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Android Update: Fitbit Now Syncs to the Galaxy S4

GalaxyS4highresWe’re happy to announce that we now support Bluetooth 4.0 syncing to the Samsung Galaxy S4! Our team has been working hard to make this a reality after the recent release of the S4. Many of our users have already been requesting we try and work with this phone, and we’re excited to add it to our supported devices.

Every new phone we add Bluetooth 4.0 sync support for requires custom development. While many of the new phones coming out have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, many of them don’t have the necessary software for third party apps (like ours) to access this hardware. Google recently announced that they will be standardizing support for Bluetooth 4.0 in an upcoming Android OS, which will allow us to sync to Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 more easily in the future. We’re continuing to work with phone manufacturers and  with Google to try and get sync support for additional devices.

You can learn more about the Fitbit Android device support from our original Android blog post.


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  • Awesome! It’s great to see Fitbit broadening its supported Android devices list. Any plans to support the HTC One? It’s my understanding that they have Bluetooth 4.0 as well.

  • Awesome! How about the Nokia Lumina 920?.. I love love my fitbit and would buy a more advanced one if I could sync it to my phone:-) Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Totally! Please make fitbit work with Nokia Lumina 920. There are quite a few folks I know tat are waiting for this!

    • I would also like to see on the Nokia Lumia 920. I did find some apps but they don’t allow sync or food log entries. I could live without sync but would be much better if I could enter my food on the move.

  • My Galaxy S4 synchs perfectly now with my Fitbit Flex. Thank you! This change, together with partnering with LoseIt which has easy food tracking has made Flex the perfect device for me. Friends and family are now getting on the bandwagon, too. Soon we will have a good local base for friendly competition to supplement the online community.

  • I recently purchased a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and was enjoying synching from the phone however my distaste for Samsung’s TouchWiz and bloatware got me to flash CyanogenMod 10.1 to get a more standard Android experience. The sad thing is that this firmware change must have broken compatibility with the FitBit One as it no longer syncs – the option is just not there anymore. I am hoping that the S4 Google is about to release doesn’t have this issue as my next step would be to either get that version of the S4 or find a way to install the CM distribution for Google’s S4 onto my TMO S4 phone.

    Will Android 4.3 or 5.o, whatever is next, hopefully put an end to this BT 4.0 silliness?

  • I just switched from my Samsung Galaxy S3 to a new HTC One, but now my Flex doesn’t sync. When are you going to add support for the HTC One?

  • I’ve been successfully tracking my progress on my Droid Razr Maxx HD phone. I haven’t been able to synch my One with my phone, but once synched with my PC, it’s all available on my Fitbit ap on the phone. I can enter activity, food, etc. on my phone.

  • Hey guys- just a product note: would LOVE to see a feature where my FitBit would “buzz” if I had been inactive for a given period of time (say an hour) to “remind” me to get up and move. Bonus points if I could set these times (or intervals) for myself on the website.

    Also, the badges are extremely cool, I would love to see more of them at smaller increments- the jump from 25 floors to 50 in one day is just too big to push myself to do it (especially in a suburban area where the most floors in a given area is 2- eeks).

    Thank you so much for all that you do and the cool product that you have created!

  • Google just announced Android 4.3 with a new Bluetooth support.
    Does it mean we should see a new bunch of Android devices connect to the Fitbit app ?

  • It would be excellent to enable sync with a cyanogen 10.2 ROM on any hardware that supports it. I’m sick of stock on an S3, but chomping at the [fit]bit to get syncing again!

  • Confirming that my Fitbit Flex *does* sync with the Samsung Galaxy Victory. I’m pretty sure it didn’t about a month ago, but updates, either to the phone or the app or both, may have gotten it working.

  • Don’t make it compatible with my android phone. Now I have to go up to my pc 2 stairs do sync…. Gets me closer to my target 😉

  • Word of warning: I upgraded to Android 4.3 on my Samsung i9505 and I got a message saying the Fitbit app could be moved to SD card. So I moved it…. big mistake: I got a message telling me there is a problem with synchronising and only certain models will work… bla, bla, bla.

    I’ve had other apps before which need to be running in device memory to work properly… so I moved it back and everything is working fine again.

    Hope this helps?


  • My son, Ryan, gave me a Fitbit when I broke my femur bone this past November, 2013.
    He told me to get fit, because I’ll have a lot of walking to do when we go to Paris next year!
    Wow! I am taking the Fitbit’s advise and starting small. Small goals are less
    likely to be broken and they lead to healthier choices. I’m really looking forward to a
    healthy year and going to Paris with my son!!

  • Hi I have GS4 from Australia, with latest OS, and this great app works well. Only thing I’d request hopefully with next update is being able to see what you’ve sent as a message to friends. Kinda like what you get on your mobile phone text messages, email etc. Lessens embarrassment if you’ve forgotten what you sent to them. Thanks guys great work

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