting foot in a gym. I have been a huge advocate of the Fitbit Flex with my employees and my firm as well as anyone I have come in contact with.

    Senior Executives in my firm have been encouraged enough to purchase upwards of 35 bands to distribute to their direct reports (though I lost out as an early adopter having purchased one myself since May! :-) I also have advocated to my firm to think about facilitating through our Corporate Wellness Program – Vitality. With Type A hyper-competitive managers wearing the bands and competing within the Fitbit Community, there has been a self-motivating competition between managers across the country to see who can take the most steps each week and even each day!

    Congratulations on a fantastic product and I am a big believer and advocate! Looking forward to the technology continuing to improve and evolve!

  • I have to say Kudos to fitbit! My son lost his fitbit 500 miles from our hometown and he thought it was gone forever until he received an email stating it was turned in (where I don’t know) but a Good Samaritan found it and returned it to fitbit who tracked it back to my son! I am sold on their committment to customer service. He is so happy to have it back!

  • I got my first Flex on eBay. I was looking for a replacement pedometer when I ran across the Flex. After reading what all it can do, the Flex seemed like a way better way to go. So I bought it. Unfortunately I received a small. I gave that one to my wife. She liked it so much that I had to get one for myself.
    After using it for a few weeks I gave up wearing a watch. I then read about the Force, and had to have it… to…ah… replace my watch!!
    It is interesting to have the flights (up and down) in addition to the steps (back and forth). I was impressed by how may flights of stairs I was doing just walking the dog. I took my wife to lunch, which meant walking down a hill and of course back up. My Force said I had gone 10 flights. Yep, I to love my Force.

  • A Christmas gift, and one of the best. I run 5 days out of 7 and work out 6 days out 7. This is great,just keeps me up to date. Still learning different uses and how to really apply it. It sure is a keeper.

  • This is the first day I have used my Fitbit. Great gift I got from my son for Christmas. I started doing crossfit this year and have lost over 50 pounds but wanted a better way to track my goals. I was curious if the developers would consider putting crossfit exercises in the activity portion of the tracking??

  • I use my Fitbit regularly and have encouraged friends to do the same. Today my stairs/floors registered as 32 – I wish! I only climbed 2 or 3 flights of stairs. How do I correct this (or have it corrected)?

  • Medicare demographic with arthritic fingers – so pretty difficult to put on by myself- last time I tried, my dog found it on the floor and was chewing on it. No damage. Got it back on with a lot of pushing. Can’t wait for the grandkids to arrive on Monday to see how my eight hour workout will be!

  • Dear Fitbit
    As a new user I am finding Fitbit not arthritis friendly.
    It seems that the design team did not test to see how someone
    with arthritis in their hands could clip on or fasten the flex.
    I even asked others to help but there heathy hand had troubles.
    Has Fitbit thought of working with professionals to make an arthritis
    friendly Fitbit?

    Otherwise I am using a Fitbit One but have days it is difficult to clip it on.

  • Received my Fitbit as a gift from my trainer/friend. Love the concept! It definitely makes me more aware and committed each day. I have found it is a great tool to use and help me be accountable in my daily regime. I do have one idea that I would like to pass along…..I love getting the “vibe” when I have reached my daily step goal. I get excited each and every time. I would suggest that the device be programmed to give you a “vibe” at each level throughout the day. For instance….1 pulse for the first 1000 steps, 2 pulses once you have reached 2000….etc. This way in the busy-ness of the daily grind it would be a physical reminder that you are making progress throughout the day to reach your goal. When you are working moving throughout the day, it isn’t always convenient to sync and read your stats. By receiving a “vibe(s)” it would be easy to know how close you are to your goal. I realize you can tap it, but the “vibe” is much more exciting! Just a thought……

  • I have been using my fitbit since Christmas 2013 and love it. I just have one suggestion for improvement of the Fitbit Dashboard. Rather than seeing ‘Last Sync: ‘ as a comment or number of minutes ago I think it would be useful for the computer time to appear here. I notice it does appear in my profile in Settings/Devices then a calculation is done. As the Dashboard is not automatically refreshed often it would be nice to know the clock time of the last sync.

  • I LOVE MY FLEX! You guys are awesome! I had an “issue” on a holiday weekend and got an answer to my email with instructions on how to fix it! I also jacked up my wristband and you sent me a replacement free of charge!

    A suggestion: since the whole premise revolves around setting a daily goal – and I love the email that says I’m almost there and especially love the message that says I nailed it! – I don’t like the weekly recap with the message that tells me my least active day – can’t you just tell me I Nailed my daily goal X days out of 7 days? It’s just a more positive msg.

    Thank you for inventing this incredibly fun gizmo that keeps me so motivated!

