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Data Export added to Fitbit Premium

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on your Fitbit raw data?  Create your own fancy charts in Excel?  Keep a copy on your hard drive, just for safe keeping?  Or maybe print out your sleep numbers and hang them on the fridge?

Well, we just added Data Export to Fitbit Premium.  With Data Export you can download Body, Food, Activity and Sleep Data.  All the information you download is daily summary data (ie. total steps for a day, not steps per minute or hour.)

Here is what you get!

  • Body Data includes your Daily Weight, BMI and Fat.
  • Food Data includes your Daily Calorie Count.
  • Activity Data includes Calories Burned, Steps, Distance, Minutes Sedentary, Minutes Lightly Active, Minutes Fairly Active, Minutes Very Active, Activity Calories and Active Score.
  • Sleep Data includes Minutes asleep, Minutes Awake, Number of Awakenings and Time in Bed.
Getting your hands on the data opens up a whole new world of analysis and insight.  Find something interesting or a new way to look at Fitbit data?  Share it with the Fitbit Community.  Happy data explorations!

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  • i love my new fitbit. how long is historical data stored on the site? i’d hate to lose this data i have put so much time into…

  • Tim
    I could the see the benefits of seeing body data, food data & activity data. But why sleep data? Just this last measurement seems to have a ‘big brother’ feel about it.
    What I would love to see developed is a device that displays the co-relation between activity vs food intake (calorie count) vs. body data. One that allows a user than to do a ‘what if’ analysis.

  • Is there a plan to included info/minute (ie Steps) rather than just the summary? It’s a shame not to provide all the info that is tracked to your users.

  • Any plans to include time data (in addition to date data) in exports for Blood Pressure? This information is useful in some situations, given that BP measurements vary during the day.

  • The premium data export kind of sounds good but not enough to buy the premium service. It’s a completely manual export! If it could be an RSS page or XML or some such, it would be much more useful and I’d sign up for the premium service. Who’s going to manual export all the time? The only other choice for getting interesting data is the API which is not doable for most people (including me).

    Tahl Milburn

  • The Premium reporting is good, but needs more work. The export to PDF or an ability to print the graphs and create a report for my nutritionist is super weak, yet this seems like the primary goal of the data. It would also be stellar to export nutrient consumption data given the food data used has information like sodium, vitamin A, etc.

    Nice start.
    Also, you need to develop a fitbit that can go around the ankle. Its sometimes a little annoying to have it so visible on the wrist, yet the fitbit that attaches to the pants is so easily lost (pops out) or ends up in the washing machine.


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