“No More Guilt! No More Excuses!” says Paula C.

Paula C. has two simple messages for women struggling to make health changes: No more guilt. No more excuses. This became her personal mantra following an annual physical a few years ago. 

Paula Chavez

Just 32 at the time, her doctor warned her that some changes had to be made if she were going to live long enough to see her grandchildren. Her goal of better health became even more important last year, after her father passed away from a sudden heart attack.

“My father died before he was able to meet my youngest child and I really struggle with that,” Paula says. “I was passionate about this topic before because of my own health issues. Now I am on a mission to help stop this disease.”

Paula’s journey to better health began after her second child was born in 2010.  She was extremely overweight and battling high cholesterol. “You won’t see a single photo of me from that time because I never went anywhere and didn’t want pictures taken,” she says.

Paula’s shame about her appearance, combined with her doctor’s recommendation that she take cholesterol medication, made her realize it was time to change. “Why would I take medication for something that I knew I could control with diet and exercise?” she asked herself.

Making changes wasn’t easy. Her 70-pound weight loss journey, which took more than a year, began with small steps. She started exercising a little every day and making family recipes healthier. “I’m Hispanic and grew up eating a lot of animal products and thinking you had to fry most things to make them taste good,” she says. “ I didn’t diet to lose the weight. I completely transformed the way I ate.”

Little by little, Paula added more fruits and vegetables to her diet and began cooking differently. Soon healthy living became a family affair. When her husband started getting healthier too, his own cholesterol and blood pressure numbers started to improve. Before her father died, Paula encouraged both him and her mother to transform their eating habits.

Though they lived in Colombia and Paula lives in New Jersey, Paula enjoyed “sharing” family meals again because they talked about the foods they were preparing each day. Sharing what she’s learned with family and friends has become a calling. Paula, a certified fitness instructor, started a free fitness club at a local school one night per week.

She uses social media to share heart-healthy tips and has online “friends” she has never met rooting her on and thanking her for helping them live healthier lives. Her advice for living a heart-healthy life? “Become aware of your family medical history and learn your cholesterol and blood pressure levels,” says Paula.  “Have a conversation with your doctor about your heart disease risk factors and about recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.”

With a part-time job and three children ages 11 months, 3 and 10, Paula can relate to women who are juggling the demands of family and career. But her own health is now top priority. “What good does it do my family if I am not here in the long run to take care of them?” she says. “I am taking care of me and setting an example for my kids, who now see that healthy eating and exercise are just part of our family routine.”

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  • Ten years ago, I went to the doctor for my annual physical. I was 51 at the time. I asked for a bone density test to establish a baseline because I began menopause 12 years earlier. The doctor said I was too young for the change or a bone density test. I told him that it was covered under my insurance and I demanded a bone density test…and I WAS going through the change not matter what his text books said. I finished the physical, including the bone density test, listening to comments about how I was too young for this the whole while.

    The next morning, I received an urgent call from the doctor at my office. The nurse said to come in to the doctor’s office as soon as possible. This scared me, to say the least and asked for leave to go immediately. When I arrived and checked in, a nurse came out and took me in the back. She handed me a couple of boxes of medication and a prescription. Puzzled, I asked what this medication was. She said it is Actonel, to be taken weekly. I had osteoporosis in my lower lumbar. In my shock, she threw some numbers at me that I barely remember….-2, -2, -1, -1. Those weren’t the exact numbers, but the first number was the 4th lumbar and they go up my lower back from there. I do remember her saying minus numbers are not good. Ironically, my first lucid thought was I was too young for osteoporosis. To add to my stress, she also said my cholesterol was over 200.

    Besides the Actonel, she said weight loss and exercise, including good stress, was vital in managing or impacting the disease. I got a gym membership and started working out. I lost some weight and became stronger. For the next few years I just maintained my weight and didn’t increase my exercise regimen. In 2007, I decided to take control of my weight and exercise. I engaged a trainer at my gym and explained about my back. For a year, I worked hard with the guidance of a trainer. I started working out on my own by the end of 2008, I had lost 40 pounds. In early 2009, I went for a physical, told them about the osteoporosis, and they ordered a bone density test.

    A couple of days later, the doctor called and told me my cholesterol was 180, although I needed to work on the balance of good and bad cholesterol. I was happy to hear that my morning Cheerios or oatmeal was helpful. When she didn’t mention the bone density test, I asked about the results. She said in a matter-of-fact, no-big-deal voice that the test was within normal range. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had beat the osteoporosis into submission….or maybe remission. Whichever….she said I didn’t have to take Boniva ( I had changed during the 5 years to the monthly dose) anymore. I felt so blessed that day, so very blessed.

