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We’ve had a lot of emails asking about Christmas delivery and buying a Fitbit Tracker as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, as our FAQ states, we can’t guarantee Christmas delivery. In order to eliminate any confusion, we’re going to remove any mention of late December as a ship date and just provide a date of “Q1 (First quarter) 2009”.

Since we have just kickstarted the manufacturing process for the Fitbit Tracker, we will be making very frequent updates on this blog as to our status. We are regularly making trips to our various manufacturers in Indonesia and Singapore. We just made our first trip in mid-October. Eric and I are taking turns with our bi-monthly visits so as not to annoy our significant others who are also doubling as our first line beta testers :).

After every trip, we will make a post which will provide a shipping date update and also photos that show the latest progress of the Fitbit in the manufacturing process. This blog will be the best source for availability and shipping updates, so please subscribe to it. Hopefully, this will give everyone a very transparent look into what we’re doing and ensure that no one feels like they are completely in the dark as is typically the case with most consumer electronics companies.

Setting up the manufacturing process in Asia has been a very exciting, enjoyable and, at times, frustrating process. If people have questions about things we have learned or seen, please post questions in the comments and we’ll try to do future posts that answer your questions. We have learned a lot from our advisors and suppliers who have been through this before and we feel obligated pass on this knowledge so more cool stuff gets made by others.

You might also see us reaching out to you on Twitter if you pose a question on there.

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  • so are we going to see more details about the final product itself yet? Is the only difference from the initial prototype screen?

  • Thanks for the update — I ordered this the same day that you presented this at Techcrunch and I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Hey guys – I just wanted to let you know that I’m an American living in Singapore right now looking forward to your product. I ordered a Fitbit to be sent home to my house in Denver because we’ll be home by the end of December, but I didn’t realize you had a manufacturing plant here in Singapore. That is great. If you’re out here in the next 6 weeks and need recommendations on hotels/places to eat, questions answered, etc., feel free to email me. My husband and I have a travel blog too about our adventures around Asia if you want to check it out. Take care and don’t work too hard!


  • What is your twitter account? I’d prefer to get updates through twitter that point to your blog if possible. I barely follow my RSS reader these days, but I’m always connected to twitter.

  • Thanks for getting started on Twitter! I’ve been SO EXCITED about the FitBit, and getting news of it via Twitter will be great. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, I recently found this article on feeding blog posts directly to your Twitter account:

    Good luck getting everything ramped up and ready to ship!

  • Joe, I don’t think the bodytrace is very similar to this as the fitbit seems more like a single sensor pedometer that gets its data wrapped in a gyminee like website experience. I look forward to getting my hands on this but will have to wait until sometime in Q1 it seems.

    In the meantime check out an already shipping multi sensor system that provides clinically accurate data. Check out the website for more details.

  • Any updates? I’ve been returning pretty regularly hoping to see your progress but haven’t seen anything since your Nov 14th post. Are you on track for a Q1 launch? Do you think it’ll be the beginning or end of Q1? Hope the manufacturing line is shaping up!

  • I left a comment here last week but accidentally used an incorrect email address and my post was withdrawn, so I think this blog is being monitored for false posts, just not regularly updated with content. Any news on the progress of the fitbit, guys?

  • I’m very excited to receive an update. It should be *crossing fingers* about a month yet until I receive this great product. :)

  • you know.. the draw of this for me is the lack of arm band. I want something I can wear all day that isn’t cumbersome. Plus.. with the website being free (and not a monthly cost comparable to a gym membership).. it’s very appealing.
    However… I’m dying for more information!!!! Any new news … would be great.

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