Fit in Focus Episode 1: Understanding Heart Health and AFib with Tony Faranesh

In this week’s episode of Fit in Focus, co-hosts Eric Friedman and Andrea Holing spoke with Tony Farnesh, lead research scientist at Fitbit, about all things heart health. Tony shares his background, what led him to Fitbit, and his role on the team today. He also breaks down exactly how Fitbit measures your heart rate on the wrist—including all the machinery at work from the sensor on the device to the number you see on your wrist.  

Eric, Andrea, and Tony also discuss the newly launched Fitbit Heart Study—its first large-scale, virtual study to validate the use of its wearable technology to identify episodes of irregular heart rhythm suggestive of atrial fibrillation (AFib). Why AFib? Not only is AFib the most common form of heart rhythm irregularity, but Fitbit technology is well-positioned to identify it. 

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It is important to note that the Fitbit Heart Study is a clinical trial.  The software being trialed is not approved by the US FDA or any other regulatory body. Participation in this trial involves some risk which is explained in the study information. Visit for more info, including how to sign up. 

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