Try These Winning Snack Strategies for the Big Game

Zucchini pizzas

Whether it’s the World Series for baseball fans, hockey playoffs, or the upcoming football game, I know big games can be exciting. As the mother of two boys I watch it all, but I definitely put more thought into our snack spread than any point spread. Priorities, right? Here are some winning (food) plays for game day.

Popcorn for the nutrition win

Popcorn is a great snack for sports, and calorie-for-calorie you can eat more popcorn than you can tortilla chips or potato chips. Quinn is a great brand; they produce healthy microwave options in delicious flavors. My new favorite is one of their ready-to-eat offerings popped in coconut oil.

Think beyond the baby carrot

It’s hard for veggies and dip to compete with wings and pizza when it comes to deliciousness, but let’s give it some effort. Wet, tasteless baby carrots and hummus is pretty much admitting defeat. Instead, try jicama, endive, or radishes. And take a minute to blanch (a.k.a. toss in boiling water) that broccoli. I have yet to meet a raw broccoli lover.

When it comes to dip, I have a guac dilemma. Part of me feels it doesn’t get any better than Rosa Mexicana’s traditional guac recipe, but I love the idea of upping the nutritional ante in recipes and this pea guacamole won me over.

In terms of packaged dips, Hope Hummus runs away with it. These organic, gluten free dips are incredible: try the Sriracha or Thai coconut curry flavors.

No penalty pizza

Last year I made potato skins with sweet potatoes. This year I’m trying my Foodtrainers’ teammates’ mini zucchini pizzas.

More Rules for Game Day Eating

  • Use the Game Clock to Your Advantage. Try to eat pre game and halftime versus from start to finish.
  • Get Up and Pace During the Game. It’s a great way to get some additional Fitbit steps.
  • Pre-Think Your Drinks. Set yourself a cocktail budget. With the Big Game it’s a workday the next day, so keep that in mind.
  • Don’t Eat Your Losses. The day after defeat (for sports fans) can be a nutritional doozy. Make sure your eating and treating season ends with the game.
What are you serving for the Big Game? Share your answers in the comments.

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