Daily Readiness on Fitbit Premium Can Help Empower You to Make the Right Decisions for Your Body

What goes into the act of being ready for something? At Fitbit, we know that readiness is the state of being fully prepared—physically and mentally—for any event, usually to take action. After all, who doesn’t want to feel ready to take on the day every morning? But sometimes it’s hard to tell if your body is truly ready for that challenging workout, or you need more time for it to rest. 

And now, Fitbit can help empower you to make the right decisions for your body. The new Daily Readiness Score on Fitbit Premium helps you learn to base exercise and recovery on your body instead of a schedule. Daily Readiness helps you understand what’s best for you—your readiness to take on exercise, or recovery, each day, based on your activity, heart rate, and sleep. 

Daily Readiness is an advanced algorithm based on well-researched physiological science that’s long been popular within the athletic community—known as “Fitness-Fatigue.” The Fitness-Fatigue principle is simple: exercise helps your body acquire fitness long-term, but it also generates fatigue in the short-term. This determines your body’s preparedness to work out. Because we know that all parts of your health and wellness are connected across activity, stress, and sleep, Fitbit’s Daily Readiness algorithm includes other biomarkers (like sleep and heart rate variability) to help ensure other fatigue on the body is being measured—beyond just what is related to exercise. 

How does it work? Keep reading to find out more.

Daily Readiness Score: Let’s break it down

The score is based on 3 key components.

Activity, or Fitness-Fatigue. When you’re active, your elevated heart rate makes your body fatigued. Fitbit tracks your heart rate around the clock to measure this continuous impact on your body. Every kind of effort counts, from running a 5K to running after the kids.

Sleep. Sleep has a cumulative effect on your body, meaning poor sleep from a few nights ago can still make you feel fatigued today. That’s why we factor in your sleep from the past several nights, not just last night. Read more about Fitbit’s sleep offerings with Fitbit Premium here.

HRV. Your heart rate variability (HRV) is a great measure of recovery. HRV, or the time between your heartbeats, can change from night to night. For example, your heart rate may be telling you that your heart is beating at 60 beats per minute, but that doesn’t mean it’s beating once every second. The actual variance in time between heartbeats—down to milliseconds—is the variability.

Having a higher HRV is better: This means your body can easily transition from rest to activity and back. Sometimes stress, strain, or diet can lower your HRV and impact your readiness to exercise. And that’s okay! Exercising at the right intensity and taking time to recover can produce better results than working out hard all the time. Read more about HRV here.

So what can you expect each day? 

Each morning, you’ll receive a Daily Readiness score. It will be Excellent, Good, or Low. The algorithm is learning for the first 4 days, so expect an adjustment period that will continue to improve over a month’s time.

You have Excellent readiness . . . Way to go! Your body is ready to tackle some tough exercise! This is a time to elevate your heart rate and amp up the intensity. After reviewing your Score Details, you’ll receive a personalized Active Zone Minutes goal—based on your average AZMs, this target goal will nudge you to push yourself to your limits. 

You’ll receive recommended Premium workouts to achieve that goal. From boxing classes to HIIT workouts, your Daily Readiness score will help motivate you to reach your goals! 

You have Good readiness . . . This means you’re ready to take on moderate exercise or your usual routine. Your Score Details will help break that down for you! 

Then, like your Excellent readiness days, you’ll receive a personalized Active Zone Minutes goal for the day. Based on your average AZMs, this target goal will recommend you aim for your usual AZM range.

You’ll get recommended Fitbit Premium workouts to achieve your goal, which will help you keep up your routine, but not overdo it. 

You have Low readiness . . . We’ve all been there! This means that your body is fatigued—either due to lack of sleep or overexertion. Maybe you did a really hard workout yesterday, or are feeling stressed at work and not getting enough sleep! 

You’ll be able to check out an overview of which component is bringing your Daily Readiness score down, as well as your personal trends over the past week. Along with your Score Details, you’ll receive a recommended recovery action (depending on why you got your low score). 

Lastly, you’ll get recommended Premium content to help you take that recovery action—from yoga and stretching sessions to mindfulness sessions when stress is fatiguing your body. 

Ready to redefine your routine? Daily Readiness is available on Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Inspire 2, Luxe, and Charge 5 through Fitbit Premium. Don’t have Premium yet? Sign up for your free 30-day trial to try it out today.

New Premium users only. Free trial may only be activated with device activation. Valid payment method required. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees.  

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