15 Times When Deep Breathing Could Totally Save the Day

Fitbit Charge 2 Relax two minute guided breathing function

Sometimes no matter how much you plan, how early you leave, how hard you try, life throws you a curveball. It’s during times like these that losing your damn mind can seem not only inevitable, but necessary.

Resist that urge.

While it’s true there’s good stress and bad stress, unexpected setbacks often fall into the latter camp and letting yourself get overwhelmed, irritated, and anxious isn’t good for your health—especially your heart.

Instead, take a moment to put yourself at ease with some breath work. You can try one of these three breathing tricks or, if you own a Fitbit Blaze or  Fitbit Charge 2, navigate over to the Relax function and let your device guide you through two or five minutes of calming deep breathing.

Whichever method you choose, it’s always smart to be prepared. Here are 15 situations to be on the lookout for.

Just. Keep. Breathing…

…When you get on public transit after a long day and there are no seats—just manspreaders.

…When you open the office fridge excited to eat your Greek yogurt and—someone else already did.

…When you lose a sock in the wash—again.

…When a nurse says the doctor will be right with you—and then leaves you to sit in a paper robe for another 30 minutes.

…When you return to work after a relaxing vacation—and find 400 unread messages in your inbox.

…When your parents call you—with a “computer question.”

…When you finally make it to your vacation destination—but your luggage doesn’t.

…When your baby wants to play—at 3 a.m.

…When you wear a fly new shirt to work—and immediately spill something on it.

…When you’re two minutes late to pick up your laundry—and someone has already taken all your clothes out of the washing machine.

…When you spot an open parking space—and then see the cart someone left the middle of it.

…When you go on your last training run before your race—and promptly twist your ankle.

…When you’re stuck next to someone playing music so loud, you can hear it through their headphones—and yours.

…When you’ve got five minutes to make your connecting flight—and it’s in another terminal.

…When you miss your step goal—by one step.

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  • This is a great read I agree, I think adding this to my day will lessen my work stress. I am trying to build a routine to practice daily and not just when I feel the tension! This could be the tool.
    please offer tracking so I can have that extra motivation to add this time to my day, and also ensure I stay on track.
    I love the heart rate built in too, I have been able to lower my rate doing times when I catch myself elevated. I work in a stressful environment.
    thank you fitbit

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