14 New Apps Featuring Your Favorite Brands Now on Fitbit Ionic

Brand apps for Fitbit

Whether you want to catch up on the latest news, catch a wave, or find a healthy brunch spot within walking distance, Fitbit Ionic can now help. As part of the Fitbit OS update, 14 free apps* from a broad range of popular brands—like Walgreens, Nest, The New York Times, and Yelp—begin rolling out today.

Each app was made for Fitbit Ionic—literally—meaning you’ll be treated to an intuitive wrist-first experience that organizes information related to your needs and interests into a glanceable, easy-to-navigate format.

Best of all, these apps work regardless of whether you’re an Android, iOS, or Windows user, saving you from having to choose between your smartphone and your smartwatch.

Get to know Fitbit Ionic’s newest apps below and then add them to your device using the instructions at help.fitbit.com.

14 New Apps for Fitbit Ionic That Will Add Convenience To Your Life


Keep track of swell data and 36-hour marine weather forecasts for your 10 favorite surf spots right on your wrist. Tap on a specific location to get a detailed view that includes stats like water temperature, wind speed, and surf height. Twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening—Surfline’s global network of expert forecasters provide on-the-ground updates. Available now.Apps for Fitbit: SurflineClue
Discover the unique patterns of your menstrual cycle—and avoid being caught off guard—by tracking your current period and associated symptoms, like mood, pain, and energy levels. The more you log, the better the app will be able to predict your next fertile window, onset of PMS, and period. Available now.Apps for Fitbit: ClueGAME GOLF
Play smarter with GAME GOLF, a GPS-driven rangefinder that works on more than 37,000 courses worldwide. Just confirm your location—the app will show you up to five options in order of proximity—and start a round. GAME GOLF will automatically pull up your current hole, where you can see distances to the middle, front, and back of the green; get the exact distance to any hazard or landing zone; and visually see the layout of the hole or green as you approach it. End the round and you’ll see a summary of your activity, including how many holes you played, your score, and health stats, like steps and average heart rate. Coming soon.Apps for Fitbit: GAME GOLFWalgreens
Trips to the drugstore just got easier. With the Walgreens app for Ionic you can find the nearest Walgreens store—and how many steps you’d earn walking there—plus get immediate access to your Balance Rewards. See how much money you’ve earned and how many more points you need to hit the next reward value. Want to redeem your current quota for cash? Just tap the barcode icon on your Ionic and scan the QR code at the register when making a purchase. Coming soon.Apps for Fitbit: WalgreensHOME & IOT

Hue Lights
The future is bright! Or chill! Or whatever you want it to be when you can control each of your Philips Hue lights from your Ionic. Turn your lights on or off or create ambiance by selecting a pre-set scene (ie: light configuration) like Arctic aurora, which makes the bulbs cast a shade of blue that is reminiscent of the northern lights. Available now.Apps for Fitbit: Hue LightsNest
Set your bedroom to a sleep-enhancing temp with a few taps. The Nest app for Ionic lets you view all of your Nest Learning Thermostats as well as see the current temperature and humidity levels for each thermostat. Change the temperature by selecting Heat, Cool, Heat & Cool, or Off, or set a target temp. Want to save energy? Home and Away modes help your thermostat know when you leave and you come back so the temperature adjusts to your pre-set preferences accordingly. Available now.Apps for Fitbit: NestFOOD & DRINK

How do you find the perfect recovery smoothie within that magic 30-minute post-workout window? By using Yelp! With this app, you can search for nearby restaurants and quickly see what’s available. Tap on a specific restaurant to get hours, directions (including how long it would take you to walk there), and ratings. Available now.

Apps for Fitbit: Yelp


Want to get the latest health and fitness news? Instead of following multiple publications, just fire up the Flipboard app, which aggregates stories from the world’s most respected publishers (think: The Washington Post, Women’s Health, and TIME) and then serves up the top 10 stories that match your pre-selected health- and fitness-related category. Flip through the headlines on your Ionic or scroll down to read the start of each article. Available now.Apps for Fitbit: FlipboardThe New York Times
Stay up to date wherever you go with The New York Times. Read top headlines, short summaries, and see photos from the latest stories of the day. The New York Times app for Ionic brings you daily global coverage from journalists all over the world. 
Available now.Apps for Fitbit: NYTimesTRAVEL & TRANSIT