    I have worked over the past 4 years to get stronger and healthier…and if I lose weight along the way, cool beans. Last year, during my physical, my cholesterol was 170. Recently, my blood pressure was 108/60. I have tracked and logged my activities in a wellness log. Thanks to my Fitbit Zip, I have been able to track my activity easier and online. I decided to embrace the entire Fitbit program, that is diet and exercise, a couple of weeks ago. Because of the tracking and charts, I can see that I am progressing, even if it’s only baby steps. My younger daughter finally got a Zip and she and I are Friends on the website. I’m working on my other 2 kids to join us.

    Thank you, Fitbit, for helping me manage my weight loss and exercise.

  • I’ve been fortunate not to have suffered any major health impacts from being overweight but I decided it was time to take action. I started doing JM exercise DVD’s a few months ago and although I was only able to do some of the circuits; I was definitely feeling a difference when I bought my Fitbit. It was months since I had been on a scale but my clothes were looser and I could tell my inner tube was slowly melting away to a bike tube. It’s not gone completely but with the DVD’s and walking; it will go sooner rather than later – just 1 small roll left to go rather than an enormous blob!

    Once I started with my Fitbit and started actually filling everything out; I realized that this isn’t just about getting steps in but also paying attention to my weight, recording what I am eating and paying attention to the calories, fats, sodium & carbs. I had signed up for My Fitness Pal but found that using my Fitbit account for everything was more beneficial as once I’ve synced my One; I then go to my account and can log everything right there. My starting weight took me very much aback as I thought I was 20lbs lighter than I was but it inspired me to start using the food plan portion and now I go by the calories it tells me are available in the morning. This does change throughout the day if I bump up my exercise but I have tried to stick with the first intake given and after 3 weeks I am down almost 11 pounds. It really is a change of attitude and lifestyle but you can still have a treat occasionally without stressing over it. I had dessert twice this past weekend and was only 1.4lbs higher on Monday, and today I was back down below Saturday’s weighing. Logging everything has helped to see what is affecting my weight and where I need to adjust things – only 3 weeks after starting! It is SO worth the effort and I wish I had started long ago.

    I feel more energetic and just better in myself knowing that I am on the road to getting to where I should be although it will be months on that road. I’m not aiming for the ridiculous but for a healthy, attainable and maintainable weight. I have no desire to be stick thin but I have every desire to be healthy and stay healthy! I’m making more meals myself rather than eating out and love the variety of healthy foods that I can eat while still staying on the road to where I need to get to. I personally like salad as part of a meal but not as a meal itself so I’ve started buying fresh meat and vegetables to prepare with rice or whole grain pasta and have a small salad with it. That way I am getting something of everything and it stays through to the next meal whereas when I eat just salad – even with meat added – I can consume a huge amount and feel hungry in an hour or two. I am so thankful that I went for it, bit the bullet and bought my Fitbit. It’s worth every penny and more.

    THANK YOU FITBIT! You’ve inspired me and I hope to inspire others to follow through!

  • The AHA saved my life literally. They funded my doctor who studied under Dr. Blaylock in pioneering open heart surgery. I was the first open hear surgery done west of the Mississippi. No hear/lung machine, I was put in dry ice. I was always very thin until I hit my late 50’s then I just turned into a blimp practically overnight. My cardiologist finally told me last year that I now had two valves leaking with really high blood pressure. I had been used to the annual checkup being just fine, keep on going. I am a tax attorney so my job is very sedentary and high stress. I live alone and spent most of my free time doing yard work or in front of the tv or reading. The two valves leaking was not really unexpected but it was a real wakeup call. I needed to do something. So, like always, I researched. The first thing I did was get a dog. She was an abused animal and took a lot of care. She’s now a bright happy dog. I started walking her although she had the yard.I took a dance class and made some friends. I now go to dance class at least once a week and to a dance every weekend. I even have a regular dance partner.But most of all, I got a Fitbit. The Fitbit has made it possible for me to be accountable and there’s a bit of competitive spirit about it that appeals to me. I like getting the badges. I think there should be more badges. I like the challenges also. I have lost over 40 lbs and my blood pressure is under control. I realized early on with the Fitbit that even small changes add up. For instance, there is a shortcut I can take to my Paralegal’s office but if I go the long way around it adds 60 steps going both ways. I have noticed how many steps I get when I pace around on my mobile phone while talking with Revenue Officers. I now give my mobile number to them. Just today, I have my weekly report. I walked 40 miles. I feel better, look better, have more energy and am enjoying life more in general. I have the zip but wish I had the flex so it would be more visible when I tell people about it. It’s sort of odd to point to my hip where it is under my clothing.

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