Fit in Focus Episode 3: Exploring the Mysteries of Sleep with Dr. Michael Grandner

Your body needs it, you may be tracking it with Fitbit and you’ve probably heard that your health could benefit from better rest—so how much do you really know about sleep? On this week’s episode of Fitbit’s podcast Fit in Focus, clinical psychologist and sleep behavioral specialist Dr. Michael Grandner walks us through everything from weird dreams to insomnia and how your current quarantine habits may be impacting your ZZZ’s. Check out some highlights from this week’s discussion below and listen to the full episode on Google Play, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe!

On why we sleep: “We sleep because we’re very active during the day and at night, there are many things in our body that are much more efficiently done when we’re isolated from the environment and sort of not moving.”

Why do we have recurring stress dreams? What is our mind trying to tell us? “Dreams are you…eavesdropping and watching your brain speak to itself in its native language.”

Tips for better sleep hygiene: “I would think that whatever it is, the last hour before you go to bed should be a protected time. I’m not saying put your phone down an hour before you go to bed, that’s fine—but what’s most important is that whatever you’re doing in that time, if you have to wind down from it, then you’re doing the wrong thing. This is supposed to be the time you’re winding down and processing your thoughts. You don’t have to be off your phone, just don’t do something that’s going to get you worked up. Don’t do something that’s so mentally engaging that you’re not going to notice an hour go by.” 

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