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Beat the Heat for #FitbitSummer: Expert Tips on Staying Cool During Outdoor Workouts

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In many places across the world, summer is a great excuse to take your exercise routine outdoors and change up that stale gym or treadmill routine. And as we’ve recently explored, working out in the fresh air has a host of healthy benefits.

But peak summer temperatures can get the best of us. So how can you reap the rewards of the great outdoors while keeping yourself safe in the summer sun?

Lauren headshot smallWe asked a one of our favorite experts, Lauren Slayton, Author, RD, and Foodtrainers founder for her personal tips.


  1. I don’t know about you, but water fountains suddenly look like Shangri-La during my warm workouts. So while I encourage you to drink up while you exercise, it’s also crucial to pre-drink or imbibe before exercise. Try coconut water (high in potassium) or turmeric elixir (bonus points for salt) before heading out in the heat.
  2. And don’t be shy with salt. I love Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt—both contain essential minerals—but salty foods like olives, pickles and fermented veggies are great this time of year.
  3. Pick the perfect produce like cantaloupe, strawberries, radishes, and celery, as all these have super high water content and will help keep you hydrated.
  4. And remember that alcohol is dehydrating, so limiting consumption will help with hydration.

Temper for Temp

These are all great tips! We know you’re excited to get outside, but try channeling that excitement into an extra-thoughtful, rather than extra-strenuous, workout. Jumping right into your typical workout wont yield typical results – you’ll sweat more and your heart will beat faster, which means your body is under more stress and dedicating more energy toward keeping you cool. Remember to tailor your workout to temperature.

Pass on the Peak

The peak hours of summer days can be scorching – thankfully, they’re bookended by balmy mornings and evenings primed for fitness. Take advantage of the longer days and get outside before or after work while you’ve still got light and a little less heat.

But don’t let the heat trap you indoors! Keeping the above tips in mind will help you safely maximize the health benefits of getting outdoors even on those summer scorchers. Remember to use your brain while you work your body; stay hydrated, tame that workout, and avoid the peak hours. Use #FitbitSummer and let us know how you’re beating the heat while making the most of the long summer days.

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  • This sight does not take problem comments. Have a fit bit but for last few months it as not been calculating correctly, and bracelet broke. Contacted the fit company by phone, the lady said I would receive e-mail with instructions to re-sink product. during the call I was disappointed it sounded like a party in the back ground. Watch mad money all the time, seen the owner of fit bit on the show and felt great to know I was using is product. At this time I have not received the original e-mail nor any replies to other requests for help. The product is great when it is working.

  • Take it this way – if you can exercise and maintain your standards while it is hot outside, it will be far easier once it cools down. Doing 10.000 steps a day on 30+ Celsius feels like doing 20.000 in the spring.

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