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2 Ways to Prevent Pesky Joint Pain

Prevent pesky joint pain

When runners work to prevent injury, it is often the muscles we think first to protect, stretch and roll out at the end of a long day out on the roads or trails. Though we should always focus on being proactive and protecting our hard-working muscles, there is another part of the body that we may not be focused on enough: our joints. There are 143...

Fitbit at Work with ESPN’s John Buccigross

Fitbit at Work with John Buccigross

Manning an anchor desk for a top-rated sports show seems like a cake walk. But John Buccigross of ESPN’s SportsCenter proves it takes energy and athleticism to make it look so easy. A father of three nearly-adult kids, Buccigross is also an avid hockey fan, a force on the golf course, and really into logging steps with Fitbit. Here, he answers a...

How Dancing at Work Blasts Stress & Burns Calories

At-work dance routines

You’re in the home stretch of the work week, but there’s a deadline looming, a day full of meetings, and the emails won’t stop flooding your inbox. Guess that post-work cycling class will have to wait until the weekend… But there’s still a way to get in a quick activity sesh! Take a deep breath, stand up, and burn a few calories with...

Long Live Dad! 4 Ways You Can Support His Heart Health

4 ways you can support dad's heart health

Great news: According to a study from Stanford University you’ve been helping Dad stay heart-healthy since the day you were born! Researchers tracked 135,000 men over a ten year period and found fathers are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than childless men. Want to make sure dear old Dad’s heart continues to stay in tip-top...

The Best Time to Exercise to Lose Weight

The best time to exercise to lose weight

According to a recent study, the best time to work out may be right when you wake up. There is some evidence that working out on a completely empty stomach — or, as scientists call it, “in a fasted state” — prompts the body to burn more fat and potentially stave off weight gain, compared to exercising at other times.

3 Good-Posture Tips from Celeb Fitness Pro Harley Pasternak

The importance of good posture

Between desk jobs, driving, and relaxing on the couch after a long day, many of us spend a lot of time sitting. But a number of recent studies show sitting for long periods of time can have negative health impacts—increasing your risk for certain diseases, and shortening your lifespan to name two! Using a standing desk or limiting the amount you...

5 Ways To Stretch It Out At Your Desk

5 Ways to Stretch at Your Desk

It’s no secret, sitting at a desk all day is tough on your health. That’s why it’s so important to add in a daily dose of standing and stretching. But if you have an office job, it can be tricky to take those breaks. The solution: Set a calendar alert for yourself as a reminder to stand for one to three minutes every half hour...

How Busy Mom Sarah A. Finds Balance with Fitbit Charge HR

Read Fitbit user Sarah's story about how she stays active as a mom.

Sarah A. has been using a Fitbit Charge HR for over a year. Fitbit spoke with Sarah to get her take on how she balances a healthy lifestyle with being a busy mom. Fitbit: What is the greatest impact Fitbit has had on your life as a mother? Sarah: Fitbit has helped me in my journey to become a fit and healthy mother. In 2012 and 2013 I lost...