Bike Tracking in Now Available on Fitbit Surge

Surge can now track your bike rides.

You asked for it! And now you can do it! Tracking your outdoor bike rides with Fitbit Surge is now possible. The GPS tracking, PurePulse heart rate technology, and advanced sensors available with Fitbit Surge will now allow you to view your distance, duration, heart rate, average speed, and calories burned in real time, right on your wrist. Just like the other activities you track with Surge, your rides will also automatically sync back to your account, so you can view your route, speed, and a summary of your stats on your dashboard.

Bike tracking is available today for anyone with a Surge and an Android or iOS device. Simply update your device firmware, which you can do through the Fitbit app on your smartphone or by using Fitbit Connect on your computer. Windows Phone users will be able to enjoy the bike tracking feature soon.

Fitbit’s mission has always been to empower and inspire people to lead healthier, more active lives, and with the first significant software update to Surge we’re extending that mission to provide another piece of data to consumers working to reach their fitness goals.


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  • I really wish my biking could contribute to my daily steps. I have a surge. Is it possible on any device for biking to contribute to daily steps?

  • I have just received a fitbit surge and cannot work out how to add cycling to my list of sports. Please help. I have an Android phone if that makes any difference.

  • Today 15 miles on the bike and 15k in steps….no complaints on the tracking but it would be nice to have some conversion for steps….

  • I got a surge. It’s a wonderful gadget for health and fitness. But, when at work it’s not helpful as a watch since none of clock displays show the seconds nor the day of the week. Could we expect the release of a new display that solves this problem?

  • How do I setup biking on my surge? Will biking appear on the exercise screen? Will the GPS also track my route? On my activity screen all my buttons of my exercise activities are red.

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