Bye-bye, Networking. Hello, Sweatworking!

Bye-bye, networking. Hello, sweatworking!

Too many meetings on your calendar to squeeze in a workout? No need to be stuck in conference rooms all day or client dinners all night. Turn your next networking session into a sweatworking session, instead!

Sweatworking, the latest trend sweeping the business world, encourages people to step outside the classic meeting box and connect with coworkers and clients over fun, upbeat fitness activities. “Walking meetings, field days, corporate challenges, onsite fitness classes, yoga over lunch—there are so many activities that can be used to boost office camaraderie, gel teamwork, and get folks energized and thinking outside the box,” says Marci Cooper who runs the corporate wellness program for Indiana University Health. “Who doesn’t feel better after a walk around the block or some sweatworking?” she adds. Ready to get your heart and career pumping? Here’s how to make sweatworking work for you.

1. Step Out of the Conference Room
Get creative when planning your next meeting. Places like gyms, parks, spinning studios, and hiking trails are all fair game! A low-impact idea: Schedule your next one-on-one with a colleague at a coffee shop half a mile away from the office. By the time you’re done, you will have gotten a caffeine fix and crossed a whole mile off your to-do list.

2. Build Better Relationships
Sweatworking brings coworkers and clients closer by establishing a common interest—like making it through a tough indoor cycling class! And, as Fast Company reports, people in all industries are taking advantage of the benefits built by sweatworking, and several gyms and fitness studios are making it easy for those seeking to mix business with fitness by hosting corporate-friendly workouts.

There’s also evidence of sweatworking boosting company morale and job performance. When the back-office staff of the Cleveland Cavaliers ran a wellness challenge, employees turned their afternoon meetings into walking meetings. Some of the most active participants racked up nearly 30,000 steps a day, and the company noticed a boost in corporate camaraderie.

3. Bring On the Competition
Meetings don’t need to be the only time to break a sweat—sweatworking can have an alone-time angle, too. You can infuse a sense of well-being throughout your work life by challenging your coworkers to add activity to their day. Take Houston Methodist, for example. The hospital and research center tapped into employees’ competitive streaks with a “Beat the CEO” challenge. Individuals were pitted against their departmental CEOs to rack up daily steps for a cash prize. Staffers not only improved engagement at work, they also hit personal milestones by getting more fit, dropping extra weight, and more. The average step count to beat? 16,000!


Ready to get fit and land the next deal? Grab your coworkers or clients and try sweatworking today! And let us know how it works for you in the comments.



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