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No Fitbit 10th anniversary celebration would be complete without a bit of blog nostalgia. Although the first post went up in September 2008, it wasn’t until early 2015 that production started ramping up. Since then Fitbit has published close to 900 articles designed to help you Get Moving, Eat Well, Feel Good, Be Inspired, and stay abreast of Fitbit News. Below, the 10 articles you loved the most—and keep coming back to. As Fitbit heads into its next decade, expect more where these came from.

Top 10 Fitbit Articles (So Far.)

10. 3 New Features Make Exercising With Fitbit Better Than Ever
Track your workout stats and personalize your exercise experience in more ways than ever before.

9. Working Out Can Improve Your Sleep—Here’s How!

Research shows regular exercise can help you catch better Zzz’s. Learn more about the sleep-sweat connection.

8. Bread Basics: 6 Types You Don’t Have to Feel Bad About

Your daily bread can be a good source of healthy whole grains. Check out the six best loaves to drop in your grocery cart, from super sprouted to extra seeded.

7. Get 11 New Tracker Functions With This Fitbit Charge 2 Update
Blonde woman pausing her exercise on Fitbit Charge 2.

A new clock face, a do-not-disturb option, and more! Learn all the ways your Charge 2 just got smarter, more intuitive, and easier to use.

6. Tidying Up Around the House Could Help You Lose Weight

Want to drop a few extra pounds? Clearing the clutter in your home (and life) could help make that goal a reality.

5. Fitbit Dashboard Updated with Weekly Activity and More

This bright and colorful redesign will give you a better snapshot of your overall activity.

4. Sit less, Move More with Hourly Activity & Stationary Time Tracking

You’ve seen the headlines: sitting is the new smoking. Ready to take action? The latest features from Fitbit will help you get out of your seat.

3. 12 Heart-Healthy Foods to Add to Your Grocery Cart

Concerned about heart disease, or simply aiming for optimal health? Smart choices make a big difference. Discover which superfoods do the most for your heart.

2. The Top 8 Metabolism Myths Busted

Gulping down green tea. Chomping on chilies. Heaving heavy weights around. Are there really any tricks that can fire up your metabolism?

And in the number one spot (drum roll, please)…

1. Should You Really Take 10,000 Steps a Day

Your daily step goal could be as individual as your fitness plan. Here’s how to find your magic number.

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  • What happened to the stages of sleep feature on charge 2? I had it for 2 days then it disappeared.

  • I am very excited to be introducing fitbit to Ghana fitness. I live in Ghana, a small country in West Africa where quite a number of its citizens have travelled to and lived abroad. Due to its peace and political stability, Ghana has a lot of expatriates also living and working within the country. Most of these people have a Fitbit, have heard of fitbit or are looking for the product to buy . Fitness has become a lifestyle and for that reason fitbit is becoming the in thing.
    So fitbit is now in Ghana! Hurray

  • I love my Fitbit! It motivates me to walk more each day and get my 10,000 steps. I have increased it to 12,000 which gives me 5miles!

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