Crush Your Active Zone Minutes Goal With Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone Challenge

Get pumped: Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone Challenge is approaching! Turn your Charge 4, Inspire 2, or any Fitbit smartwatch to exercise mode and start striving to reach or beat your personal best Active Zone Minutes (AZMs) to win exclusive badges! 

This friendly competition with yourself might be just the motivation you’ve been craving to help you hit your weekly AZM goal and the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. 

So, don’t wait! Keep reading to learn more about AZMs and how to prepare for the challenge.

What is AZM?

In March we introduced Active Zone Minutes, a new, personalized, heart rate-based metric that goes beyond step activity to provide tailored activity targets for improving health and well-being. At the same time, AZMs help show the most effective types of workouts so you can work out more efficiently.

AZMs track the amount of time a user spends engaging in a heart-pumping activity. Using our 24/7 continuous PurePulse heart rate tracking, we automatically set personalized “Active Zones” based on your resting heart rate and age. AZM uses your personalized heart rate zones to track your effort for any workout that gets your heart pumping, from spin class to yoga, because moderate and vigorous activity varies depending on your fitness level. Active Zone Minutes goes beyond steps to give you credit for all the activities relevant to you.

What is the Get in Your Zone Challenge?

The Get in Your Zone Challenge is a 7 day in-app solo challenge motivating you to compete against yourself to earn exclusive badges! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Receive a “Silver” badge at 75 AZM. 
  • Receive a “Gold” badge at 150 AZM.
  • Receive a “Diamond” badge at 300 AZM.

Once opted into the challenge, throughout the week on the gameplay screen in the Fitbit app, you’ll see your 150 AZM goal, your continued individual progress towards that goal, a countdown showing how much time you have left to hit your goal, and a celebration if you cross that goal milestone.

Don’t forget, you can access free in-app fitness content in the Discover tab or unlock more through Premium to help you reach your weekly AZMs.

Opt into the Challenge

To get started on February 22, you’ll see a tile on the today screen in your Fitbit app that displays “Get in Your Zone”. Tap on the tile, you will then be brought to a “Get Started” screen, from there, tap “Join”. You will then be opted into the challenge and taken to the gameplay screen.

Need more incentive? Any AZMs beyond your usual amount is a great success—and who knows, you might decide to adjust your targets going forward. Small improvements to your heart health can have bigger benefits in the long run. Good luck!

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