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Announcing the Tory Burch for Fitbit accessory collection

Tory Burch for Fitbit pendant

Fashion Meets Fitness

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Tory Burch to develop a collection of stylish accessories for the Fitbit Flex! This Spring, you’ll be able to purchase pendants, bracelets, and wristbands designed by Tory Burch that will hold the Fitbit Flex tracker, transforming your Flex into a super-chic accessory.

We’ve always said that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fitness tech, and by fusing fashion with fitness we hope to give you yet another way to get active and stay in style at the same time.

Tory Burch bracelet design

The Tory Burch for Fitbit accessories collection will be available in Spring of this year through and, and will be sold separately from the Fitbit Flex.

You can be among the first to know when the Tory Burch accessories become available by signing up here, and stay up to date with all the latest at Fitbit by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • YAY! LOVE IT! Just make a few sizes ok? I need a larger bracelet than some – I buy 8 inch bracelets and there’s no fat there!

  • Can you collaborate with other designers? I like the idea of something that doesn’t look so athletic…but some of us wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that paticular designer. How about something middle of the road like…Fitbit by Nordstorm or Fitbit by Fossil or Fitbit for Henri Bendel.

    • The Flex is a small device that you can take out of the wristband and place into other wristbands. Force doesn’t have this feature so I doubt it will be getting any of these.

    • The Force does not have a removable dongle like the Flex has, therefore you can’t take it out and put it into a new bracelet like the one shown above :(

    • Yes! I am tired of the fact that my One, which can tell time and display all my stats, ends up hidden away all day clipped to my bra. I would love a bracelet or pendant for it.

    • I totally agree. I don’t know why more accessories aren’t being done for the one. The one is a much better, more flexible product if you had the right accessories for it. If I had the option to wear it as a watch or on my bra or in my pocket, depending on what I’m wearing, it would be perfect. And unlike the flex it actually could be a watch and have functionality too.

    • I’d also like something for my fitbit one — a necklace would be perfect! I guess the ONE will not fit into the Tory Burch necklace.
      Fossil is a nice idea too.

    • I have been waiting anxiously for the Fitbit Tory Burch accessories and am now sad that it does not work with my One. I thought I’d be able to insert it into a necklace or bracelet. Alas. Also recently replaced my One after losing it and would have bought a Flex had I realized the One wouldn’t be part of the Tory line.

  • This is such an exciting announcement. I was in a meeting last Fall and my mind was daydreaming about something like this, after I had been at a formal event, but wore my slate Fitbit Flex, because I wanted to get my steps counted.

    I am so looking forward to what will be available. Fitness meets dressy fashion!

  • Great idea, but Tory Burch is not my favorite… think about expanding to some other designers and also make something like a necklace to hold the Zip!

    • Agree but I’m going after the Tory Burch designs regardless. I’m so excited for something fashionable!

  • Please make something for the One as well. I wear it every day, would love something cute (and hopefully waterproof!) to wear it in.

  • I love Tory and fitbit. I sent emails last year about stylish bracelets so thanks for listening. Thanks for making my day.

  • I was just thinking about this, this morning. That I wish fitbit would look good with my business atire. You must have read my mind!! Keep me posted, I am definately in!!!

  • Joining the chorus for the Flex also….I found a bangle that is wide enough to hide it when I am at work, but would rather have something designed to fit the force inside it…..

  • Now you need to make it compatible with the One too! I’d love to be able to do more than just clip it underneath my clothes!

  • I love my jewelry so this is going to be awesome to have a fitbit flex hidden in something beautiful. I can’t wait. I hope you’ll show us some sneek peeks.

  • Sound great, will this also be available in Austraila? I am still waiting for the coloured wrist bands to be available in Oz. Any updates on this?

  • Can’t wait!! Love this designer and it will be nice to not have my band stick out so bad against all my jewelry. Will it be water-proof too?

  • This is a great start!!! I have a One and would buy this stuff for the One. I would buy a Force if you had something pretty for it. I will not buy a Flex.

  • Fitbit by Kate Spade would be nice, also. Thank you for doing this with Tori for a start. I often don’t wear my device when seeing clients and wearing business clothes due to the over sporty look.

