Be Searchable With Fitbit’s Newest Accessory

Your boots are strapped, your helmet is secure, and you’re ready to have an amazing day on the mountain or out on the trails. But those “what if?” thoughts might linger in the back of your mind, as they sometimes do before any outdoor venture. Though exhilarating, risks are always a part of the reality of wilderness sports. 

That’s why Fitbit has partnered with RECCO to help make you more searchable. Our new RECCO smartwatch accessory band has an integrated RECCO rescue reflector, a passive transponder that uses radar technology. This allows rescue teams across the globe using RECCO detectors to more efficiently locate you in the event of an outdoor emergency.

So wherever your adventures take you—whether it’s off-piste skiing or snowboarding, or biking or hiking your favorite trails deep in the backcountry, Fitbit is helping you be more prepared. 

How Does RECCO Technology Work? 

The RECCO detector is carried by the rescuer and the RECCO reflector is carried or worn by the user. In the case of an emergency, the rescuer uses the RECCO detector to emit a directional radar signal, like the beam of a flashlight, to locate the reflector that is on your band. 

When the radar signal hits the reflector, it is echoed back to the detector and points the rescuer in your direction. The closer the detector gets to the reflector the stronger the returned-signal, ultimately allowing the rescuer to pinpoint your location. 

Always Be Searchable

Although the reflectors can be located in a range up to 80 meters through air and 20 meters through packed snow, the more you have on you, the more searchable you are. The best part is, you never have to activate or charge your RECCO reflector.

“Avalanche risk is something I take very seriously and when I’m deep in the backcountry, I look for added safety,” says Chris Davenport, legendary backcountry skier. “The RECCO woven band for Fitbit is a great addition to my kit.” 

Whether it’s your first RECCO purchase or just an addition to your RECCO effects, the woven band for Fitbit lets you embrace your inner adventurer with the peace of mind you need. “I’m outside and on the trails every single day and I need equipment that blends seamlessly into my day to day life,” says Davenport. “RECCO technology requires no power and allows me to focus more on what I love to do.” 

Plus, we’ve partnered with RECCO to drop some knowledge: Everyone who purchases this accessory will receive a few tips for safer outdoor adventures, as well as a link to download “The Plan” from RECCO. What’s The Plan, you ask? It’s a set of safety procedures—including an important course of action—that will help snow goers of all levels be prepared before strapping in. 

For more information on Avalanche Safety, check out and Know Before You Go. Check out more RECCO technology-equipped products such as helmets, boots and jackets here. 

RECCO technology is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver. RECCO technology does not prevent avalanches or guarantee the survival or localization of a victim or lost person. Knowledge and common sense are the best ways to avoid accidents. Always respect safety rules and regulations.

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