4 Fitbit Watch Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fitbit Ionic apps

Fitbit App Gallery allows you to personalize your device with the apps and clock faces that best reflect your personal needs and aesthetic. But as soon as you setup your Fitbit Ionic or Fitbit Versa, you’ll also have access to pre-loaded apps from Fitbit—like Exercise, Fitbit Coach, Relax, and Timer—as well as popular apps designed to boost motivation and convenience. Below, a little more info on the leading Fitbit watch partner apps you can look forward to using.

4 Fitbit Watch Apps Available Out of the Box


Few things improve a workout as much as good music, but who wants to exercise while carrying their smartphone? By partnering with Pandora, the most listened-to audio streaming service in the US with 71 million monthly active listeners, Fitbit makes it easy for US-based Ionic and Versa users to leave their phone at home and take their favorite music with them.

After pairing your Fitbit account with your Pandora account using the Fitbit app, Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium users (paid subscription required; US only) can use the Pandora app to sync their favorite stations or choose from Pandora-curated workout stations and download them directly to their Ionic or Versa. Save this link to Fitbit’s Motivation Mixtape for when you’re ready to get started.

Not in the US? Keep your favorite songs on your Fitbit smartwatch with Deezer, a global music streaming company. The Deezer app for Fitbit OS lets you hear new song recommendations mixed in with tunes from your library via FLOW, your personalized continuous soundtrack. Choose a playlist, skip forward, or go back to a previous song right from your wrist. A Deezer paid subscription is required, which is available free to Fitbit smartwatch users for three months*.


Strava is the leading social network for millions of athletes at all levels and has been working with Fitbit since 2015, when two-way data sharing was enabled. The Strava app on Ionic and Versa continues this shared mission by providing athletes with advanced tools, including Matched Runs, a feature that allows you to benchmark yourself against past performances on your most common routes—right from your wrist.

Just set up a free Strava account and then connect your Fitbit and Strava accounts in the Fitbit mobile app. After you sign into Strava in the Fitbit mobile app, you’ll be able to use the Strava app including Matched Runs. And if you want to get even more analytics and motivation, go to here to get a 60-day free trial of Strava Premium.


Leave your phone and your wallet in your bag—you can now pay for your favorite  Starbucks beverage straight from your Fitbit smartwatch (US, Canada, and UK only). After setting up your Versa or Ionic, load a Starbucks card in the Fitbit mobile app by entering the 16-digit number on your Starbucks card and then sync your watch. Once your card is loaded onto your device, you’ll be able purchase items at Starbucks by scanning the barcode on your smartwatch at the register.

To check your balance, reload your card, or start earning rewards, go to starbucks.com/card and register your card.

Weather, powered by global leader AccuWeather

When you’re as active as Fitbit device users are, checking the weather isn’t a once-a-day activity. There’s the early-morning inquiry when you’re trying to figure out what to wear to work, the pre-workout weather check to ensure you dress appropriately, and sometimes even the mid-workout review to make sure you have time for one more interval before the rain comes down.

That’s why Fitbit smartwatches features a weather app, powered by AccuWeather, a source of superior accuracy and the most complete global, real-time, and historical forecast data. After setting up your Ionic, you’ll see the weather for your current GPS location and will also have the ability to set two customized locations, taking the guesswork out of planning your workout, commute, or weekend activities. AccuWeather also works on Versa. Just set your location in the Fitbit app; the forecast on Versa will update anytime it’s synced with the Fitbit app.

More Apps Coming Soon

The Fitbit Watch App Gallery will continue to expand with more popular apps across a variety of categories, like health & fitness, news, lifestyle & entertainment, travel and more, plus new clock faces created by the Fitbit developer community.

*Three month free trial of Deezer is available with Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa. At the end of your trial offer, you will be billed the standard price applicable in your locale. This offer is non-binding, meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time. This offer is available only for users who have never benefited from any Deezer trial or promotion and/or who are not or have never been subscribers to a Deezer paying subscription. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This is a one-time only offer per user.

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  • Please work hard for more music services. Pandora is US-only and leaves behind millions of Spotify users. Looking forward for the Ionic anyway, I just hope the app selection will grow in the right direction.

  • As Nicolas told, we want Pandora to be available for everyone across the globe. I have been using Starva app from last Six months. Wonderful experience with it. Will try starbucks app very soon. Expecting more wonderful apps from you.

  • When or does Fitbit have an app to print reports? Sleep and steps would be really nice when talking with ones doctor.

  • hi just firing up my new fitbit ionic will there be a golf app available IE using the GPS to advise the distance to the PIN trying to work out who to give my
    existing fitbit charge 2 HR to

  • Would love to buy an Ionic for myself, my wife already has one, but there are no golf apps available. Is there one coming soon?? If not, probably will op for the Apple Watch Series 3….

  • How can a new Ionic user know what apps are free and what apps will charge? Personally i don’t like most free trial apps because I am afraid I’ll forget to cancell.

  • I just invested in the ionic stepping up from the charge2 and now this versa is being released. I was looking forward to the app for those watching their sugar/glucose levels and the sleep apnea app. I’m now concerned that fit bit will not continue investing into the ionic to improve it or upgrade software for it. Are my concerns valid or does fit bit still plan to invest in the glucose monitor, etc?

  • The apps are so limited on this watch. Same as the coaching apps. The Strava ‘app’ is a total waste of time. Apart from the six weeks I didn’t have my Ionic after it proved not to be waterproof I’ve had the thing six months now. The apps are really poor. But then the watch doesn’t deliver on the adverts. I should have gone with Garmin

  • I could do with Spotify, Audible and some sort of widget where I can note blood pressure measurements and track them over time please

  • Why can’t we use the wallet feature with any uk cards?! It’s a small print I wish I read before reading on the feature before buying!

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