Create Your Own Fireworks Display This 4th of July

Fitbit fireworks

The Fourth of July was practically made for Fitbit users. Ok, maybe it’s better known for grilling, swimming, and that whole independence thing, but if there’s one day to make sure you hit your main goal, it’s this one. That’s because Fitbit Inspire Family, Charge 3, Versa Family, Ionic, and Ace 2 can all celebrate with fireworks.

So get in the spirit: Set your main goal to steps and then choose a number that will challenge you—maybe add 1776 to your standard daily count? Below are 10 fun strategies to help you get there.

The Safest—and Healthiest!—Ways to Set Off Fireworks

Get up a half hour earlier. And do whatever you’d like—just don’t sit down.

Join a virtual group. The Daily Activity and Walking groups within Fitbit Community have close to 1,000 members who regularly dish out step-goal tips and inspiration.

Challenge a friend. Stoke your competitive side, by inviting a friend to participate in a step challenge or Adventure Race. Here’s how.

Go for a hike. Hiking isn’t just a great way to rack up major steps, it can also challenge your entire body. You can even turn your hike into a 10,000-step workout.

Turn on a podcast. Or download a new album and walk while you listen.

Plan for extra travel time. Driving to the supermarket? Park in the spot furthest from the building. Taking the bus to a friend’s house? Get off a few stops earlier, and walk the rest of the way.

Be a social butterfly. While attending a Fourth of July party, walk between groups to mingle with friends or offer to help the host replenish food and drinks.

Multi-task. Brushing your teeth? Do it while you walk. Have to take a phone call? Pace the halls. Watching TV? Walk during commercial breaks.

Be less efficient. Exaggerating the separation between tasks that can’t be combined is an easy way to pad your step count. For instance, if need to use the restroom but are also thirsty, grab your cup of water from the kitchen first, drop it off at the patio, and then head to the restroom.

Schedule a reminder. When’s the latest you’d be willing to walk? Set a silent alarm for that time as a reminder to check your step count. Still under your goal? Finish strong with an end-of-the-day stroll.

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