6 Pieces of Essential Exercise Equipment

Packing smart is essential for success in training.No matter what realm of fitness you come from, the exercise equipment you invest in often speak volumes about your training. I love discovering what other fitness-minded individuals tote around; it sparks my curiosity while exposing me to new things and broadening my horizons.  The items I use are a combination of my go-to, tried-and-true must haves and newer pieces I’m diggin’ these days. All of them have proven to be key to both my training and recovery patterns. Here are my current top six.

Health Warrior Bars
When you’re training hard, hunger is generally around the corner. Instead of giving in to your sweet tooth (and throwing those hard-earned calories burned out the window), keep a smart snack on hand. I love these plant-based, 100-calorie bars because they’re low in sugar, made with whole foods, and surprisingly filling (thank you, chia!). Health Warrior bars come in a variety of flavors, like Acai Berry, Banana Nut and Caramel Sea Salt, so there’s always a fresh flavor to try.

Fitbit Versa
The newly released Fitbit Versa from my sponsor Fitbit  is a terrific all-around device. In addition to having over four days of battery life* and 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, it’s great for transitioning in and out of the gym. Fitness never sleeps, and the Versa is a must-have stylish everyday health-and-fitness smartwatch.

Native Eyewear Sunglasses
I like running in sunglasses, but finding the right pair isn’t always easy. Adequate UV protection, optical clarity, and impact resistance are all a must. Add proper fit on top of that, and finding running-friendly sunglasses can be harder than expected. Straight out of the box, Native Eyewear’s Hardtop Ultra sunglasses were a dream. They’re comfortable, clear, and protective. In fact, I didn’t even realize I had them on, which is exactly how a great pair of glasses should feel.

Zensah Leg Sleeves
I like running and training in compression gear, and the Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves are incredibly comfortable and effective. Made of an ultra-thin material that is both breathable and moisture wicking, they won’t leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. When you’re running, they also help to support your calf muscles and prevent cramping. And they come in some eye-catching colors, too!  

Dean uses these items on his fitness journey.EllipitGO
I love running—I mean, I’ve run a 200-mile relay race solo and run 350 miles non-stop—but it’s no surprise that pounding the pavement can be rough on your joints. In addition to being one of my sponsers, the newly released
ElliptiGO SUB* , which stands for “Stand Up Bicycle,” is seriously fun to ride and provides a great low-impact workout. In addition to being lightweight and portable, this outdoor bike also allows you to burn a third more calories than you would going the same distance on a traditional bike. If you’re already using a standing desk, riding a standing bike is a natural progression.

Nathan Sports Flashlight
The Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch is a handheld flashlight that’s a forward facing idea, both literally and figuratively. A hand strap allows you to carry it grip free while the  beam faces forward to illuminate the terrain ahead of you. Makes sense, no? In addition to lighting up even the darkest trail runs, it’s also rechargeable and has multiple brightness settings to preserve power on distance-training days.  


  * Battery life varies with use and other factors


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