How Celebrities Really Supercharge Their Training

When I first arrived in Los Angeles, the mecca of fitness, I was a young personal trainer with my sights set on working with celebrities. And I wasn’t the only one. At the time, there seemed to be more “celebrity trainers” than actual celebrities. If someone trained the meteorologist from a local news station, they called themselves a celebrity trainer. As a result, I became uncomfortable being identified that way, even as my client roster grew to contain Hollywood stars.

But after years helping big name stars get in shape, I do have to admit: There are differences between the ways celebrities train compared to the general public. Below, are the top traits I’ve noticed, plus tips on how you can give yourself the A-list treatment.

4 Celebrity Fitness Traits All Exercisers Should Adopt

Because actors, models, and musicians are always in the public eye, they’re under a great deal of pressure to look their best at all times. Although this is unfortunate, it tends to be a powerful motivating force. In my experience, these celebrities are less likely to miss workouts, eat poorly, or give a lackluster effort while exercising because they know that staying fit and healthy can only help their careers.

How You Can Be Too: While I’d never recommend working out to please someone else, I do think it’s helpful to have something motivating you. Do you have a big event coming up? Whether it’s a wedding, milestone birthday, or family reunion, use that as a reason to give your workout your all.

When someone’s working on a television show, movie, or concert tour, every second of their day is scheduled down to the minute. This means they really have to maximize their training time. Lingering during workouts isn’t an option. Every exercise, rep, and set needs to be perfectly planned out.

How You Can Be Too: Head to the gym with a plan and a purpose. A great way to make sure you’re staying on track is to train with heart rate zones. If you’re looking to trim down, keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone. If you want to get cardiovascularly fitter, aim for the cardio zone. I also recommend that my clients set a daily step goal so they’re motivated to stay active all day long, instead of just during exercise sessions.

Celebrity clients require an increased level of privacy and confidentiality. This often means they train with me solo, which leads to less chatter and more productivity. They come in for a session, focus, and get going.

How You Can Too: Whether you work out in a park or at the gym, do your best to avoid distractions. Keep conversations to a minimum, focus on the mind-muscle connection, and don’t be afraid to change locations if you find you need more privacy.

Whether I’m helping someone transform into the next big superhero, or helping them improve their stamina so they can nail their choreography while belting out a song to a sold-out crowd, each of my clients’ goals demands a different program. Identifying that goal and keeping it in mind is key to creating effective training and and nutrition programs.

How You Can Too: Personalize your plan by deciding what you want to target before you lace up. Start with a long-term goal and then work backwards by identifying day-to-day objectives that will help you get there. Need help? Check out Fitbit Coach for goal-based indoor and outdoor workouts that adapt with you.


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