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Big News from Fitbit (April Fool’s)


Digits get digital with Fitbit Tap

In 2014, Fitbit launched three new products that changed the way we experience fitness. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest breakthrough: a revolutionary wearable that will change the way we experience the world around us. And by world, we mean Internet.

Because whether you’re getting the news, exploring the web, buying clothes, buying groceries, posting photos, checking work email, checking personal email, checking personal email at work, or taking a quiz to find out which animal you are (probably llama), your life happens in the palm of your hand. And now, we’ve found a way to track it.

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Rocco DiSpirito: Why did I integrate Fitbit into my book?

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Rocco DiSpirito integrates Fitbit into his new cookbook

We’re really excited to be integrated into award-winning chef and best-selling author Rocco DiSpirito’s new book, Cook Your Butt Off! Every recipe in the book includes a barcode you can scan with the Fitbit app to automatically add it to your food log. The book is out today, and you can order it now!

Here’s how Rocco describes the integration in his book:

I love activity trackers, and I wear my Fitbit every day. So do my clients.

Fitbit’s devices track everything from steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes to floors climbed, and sleep quality! And the app just adds to the experience, by letting you record workouts, log calories, see your progress, and more.

For my clients, I use that information to tailor their menus to their individual weight loss goals. For myself, I use it to moderate my steps and calorie burn.

You don’t need an activity tracker to use this book, but since Fitbit has been a great way for my clients and I to stay on track and meet our weight loss goals, I wanted to work with them to get all of the Cook Your Butt Off! recipes in their database of 350,000+ foods.

On each recipe page you’ll find a Fitbit barcode. Simply scan it with the Fitbit app, and the calories and nutritional data will be automatically logged to your private Fitbit account.

And, if you’re using a Fitbit tracker while you cook, you’ll see how many calories you burn as you create each recipe – proving that you’re really cooking your butt off!

We’re so excited to share this book with you that we’re giving away 25 copies! Just tweet @fitbit using the hashtag #CookYourButtOff, letting us know how you keep healthy in your kitchen, to enter. We’ll be choosing winners after March 4th. You can view the contest rules here.

Cheryl Strayed x Fitbit: “My Fitbit. We’re going to get our 10,000 steps.”



Cheryl Strayed + Wild

left image credit: Joni Kabana

We love hearing stories about epic journeys, and Cheryl Strayed’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail was certainly epic! Thanks to a Fitbit employee hiking it last year, we know it takes 6.6 million steps to finish. So we were thrilled to learn that Cheryl is a Fitbit fan on top of an epic stepper. Check out her comments in a recent Vulture article below:

Cheryl Strayed touches a slate-gray band on her wrist. “My Fitbit,” she says. “We’re going to get our 10,000 steps.” Strayed and I are heading out for a stroll in Portland, Oregon, in the kind of weather for which that city is famous: not raining, but not not-raining, and certainly not ­certainly-not-going-to-rain. Strayed is undeterred, either because she’s lived here for nearly two decades, or because she once walked for 94 days in every conceivable meteorological condition, or because she really wants those 10,000 steps. She is wearing jeans and hiking boots — the lightweight kind that work for bumming around a city, or anyway around this city — and no coat, and the Fitbit.

“I’m obsessed with it,” she says of this last item. “I was so glad when you said you wanted to walk.” (I had proposed a hike, for obvious reasons, but even for Strayed, the weather forecast was a bit bleak for that.) “My favorite thing to do when I get together with my girlfriends is to go for a walk. I’m always like, ‘Can we go for a walk, can we go for a walk?’ and they’re like, ‘Let’s get a drink.’ I love to drink, don’t get me wrong, but I want to walk.”

Charge HR and Surge available now, plus new Charge colors!


New Fitbit products: Charge, ChargeHR, and Surge

Last October, we alerted the world that Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge were coming in early 2015. Today, we’re excited to announce that they’ve arrived just in time for your New Year’s resolutions! You can order either product at the Fitbit online store today, and both will be widely available in major North American retailers, including Best Buy, Brookstone, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, REI, The Sports Authority and Target, by the end of January. Availability in select countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America will come shortly after.

If you’re a Fitbit Charge fan, we have good news for you too! You can now order the Charge in either blue or burgundy, to complement the already-available colors of black and slate.

Fitbit is always working to enhance our full line of award-winning trackers to deliver even more advanced, game-changing features designed to make tracking more intuitive and efficient, so on top of new products we’re also offering two new features coming soon to all Fitbit users:

  • Multi-device support: enables up to 5 Fitbit devices to sync to one account, giving you all your stats at any time, no matter which tracker you’re wearing
  • Exercise summaries on display: shows all your exercise stats directly on the Charge HR display, so you can see how well you performed during and after your workout, providing quick access to stats

We’re always working to improve our products, so keep checking back for new announcements. Here’s to an active 2015!

Holiday Recovery: How to Get Back On Track After Overindulging


Woman working out

Between holiday meals, parties, and bad weather, it’s easy to fall off the healthy-living wagon. While a little indulging every now and again won’t make or break you diet, you can usually tell when you’ve gone a little overboard.