  • great idea, finally, i bought a rose gold nike fuel band but it totally stinks. i use it as a watch and continue to keep my fitbit One in my pocket. hate the look of the flex and the force… not pretty at all.

    but love fitbit.. great company. not fond of tori burch tho..

    fitbit balenciaga anyone??

  • I hope they will make something for the Force! A very simple stainless steel or silver (sterling so it wont turn) bracelet that looks like a cuff bracelet would be something anyone could wear.

  • What price-point are we looking at for the new jewelry? And will it only be in gold? Or will silver be available, too? I have jewelry in each tone and would like both options. :)

  • Please don’t just limit this option to the Flex. We would love to see beautiful pendants and bracelets for the One and Zip as well.
    I’m really surprised you don’t offer different varieties of holders already.

  • Having something more fashionable to wear instead of the casual rubber band that the tracker is carried in now is an awesome move! I love to accessorize and this is a solution to what I’ve been looking at as the only negative about the fitbit. Whatever is offered has got to be better than having very little or no choice at all! It will be interesting to see what is going to be offered and expand from there! I’m looking forward to having a fitbit wardrobe!

  • I wear the Fitbit One on my bra and would love a removable clip that is nude colored so it doesn’t show through light colored blouses. I have the burgundy now and love it except when wearing light colored tops.

  • I have been holding out for a Fitbit Force then I saw where Fitbit partnered with Tory Burch to make it more stylish so I’ve waited even longer. Are you going to make one for the Force or is it just the Flex?

  • I would love to see a fashionable way to wear the Fitbit One. It’s kind of gross to spend the day pulling this sweaty device out of my bra.

  • OMG I can’t wait!!!
    I just purchased my Fitbit Flex today and it’ll be coming by next week. Hope TB accessories comes out soon!

  • I had to get the Flex because I kept forgetting to take my original fitbit off of my bras and would wash them (3 of them). The Flex gives me the water resistance but the style is for an overall athletic look all the time. I work in a very professional office where athletic gear is a blemish on a well-polished outfit. I can’t not wait to get my Tory Burch necklace so I can have my Fitbit be more of a fashionable accessory instead of an eyesore. Thanks Fitbit & Tory Burch for making a product for the professional/fashionable woman.

  • I would enjoy anything cool metallic or crystal encrusted. Had the Force but had the reaction so now have the One, but hope to get whatever new version of Force comes available. At least the One can be worn discreetly under clothes if going out, but would like some snazzy crystal clip or pendant or better yet a cute bracelet-style case.

  • I’m really happy about this because I hate to take it off when I am dressed up. I usually just keep it on, but don’t like the way it looks. Please make a silver-toned accessories too. Looking forward to it!

  • Congratulations to Fitbit in partnering with Tory Burch! Looking forward to the new stylish design! I wear my Fitbit everyday and I love it!!!

  • Varied sizes would be great, I have a small wrist and would not like it to fall on the palm of my hand. Would love to see silver, or a silver/gold combo. Can’t wait!!

  • Impatiently I check my Tory Burch app and newsletter everyday. I am dying to see what these fit bits look like. Spring is here. When are they coming!

  • I have a
    Fitbit One and would love to have the option of clipping it on or wearing as a bracelet. Any possibility for this accessory option. I love my fitbit!

  • I agree with Jennifer above, I’m impatiently checking both sites daily. Cannot wait till these come out. When’s the release date?!

  • I have been hoping for this ever since I got my Flex; in fact I suggested Fitbit do exactly this in the old forums. I absolutely cannot wait!!!

  • Please make a cute anklet! I hate that my flex doesn’t catch my activity at the grocery or when I bike because my arms aren’t moving. Right now I put it in my sock which works, but certainly isn’t stylish.

  • I’ve been holding off in purchasing one, while I wait for the TB collaboration. As it’s already end of April, and updates as to release?

  • FitBit & Tory Burch fan #1 here!!

    Spotted the announcement via the FitBit blog back in Feb and have been keeping an eye out for news since then.

    Is there any timeframe around when the Tory Burch accessories will be available?
    My rubber band is just about worn out because I LOVE my FitBit, but I can hardly wait to get hold of something a bit more feminine to house it!!

  • Anxiously awaiting the release date?! Any word yet?? Spring is almost over and it will be summer soon. Would love to get this for Mother’s Day!