Get a ride right from your wrist. With Ionic’s Uber app by Fitbit, you can set a pick up location and destination, specify which Uber service you’d like, and request a ride. Once your Uber is en route, view your driver partner’s information and access trip details like your ETA and destination. Coming soon.Apps for Fitbit: UberUnited Airlines
Log into your United MileagePlus account in the Fitbit app and then sync your Ionic to update the United Airlines app on your wrist. When your reservation is within 36 hours of departure, you’ll be able to see your flight status (estimated time of arrival/departure, terminal, gate, etc.) and, after you check in, your mobile boarding pass will also be available.
Available Now.

Apps for Fitbit: United

British Airways
There are few times when on-the-go access to information is more important than during travel. With the British Airways app for Ionic you can check your flight status—departure/arrival time, status, gate number, seat assignment and more. After checking in, you can also view your boarding pass, which includes a scannable QR code for quick entry. Coming soon.

Some apps featured in this post may require you to have your phone nearby. For more information, see How do I setup and troubleshoot apps on my Fitbit watch?

*Today or by the end of the year, all apps from popular brands will be available in English globally where the brand operates. The British Airways, Clue, GAME GOLF, Nest, Surfline, Uber, United Airlines and Walgreens apps require a free account with the brand to use the features of the app on Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit Ionic battery life of up to 5 days varies with use, features and other factors; up to 10 hours using GPS or playing music.

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  • When do you release a spotify app?! Music as mp3 from the computer is soo oldschool. the process shoot me back to 2000.

  • Thank you guys for growing your app market. It was underwhelming at launch but this has me more optomistic.

    That said, I would love to see runkeeper support as well as PLEX.

  • I love the Pandora app and looking forward to the Yelp and Lyft app. I would love to see American Airlines on the list with United and BA.

  • I would love to see iTunes! Downloading MP3’s is a little ridiculous and a bit of a throw-back (not in a good way).

  • Could you guys pick two worse newspapers than the Washington Post and the New York Times…..both papers are a joke.

  • I am going Skiing. What Exercise do you suggest is the best to use in the Customize Settings to imitate Skiing to collect the statistics from activity during Ski Runs? Would it be Outdoor Bike or Run or Hike or another ?

  • Had to send my ionic back due to it not being compatible with my oneplus 5t. Would buy it again if this were fixed but just looking at alternatives at the moment.

  • While the Fitbit Iconic does track some activity while kayaking, what is the best exercise setting for kayaking?

  • I just want my Fitbit to what it does. Keep a record of what I’m doing. If I want to shop, I will use a notepad not a watch.

    Don’t try to make this more tan it is. PERFECT.

  • Most of these apps are American. Not every one lives in America. What about New Zealanders and Brits? Put some apps on for us so we can use them.

  • Some of these apps are useful to some people, and it is great to see Fitbit working on getting suitable apps for the Ionic. But…. I commented on the Fitbit Community Forum not long after I got my Ionic, asking about having the ability to set a max. and min. HR and having a noise or vibration to indicate when I have crossed them. I have received a lot of positive replies from other Fitbit users, some of whom have how long they have been asking for the above.

    Secondly would be possible to have an app/software up date that has a metronome for tempo running included?



    • Yes! That is exactly what I want as well!! Do you think Apple watch or others have the heart rate notify feature? Did you ever hear back about this on Fitbit?

  • In Australia and SO wanting Spotify. All my ITunes music is so old and I am not buying more when I have Spotify. Really don’t want to take my phone with me just for the music.

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  • Please can the ‘stocks’ app be updated to include other markets than the US? I’m in the UK and can not see my stocks.

  • It’s now approaching April 18 and neither Game Golf or Uber or Lyft and other are available? Any attempt to extract an update from Fitbit has failed.. An official response with even a guesstimate of when they will be available would be very much appreciated

  • It would be very helpful to have some weather information. High temp, low temp, rain forecast, etc.

  • The reason I upgraded to Ionic was because of the ability to store music and use Pandora/Deezer. That being said, my gym has multiple TV monitors and used FM frequencies to transmit the audio wirelessly.
    It would be awesome if there was an app that made it possible to receive those signals so that I could listen to the news and sports games that are played on those TVs.

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