If you monopolized the cookies or hit the eggnog a little hard, it’s not too late to get back on track. Here are 6 things to focus on this week to help you start 2015 on the right foot:

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These Artists Turned Fitbit Data into a Connected Canvas

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IAMI image blog

The artistic duo LigoranoReese have been collaborating as a team on amazing projects since the mid 1980s. But Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese’s latest exhibit is a phenomenal, interactive self-portrait derived from Fitbit and psychological data.

To say we were intrigued by the exhibit is an understatement—so we caught up with the artists to learn exactly how the idea came about and all the intricate work that went into each portrait. Read on for the full interview.

And if you’re local to the San Francisco Bay area, you can see I•AM•I in person at the Catharine Clark Gallery until January 3, 2015. Here’s how to find out more about the exhibit.

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The 2014 Fitbit Holiday Gift Guide


2014FitbitGiftGuide Blog

Click on image to expand

It’s December. And you know what that means: it’s holiday gift guide time, y’all! With all the products in the Fitbit family, you may be thinking, “What Fitbit product is best for the active peeps in my life?”

Fear not—we’re here to help. Enter the 2014 Fitbit Gift Guide, designed specifically to map your path to the perfect holiday Fitbit gift. So click on the image above for the full-size version and have at it.

You can purchase your Fitbit products right here, including the brand new Fitbit Charge. And don’t forget, we have a limited-time-only selection of new Fitbit apparel—get it before it’s gone!

David Sedaris x Fitbit: “I’m completely obsessed. It’s like a sickness; I’ve been Fitbit-ten…”


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.47.16 AMImage via

The talented and hilarious author David Sedaris just released his latest book, “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls,” a collection of narrative essays. And he’s currently on a nationwide tour spreading the humor about his Fitbit obsession.

Apparently, David’s obsessed with his Fitbit. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with metro:

This year, I got a Fitbit. You walk 10,000 steps and it sends you an email saying, “That’s great! A lot of people don’t walk that far. Do you think you can walk 5,000 more steps?” And so I say, “I bet I can!” A week ago, I walked 60,000 steps. That’s 25.5 miles. I’m completely obsessed. It’s like a sickness; I’ve been Fitbit-ten. It will be the summer of the Fitbit because it can’t go on. It just can’t.

Now that’s obsession! We love you, David.

6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Sweet this Year

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This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with our friends over at MyFitnessPal. Whether you’re a mom or you just happen to have one, you’ll find great tips and advice for staying healthy and happy all year long.

Fitbit mom post 1

With all the negative buzz around added sugar lately, showing up at mom’s with a cake this weekend might not be the smartest move. So how do you celebrate her day without inadvertently wrecking her diet plan? Here are six simple ways to keep things sweet and make Mother’s Day even more special this year.

  1. Pound the pavement – Lace up your sneakers and register the two of you for a fun run/walk in your area. (Search Eventbrite to find one near you, or plan out your own route with MapMyFitness.) A sweat session with mom is the perfect time to gab about the rest of the family and max out your Fitbit steps. Plus, the finish-line photo will totally be frame-worthy. Can’t find one? Just make a plan to go for a jog together!
  2. Hit the farmer’s market for flowers – Sure, mom would be more than happy to get a ready-made bouquet from the grocery store. But why not take her to a farmer’s market and let her pick out her own blossoms? And while you’re there, check out the produce that’s in season. You get fresh groceries and alone time with mom—score!
  3. Take her dancing – We’re willing to bet your mom’s got moves—and she’d probably love to show them off somewhere other than your cousin’s wedding. Country line dancing, square dancing (don’t knock it—it’s a ton of fun!), your favorite Zumba class…there are lots of places for you and mom to get your groove going.
  4. Make dinner together – Yes, this is mom’s special day, so she shouldn’t be spending it in the kitchen cooking for everyone else. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask her to share the secret family chicken recipe you’ve been dying to learn. Call ahead for the ingredients list and arrive with everything washed, prepped, and ready to go. (Pack a nice salad to serve with the meal, too.) Then watch and learn from the master mother chef!
  5. Two words: tandem bike – What could be more fun (um, funnier?) than a bicycle built for two? Riding a bike torches tons of calories, which will help mom burn off that breakfast in bed. And, again, think of the terrific photo ops! If you can’t seem to get the rhythm of pedaling together, you can always hop on a couple of single-seaters and tour your town with a little more autonomy.
  6. Friend her on Facebook – Remember when hanging with your parents just wasn’t cool? Those days are long gone (thank goodness!), and now the cool thing to do is to give your mom a shout out in your status update. Share your favorite photo and let her know how much she really means to you. She’ll get a kick out of feeling famous online.

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This Mother’s Day, Give a Gift from the Heart, for the Heart with Fitbit Red Flex



We’re excited to announce another new band color for the Fitbit Flex: Red! And the best news? Throughout May 2014, Fitbit will donate $10 for every Red Flex wristband and $2 for every Red Flex accessory band sold to the American Heart Association‘s Go Red For Women® movement for a total of $50,000.

Red Flex is available now exclusively at and Verizon.