How to Do a Perfect Burpee (Plus, 2 Next-Level Add Ons)


Just like building a house, when it comes to shaping your body, you’ll want to forge a strong foundation first. And there’s no better brick than a classic move to help fortify your muscles and your technique for any other exercises to come.

Once you master the classics, you’ll be able to mix and match them along with their variations for better workouts and a stronger you. Here’s how to do a burpee.

The Move: Burpee

How to do a burpee


In spite of its funny name (which came from its creator, physiologist Royal Burpee, in 1939), the Burpee delivers serious benefits, such as core stability, total-body strength, power, and even a cardio challenge. The move works nearly every muscle in your body and can serve as an intense, ultra-quick workout. Do Burpees for a minute and you could see the same benefits you’d get from a slower, 45-minute workout session. And since the only equipment you’ll need is your own bodyweight, you can do burpees virtually anywhere.


Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and squat down, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Jump your feet back so that you’re in a plank position. Next: Jump your feet forward toward your hands. When your feet land, immediately jump up toward the ceiling. Continue for 20 seconds at your own pace or perform sets of 3 to 10 reps. You’ll net your best results if you focus on maintaining proper form rather than boosting your volume.

Mix It Up: 2 Burpee Add-Ons

Changing up a Burpee can be as simple as adding onto it. Here are two options to try.

Push-Up Burpee: From the plank, perform a push-up. Next, jump toward your hands and jump up.

Tuck-Jump Burpee: From the plank, perform a push-up. Next, jump toward your hands and jump, bringing your knees toward your chest.

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