  • I am among the many who are patiently waiting… Now it is May so shouldn’t these be coming out very soon?

  • I say fitbit by Marc Jacobs or collab with a sneaker co like Puma or something give Nike a run for their money. I agree with others live the devise wish it was prettier.

  • Looking forward to this! I’m getting tired of the sporty look 24/7. Really interested in the pendant–for those of us with nickel allergy, bracelets can be problematic.

    I hope there will be some silver too. I’m not a fan of gold.

  • Thank Goodness for Tory Burch, I always take my FB off when I dress up and go out on the town and to parties that are semi-formal. Also I have noticed women wearing them at such functions and they just stick out like a sore thumb. So yes, Thank Goodness for this awesome collaboration. She is one of my favorite designers, I wear her shoes, purses/wallets and a few bracelets too, excited and patiently waiting to add to my collection!!
    Mauvis~ San Diego

  • I had my FitBit Force for one month. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Then it was recalled. I tried a Garmin. It did not compare, so I returned it. I have been waiting patiently, but I now I am just plain frustrated. WHEN IS THE REPLACEMENT FOR THE FORCE COMING OUT? Please tell us something. (Or, when is the Tory Burch Collection coming out?) Though, I would much prefer a replacement for the FORCE. As of today it is summer… And, please, colored bands – or something cool. (You can contact me, I am a wearable art designer with lots of ideas.)

  • I really love my fitbit .. Only thing is I lost it bcs it wasn’t connected to my shorts when running , and I was sick I mean sick …..I was debating about buying a new one and hoping to find the lost one …. And guess what a friend I run with , lost it at her place and her neighbor found and gave back … But not clip .. So I have to buy another clip and this is the second one . So will buy new one , just have to be sure that I have clip on shorts well so don’t lose again… But I live for this thing , if I don’t have I feel lost all day ……. Love love it

  • Love my fitbit! I have been patiently waiting for the release of the new Tory Burch bracelets. Is there an ETA for this release? I’m dying to ditch my rubber bracelet and wear something pretty again!

  • Please make some bracelet and pendants that hold the Fitbit ONE! I love my ONE and would love to be able to wear it fashionably. Does the Fitbit One fir inside of your current bracelets and pendant?

  • Finally someone took the fitbit look to a higher level! I really wish in addition to the gold metal they would also create silver. I’m sure this is just the beginning of a new trend.

  • So excited these are out! It says OS on the bracelet ones so it’s not clear to me if that’s the small or large or somewhere in-between. As I wear mine on the far end of the large band, I’m guessing this won’t work for me? :(

    • It says on the Tory Burch site that silicone ones have a length of : 7.50″ (18.8 cm). I just pre-ordered mine!!!

  • Please make the bracelet and pendant in stainless steel or non-tarnishing silver. This is brilliant but for $200, we should get a metal color option. Really should make in a rose gold metal color as well! Rose gold has been very popular the past few years.

  • Why oh why can’t something attractive like this be developed for the One?! My one is either clipped to my pants or bra and the little plastic piece keeps popping off! Silly that there isn’t an option for us One users…..STILL!!!!

  • I was wondeing if you can use the fitbit flex in the pendants? or would it only suit the cuff? And will these be coming out in white gold as I don’t wear too much yellow gold these days! It’s very exciting!!! My fitbit flex doesn’t go too well with my corporate office getup! So it will be great to have a ‘dressy’ one to wear to work!

  • Really hope you’ll be working with other designers who recognize that women’s wrists are not all one size. I like the Tory Burch designs but my wrist is 8″. This is bone structure, not weight.

  • Hey Fitbit! Since we are talking about fashion and image – I love my fitbit one, but like many of your fans who are female, I clip my fitbit to, well, my bra. Front and center. And I don’t always wear black, burgundy, teal or lime green. How about a lighter colored clip? Beige can hide behind a lot of colors – or white, light pink, even a yellow? Don’t love the dark slash peeking through my clothing, dudes –

  • I would love better, more stylish ways to wear my Fitbit One. For several reasons I chose the One, but the only clip I can find is grey and very “un-stylish”… It would be super if it could be worn as a pendant, or if other colors/style clips could be fashioned that would take the One to a higher level.

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