  • I am 66 yrs old, overweight, out of shape, diabetic, and determined to get healthier.
    I chose the Fitbit Force as my partner in changing my body and my life. While I do struggle with the band coming off sometimes, I have become very aware of it on my arm. I wanted the watch feature too, so I could go without wearing a watch. I started out with a goal of 3000 steps a day. Working full time, and a busy wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, I need to be in better shape. My goal is 70 lbs off and walking 5 miles a day. I also have sleep apnea and wanted the sleep tracking feature more than anything else at first. I really value that. It is helping me sleep better and longer. The step count is making me aware of the amount of walking I am doing. I have increased my goal, within a week, to 3500 steps and have done over 4000 on one day. The daily tracking and the accountability it holds me to have been very illuminating.
    I am setting goals and working for them. I park further out so I get more steps in, instead of the handicapped spots I could be parking in. (Total knee replacement).
    I would like to see more options and accessories for the Force, and not just the Flex. I got the slate, but it is a bit boring looking. I have worked with many ideas for keeping it fastened. That is the only real problem I have had. Velcro won’t stick to it, and it won’t wrap around it well either. I do worry about losing my Force because of the ease with which it comes undone.
    The Flex seems to be cuter and have lots of options, but I wanted the visual of the clock, the step counter, and etc.. That was easier for me to understand and track during the day.
    Keep you posted!

  • I’am saving up to buy a fibit for myself , I hardly get any exercise at this point in my life . At 60 years old and 340 pounds it is hard to do and have decided I will give it another try when I have saved up for my fibit and scale . Maybe one day I will turn in a success story also .

  • I just came from the doctors after turning 50 my weight went up and I had to go on Blood pressure and cholesterol pills. I bought my Fit Bit after my last doctors appointment in November. I just got back from my doctors appointment and I have lost 14 pounds. I have done nothing different but trying to get get my 10000 steps in a day. I have a friend on Fit Bit and we are competitive, pushing each other on getting steps in. I have have been pretty successful on getting the steps in. I no longer have to take the cholesterol pills and now excited to loose enough to go off blood pressure pills. I am living proof the fit bit works and recommend it to everybody. Feel free to use this to any doubters. By the way I never ever write in to companies. This company blew me away and I felt I had to complement you.

    Thank You fit bit

    John Bonewell

  • Not only the best product in the market but by far the best good looking, easy to use and safe
    Those with sensitive skin should consult their doctors before use product so sophisticated like the Force and hit the company with class actions for $129. Crazy world

  • Love your product. have you ever considered adding another parameter . Measuring blood oxygen levels would be very useful. there are millions of copd and asthma patients, severe snorers with sleep apnea suffers who would benefit from a easy oxygen level measuring device during the night especially. It could be synced with a smart phone to give a warning signal. the oxygen device is easy to place on the ear lobe or finger tip.????

  • Love my flex, and have a suggestion from the perspective of an individual who happens to be blind. It would be great if the IPhone app, and website were more accessible for screen readers. Purchasing a device, and setting it up currently doesn’t work too well with JAWS and voiceOver. Happy to provide any constructive feedback in this regard. :)

  • I love my Fitbit! I train three days a week, and run daily. The Fitbit helps me in so many ways keep my focus on the goal to increase my endurance and fitness levels. So this past Saturday I was at first very bummed to realize that I just did a very deep technical dive off Miami Beach to 196-feet, with 62 minutes total run-time in the water, while still wearing my Fitbit clipped to my bathing suit!! I came out of the water, removed my wetsuit and realized I just did the dive with my Fitbit, expecting to see a dead screen and ruined device. Instead I saw the smiley-face and a perfectly working Fitbit!! While I wouldn’t recommend others do what I did, I thought you would like to know your product did a very successful dive on the wreck of the Esmirelda, and lived to tell the tale!
    You make a great product.
    Rick Thomas

  • L0ve my fitbit so much when I lost my first on I bought a second one. I work at a utility company and walk alot for my job. I have a dog and walk him too! I am 55 y/o and cannot run due to knee problems but in my route I walk there is a hill 7 stories high where I get my cardio. I am also on the neighborhood patrol (on foot of course)

  • I love my fitbit! However, I would love to see a simple digital clock put into the flex wrist band! My wrist is small therefore I cannot wear both the flex and a watch. I am constantly looking at my fitbit flex to see what time it is but the time is not there! Just a suggestion.

    Thank you,


  • Love my Fitbit Flex, however, I wish it had a watch with it. Too bulky to wear my watch and Fitbit. If you could add time to the wrist band somehow, that would be truly amazing!!

  • I am so pleased with Fitbit’s customer service! I contacted them by email with a service problem. A representative replied within two hours. Their follow through was the most prompt and efficient I have ever experienced from a company. In my experience, they have set a gold standard for customer service. The product has so many user friendly motivating aspects – I really like it and the kindness of their customer service representatives.

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