How One Businessman Found Balance with Fitness and Work

When Chris, an entrepreneur who who started a home security company, noticed his busy lifestyle was taking a toll on his health and fitness, he knew he needed to make a lifestyle change.”My health and fitness had reached an all-time low,” says Chris. “I had moved to start FrontPoint Security, and the business was doing fantastic, but had been an all-consuming part of my life for four years,” he says. “I had reached an all-time high weight, my body fat was higher than ever, and my energy level was noticeably the worst it had ever been.”

That’s when he decided to purchase a Fitbit tracker. “I just saw the ‘Floors Climbed’ feature and had to get it! A key part of my getting back in shape was to start by taking the stairs,” says Chris.

Chris on the summit of Mt. Rainier

Chris on the summit of Mt. Rainier

Chris paid close attention to his dashboard and made it a point to reach his daily goals. He also made a long-term goal to climb Mt. Shasta by the summer of 2012, something he’d done ten years earlier with his dad.

“I ended up making so much progress that I climbed Mt. Shasta in July 2011 ­ about a year ahead of my plan. My weight had dropped almost 40 lbs., and my body fat dropped to around 10%. At the same time, my blood pressure got much better ­ and I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication. And, my resting heart rate dropped from around 67 to just 41, where it is today.”

He made so much progress, in fact, that he’s since climbed Mt. Rainier as well—­an even more technical mountain that had been a goal ten years ago!

“I can easily say now that I’ve never felt better or been in better shape,” says Chris. Chris shows that with a little motivation and information, it’s never too late to reach your goals.

What’s helping you reach your health and fitness goals? Offer your tips and advice in the comments below, and share your success story with us!

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