Stay Healthy On Data Privacy Day

Everyone has their own personal motivation to reach their fitness goals. Whether it’s closely watching your stats, competing with your friends and co-workers, or shouting out your achievements to the world, Fitbit puts you in control of how you can use that motivation to fuel your fitness journey. In addition to keeping your heart healthy and your body fit, Fitbit is committed to protecting your personal information. January 28th is Data Privacy Day, so it’s a great time for you to review the ways Fitbit keeps your data safe, and empowers you to use and share it in the ways you want.

Control Your Data On Fitbit

  • You can edit your privacy settings to adjust what personal info, stats, and graphs are displayed to everyone, just to friends, or kept to yourself. Learn more about managing your Fitbit profile here.
  • If you do choose to share some of your stats and achievements with friends, you can double-check who you’ve added any time: Check out your friends list in the app, or on the Fitbit website.
  • You can use our export tools to download your profile, stats, and social posts for your own use.

We know your Fitbit data means a lot to you and there are important steps you can take to keep your account secure. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re doing the most to protect your data:

  • Are you using the same password on other services? Take this opportunity to change it to a unique password that you only use for Fitbit. Better yet, generate strong passwords using a password manager app. Duplicated passwords are the leading cause of account security problems. Read more about how to manage your login details here.
  • Where do you use Fitbit? On your phone? On the web? Stay in control with our new Account Access tool to review the devices logged into your Fitbit account. View it on the web, or choose Security and Login →  Account Access in the app.
    If you see an old or unfamiliar device connected to your account, you can log it out by clicking “Revoke Access”.
  • Which apps have you given access to your data? Syncing your workout stats with cycle rides, or checking your food logs in a nutrition program? Many developers have built apps and tools to help you to get even more out of your Fitbit. The Fitbit developer platform enables you to grant access to your account.

    Use Applications Settings to review which apps and tools have permission to use your Fitbit data, and consider revoking any you no longer use. For more information, read about connecting your Fitbit account with other apps.

We built Fitbit to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life. We know how important the data you record in Fitbit is — whether it’s on your device, scale, or through the Fitbit app. We will continue to build features that keep you in control.

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