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Deep dive into your sleep, food and activity, with Fitbit reports!

Have you explored your personalized Fitbit data reports yet?  As a free user, you have the chance to check out each of these reports in detail, using YOUR data!  And as a Fitbit Premium member, you’ll have access to the reports on a weekly basis.


If you log your food on Fitbit, you’ll see your daily food intake and we’ll compare that to your activity levels to compute your net gain or loss.

*New* by popular request, we’ve recently made the caloric composition breakdowns customizable.  Our guidelines are based on the US guideline percentages of intake of protein, fat and carbs – but if you are following a special plan to control weight or other health metrics, you can make these yours.


Getting enough sleep?  Find out the recommended hours of sleep per day, and see how your sleep patterns stack up – to the recommended averages and to your peers.  We’ll also show your trends and averages over time.


See how your current activity measures up – are you sedentary? fairly active? moving into a more active lifestyle?  See how you are progressing towards goals, and how you’re trending over time.

Need motivation to take your activity to the next level?  Try the Fitbit Trainer for a week. Get started today!

To find your reports, head over to the analytics tab from the Fitbit homepage.  Your detailed analysis is waiting.

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  • Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to commend fitbit and the flex sleep tracker app.
    I just wanted to say thanks. I started tracking my sleep in early May and as a result of the
    data collected, which I showed to my doctor, I finished a sleep apnea study on June 19th and
    was found to have sleep apnea. My equipment should arrive in about a week. Now I will be
    able to get a full nights sleep without waking up 10 or 14 times a night…..

    Thanks again to the people at fitbit.


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